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At our daughters visiting, I discovered their dog was very sexual

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At our daughters visiting, I discovered their dog was very sexual, that German Shepard just kept going for my wifes pussy.

After our long drive, with the wife flashing all the truckers along the way, and of course both of us getting a good share of cock sucking and more. As the wife flashed herself to truckers, I would do a finger dip into her wet pussy whenever she spread her legs open, still a bunch of good cum in there. We got to our daughters place, got inside and sat on the nice soft sofa, much better than the car seats at that point.

Our daughter was home with her kids, her husband was still at work. This daughter has three kids, oldest is boy 13, then two daughters, 11 and 10. We sat in the living room with our daughter talking, the kids were playing, either in their rooms or outside, I did not hear where. The family dog, a grown German Shepard male, just would not leave my wife’s pussy alone. He would walk up to her, bury his nose down under her skirt, and into her pussy. We both kept pushing him away, our daughter at first kept telling him bad dog, and tried to pull him away a few times. Our daughter gave up, saying something like dogs will be dogs. Now in my opinion, I think our daughter had trained her dog to do that, and I was wondering what else the dog knew what to do.

When the daughter had got up to go out into the kitchen to get us all some drinks, the wife let the dog keep his nose stuck in her pussy. That good dog just started licking away, doing my job of eating her pussy out of all the trucker cum. That dog had gotten a pretty good doggie hard on to boot. I had a few minutes of grabbing some dog cock in my hand, a first for me. Hey, its fine but I prefer the human kind.

As our daughter came back into the room, I sat back up and the wife pushed the dog away. Our girl sits the drinks down on the coffee table, and takes the dog by his collar, leads him to the back door and puts him out into the back yard.

We talked with our daughter for hours. I needed a break at about the hour mark, and since our girl and the wife had gotten into some deep girl talk, I got up to loosen up and walk around a bit. I had walked over to one of the living room windows which I could see most of the back yard out of. I spotted our two granddaughters way off to one side, the family dog was with them. I could not get a good look, but I was pretty sure they were letting the dog lick their little girl pussies. I headed for the back door, and was outside slowly moving in for a closer look at the girls.

I stopped at a good size hedge, which I had a good view over, and if the girls just looked around they would most likely not see me. One girl, was on her butt with legs spread, no panties on (takes after grandma) letting the dog lick her little girl pussy. The other girl was on her knees and hands, as in down on all fours, her dress pulled up and also no panties. I had a good view of her sweet looking butt and pussy. As I was rubbing my cock through my pants, the dog moved from one to the other, first licking away at both her holes. Then to my amazement, he mounted her, again just my opinion, but I think they had both done that before. That was one fast humping doggie, from were I was I could no longer see her beautiful holes, and could not see what one the dog was fucking.

I moved around the hedge, and walked up to them. I just had to see that close up. The one with her legs spread, was our 10 year old granddaughter, the one getting doggie fucked was the older. The 10 year old jumped up, turned red and just stood there. I knelt down next to the older, now having a very good view of the action. I watched as doggie cock moved in and out of her ass hole, now that was so hot. I saw that she had one of her hands down between her legs rubbing her pussy. I am pretty sure the dog was not done yet, but I guess my granddaughter had looked back and seen me, she too jumped up, leaving the poor dog humping air. She too just stood there and turned red.

Between the two girls they both made a poor attempt at explaining what I was not seeing! I told them that I was sure what I saw, and it was our secret, I was not going to tell anyone. They both took a breath, and I don’t think they had been breathing since they had jumped up. I had to stress again to them that I was not going to tell, it was a secret between us, and with half a frown and half a grin, they both took off into the house.

There I knelt, hard cock in my pants, and the dog now sitting facing me, his doggie dick still hard and pointing at me. Oh what the heck, I looked around, not seeing anyone, I moved onto my stomach putting the hard dog cock at my face. I started giving the old boy some head. Again not a real fan of doggie dick, a bit to slimmy for my tastes, but what the heck. The old boy made an attempt at mounting my face or head, but did start pumping his cock into this moist hole his dick was in. I swear his cock got longer, wider and harder. He came in my mouth, I could feel his cock head get larger, and I recalled reading some stories here about the bulb head keeping their dicks inside the pussy they were fucking. His cock popped out of my mouth without any problem. Not the best tasting cum, but again not the worst. The dog was happy and I was happy. I can now say I have been bi with man and dog.

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    I usually don’t like when the story
    involved younger girls but this was hot I give it to you 🐾

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    I’m loving this story & waiting for next part daddy

    Please post as soon as possible next part and continue later on
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