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Baby Cucks… I mean Cakes

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Sean cuckolds 10-year-old Lizzy’s dad…

Lizzy and I had been on our own for the last two years. Her mother and I divorced recently, and she decided to build herself a new life somewhere else without us. Good riddance. Anyway, that left me raising and taking care of my 10-year-old daughter on my own as a single father. It has its ups and its downs, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.
Wanting to start fresh, and with a new career, Liz and I had recently moved into a middle-class home in the suburbs. There were several other kids in the neighborhood, and all the people around us were very nice and welcoming. With a good school district, and a low crime rate, it seemed like the best place on earth; very idyllic.
Cars had always been a hobby of mine, and although I wasn’t very good at it, I liked tinkering with an old project car of mine. As I was laying on my back underneath the car one day, I heard a low, slightly southern accent say, “’69 Camaro, huh? I’m more of a Ford man myself.” Oh, great, what kind of jerk we got here, I thought as I rolled my eyes.
Sliding out from under the car, I see a tall, muscular, dark skinned black man, with a bald head and small goatee. Standing just outside my open garage door, he was easily 6’3” and probably 240 lbs., the intimidating figure gave a big smile and held out a hand. “I’m Sean. How d’you do?”
“Um, I’m ok. I’m Rob. What are you doing in my garage?”
“Oh, my bad. I’m sorry, I just moved in a few houses down. I was walking by and saw your car. Beautiful ride, my friend.”
Even though he was a Ford guy, this was the beginning of a great friendship. We’d have barbecues at each other’s houses, go to car meets, you name it. He adored Liz, and she even started calling him “Uncle Sean.” After everything I’d gone through with my ex, I needed a friend like him in my life.

One Saturday afternoon, I was exhausted from actually having to work on a weekend; working Saturdays was a rarity, but it blew the wind out of my sails. My daughter was all amped up from a sugary breakfast, and I just wanted to take a nap. Not wanting to doze off with her in the house, I texted Sean and asked if he’d be ok taking Liz to the park for an hour or two, so I could rest up. I didn’t even get a reply when the front door opened and heard, “It’s Uncle Seeeaan. Who’s the big girl going to the paaark?” he shouted. He was a lifesaver.
I must have passed out before my head hit the pillow; I was so tired. After about an hour, I slowly opened my eyes to feel 1,000% better than I had before. Surveying the house, I noticed that Sean and Liz weren’t home just yet. Having not had a minute of my own raising my daughter as a single dad, my sex life had dwindled down to practically nothing. Realizing I had the house to myself, I pulled my laptop up next to me on the sofa and was about to have a quick masturbation session; I needed it immensely.
Lately, and I’m almost embarrassed to say this, my thing has been cuckold porn. Although the thought of my wife cheating on me was repulsive, which is the reason we got divorced in the first place, it still turned me on. It was one of those things where the idea excites you, but you could never go through with it. Literally about five minutes into jerking off, I heard the front door shut and Liz come barreling into the living room. “Hiii, daaaddyyy!”
Daddy happened to be sitting buck naked on the couch with his sweatpants in a ball at his feet, a bottle of lube and Kleenex next to him, and some full blown cuck fucking blasting on his laptop. Not only did Liz see this, but Sean was right behind her.
“What are they doing, daddy?” Liz said as she pointed at the laptop.
“Baaahahahahaaa!” Sean bellowed.
Oh, my God, I thought. Reaching down and pulling up my sweatpants, then about to slam down my laptop screen, Sean grabbed it and stopped my hand. “Nah, man. She’s gotta learn at some point. Wouldn’t you rather it be from you instead of some asshole kid or the school system?” He had a point. “Bro, she’s so young, though. But If you really think so, that’s on you,” I replied. Being beyond embarrassed, I wanted nothing to do with it.
“It’s cool, I can handle it, you can just hang out and watch. Maybe even jerk off like you were about to,” he said smiling. What the hell was he on about? And I was a little more than worried about that smile of his. Liz’s eyes were still glued to the computer screen, with pursed lips and a blank stare.
On the screen just so happened to be a young woman with long brown hair and bright green eyes. She was voluptuous but not too thick, so there were curves in all the right places. The two actors were on a couch, and she just so happened to be riding a long, thick black dick. She was doing the usual praising of black men, saying how big it felt in her tight, white pussy, etc. In the background was her husband, who had his pants undone, and a semi-erect dick maybe four inches long, it was almost cute you could say.
“You know what they’re doing, baby girl?” Sean asked Liz.
“Nooo. What are they doing, Uncle Sean?” she said in a soft voice.
“They’re making love, sweetie. You want me to show you how to make love?”
Liz gave a timid nod of affirmation. Sitting on the love seat at the corner of my couch, Sean picked Liz up and sat her down next to him, and he proceeded to explain, “Now, Lizzy, when a man loves a woman, he supports and cares for her. Part of a relationship is having sex, and having sex is putting a man’s penis inside a woman’s vagina.” He apparently was going for the bare bones approach.
“What’s a… a… a pennis and a verchina?” she asked quizzically.
Sean and I both chuckled a bit. “I’m gonna show you, little lady,” and with that Sean grabbed the bottom of Liz’s yellow sundress and lifted it up over her soft, white cotton panties. “Now, you know your special girl parts, right?” he pointed down at them, and she nodded in agreement. “Well, this is actually called your VA-gina,” he continued as he pulled her panties down and off along with her little white sneakers, revealing her soft, smooth quim. Being her father, I’d seen it a million times, but I was hoping this was a first for Uncle Sean.
“And this, this is a penis…” Sean unzipped his shorts and pulled out what must have been the largest soft dick and huge balls I’d ever seen in my life. “Ok, ok, ok. That’s enough show and tell for today, guys,” I said, covering her eyes. “Nah, nah, no worries, my man. It’s all part of the process,” he came back. I grumbled a bit, removed my hand, and sat back dejectedly.
“Can I touch it, Uncle Sean?” came out of Lizzy’s mouth, and before I could stop her, she had laid her hand on top of his still soft, black cock. “Oh, yes, baby. You can touch it all you want. Right, daddy?” He looked over at me as I gave him the evil eye and a frown. She continued fondling his cut, black penis head with her left hand, and was now touching and rolling his testicles around in his scrotum with her right. My daughter smiled and looked Sean in the face, “It feels funny. Does it do anything? Why is it changing?”
Sean grabbed her left hand and wrapped it around his now slowly swelling appendage, moving it up and down. With how big it was soft, I couldn’t imagine how it was at full swing. “Keep going, baby girl. You’ll see what it does soon enough,” he said in a deep, lustful tone. I was beyond myself, watching my beautiful daughter’s pale white hand tugging and playing with my neighbor’s growing black dick. This was the hottest “birds and the bees” story known to man.
Before long, Sean had a raging hard-on, it must have been 13 inches long and five or six inches thick; it was a beast. Lizzy had both hands wrapped around it, slowly rubbing his thick meat. “It’s SO big, daddy!” she blurted and looked back at me. I couldn’t stand watching, but I trusted my friend, and also wanted my child to know how the world worked.
“Another part of making love, honey, is called foreplay. Foreplay is what you’re doing now, but also includes oral sex,” Sean stated matter of factly. He grabbed the back of Lizzy’s head, his hand practically wrapping around its entirety, and forced her face toward the tip of his penis. She pulled back a bit, not knowing what he was trying to do, and all he said was, “Open.” Lizzy grimaced and shook her head a bit, then slowly stuck her tongue out and opened up.
Sean forced his fat black dick into her tiny, waiting mouth; she could barely fit the head and maybe an inch or two more before she started gagging and spluttering. While coughing and spitting saliva all over his lap, Lizzy complained, “I don’t like ittt. Why do I have to do this?” His response was, “Because that’s what pretty girls do.” With that, Lizzy didn’t even think twice, opened wide and stuffed it back in her mouth. Struggling with it would be an understatement.
My 10-year-old daughter was face down on my best bud’s fat, black cock. What a turn of events today took. I hadn’t realized, but the whole time I was pitching a tent in my sweatpants. I slid them down past my hard dick, grabbed the lube, and covered myself up with a healthy amount. I was more on the “normal” size, and honestly, maybe only about half of what Sean was gagging my daughter with.
He had her long auburn hair wrapped around his right fist, bobbing her head up and down; occasionally, he’d pull her up for air. “See the difference?,” Sean turn her head and pointed at me stroking my average, white penis. She was gasping and still fighting for oxygen when he plunged her face back down onto his thick member.
He had now switched duties with his hands. His left was now holding her hair and controlling the speed with which she sucked, and his right had pulled her sundress up beyond her cute, supple behind. In between the round hemispheres sat her tight, young slit. Sean ran his hand down between the cheeks, and the middle finger lightly caressed her clean, pink asshole. Moving it further down, he circled the outer lips of her fresh, unspoiled pussy. She squirmed and squealed in objection, but having a mouthful of dick, all you could hear was, “EEEeeeuummph!”
This wasn’t deterring Sean who now had his middle and ring fingers plunged deep inside her labia. I had no idea girls her age could get so wet, but every time they emerged, they were shining with her virginal fluids. Going a step further, taking his fingers covered with her sweet cunny juices, he put his fingers in his mouth, closed his eyes, and savored what must have tasted like ambrosia.
Removing Lizzy’s face from his dick, Sean picked her up like she was nothing and sat her on the ground, with her back resting against the love seat. Lifting her sundress up over her head, she was now completely naked with her almost flat chest and toned stomach exposed to us. Sean took his own clothes off now, showing off his lean muscles and six pack abs. With his back to me, he had one foot on the ground and put one foot on the love seat cushion astride Lizzy’s face. As he lowered his groin down towards her, he once again instructed her, “Open.”
Sean lowered down and dropped his large, oval balls into her mouth, or at least what would fit. With his dark shaft resting on my child’s face and forehead, she licked and sucked on the brown orbs as she was told. “Yeah, baby. Lick those balls like a good girl. You wanna make your daddy proud, right?” he asked. Lizzy nodded her head a few times and moaned, “Mmm-hmmmmm,” in agreement. She seemed to enjoy this much more than choking on his dick.
I continued stroking my regular, white cock, while looking on in amazement. This was beyond the point of no return, and I had no intentions of stopping it.
My best friend had begun alternating from shoving his huge cock in her mouth, to rubbing and slapping it all over her sweet face; just totally degrading her. Between chugging dick and gulping for air, she smiled and giggled while saying, “Stop, Uncle Sean. Stoppp, hehehe.”
After defiling my 10-year-old’s face, he stopped and said, “Are you ready for my turn?” She grinned, nodded, and gave an excited, “Yes.” He picked her up off the ground and placed her on the couch next to me, her head on my thigh, and her face inches from my erect, lubricated dick. With her laid out along the cushion, Sean crouched down between her legs and prepared to dine on the most beautiful, delicious meal he’d ever had.
Lizzy’s cunt had some rather large outer vulva, and thin small labia in between, so it was like she had two soft pillows on either side of her smooth hole. Looking down to observe what Sean was doing, I’m sure my baby girl had no idea what she was about to experience. Sean took a big whiff before the tip of his tongue gently flicked up and down on her labia and tiny clit.
As he became more earnest with his licking and kissing of my daughter’s special girl parts, Lizzy had her eyes closed and her mouth open. She was in heaven. Being completely jealous of my friend, I continued to pleasure myself while watching him pleasure her. Rubbing my dick and balls, I reached down and pinched one of my child’s small erect nipples. I continued fondling and rubbing her small chest when she looked me in the eyes and gave a big smile.
Having quenched his appetite on Lizzy’s box, Sean got up, and his face looked like a glazed donut from all her sweet, virgin nectar. He put one knee on the couch and one foot on the floor with Lizzy’s legs on either side of him. He rubbed her pussy with one hand, making it as slick as possible. Then after spreading it all over the head and shaft of his huge black cock, he very slowly rubbed the tip up and down her vulva.
Lizzy moaned and closed her eyes again, but that pleasure was about to end the moment he went any further. Sean gently, yet forcefully, pushed the bulbous head in towards her small crevice. She winced and grabbed my arm, squeezing it tightly. He backed off a little and then pushed again several times, eventually getting the head past her labia. She began crying, tears running down her face.
I rubbed her cheeks softly, and calmly said, “Sh, sh, sh, shhh. It’s ok, baby. Sean isn’t gonna hurt you. It’ll go away soon, I promise,” except I knew that dick was going to rearrange her tiny insides. It took a number of tries, and Sean spitting on her box some, but finally he got his head to fit somehow. An old friend used to say this about a woman’s pussy, “It’ll stretch a mile before it tears an inch;” this was that mile.
Writhing and straining to get away from his giant black snake, I held Liz down and let him continue his efforts of violating my daughter. Slowly but surely, after the head was in, he slid in another inch… and then another… and then another. He had gotten about six inches in when he started a slow rhythmic pump, keeping at that depth. She finally started to relax, loosened up her grip on my arm, and almost enjoying herself.
Sean grabbed each of Lizzy’s ankles and held them out and up in the air; she was spread eagle when he began pumping his round, thick meat deeper and deeper into her twat. It seemed like she was finally accepting her fate and taking pleasure in the abuse, but I’m sure it had to be painful having her minge stretched out by his goliath cock.
“Oooh, yeahhh. You like that, baby girl?” Sean called out as he worked his pipe back and forth into her tiny hole. Liz grimaced, nodded her head, and whimpered, “Yes, Uncle Sean. Yes, I like it.” He looked at me, still playing with my much smaller dick, and just laughed at me as he continued plowing away.
He had worked his way down to the hilt and had all 13 inches buried in my 10-year-old daughter’s flower. With each thrust you could even see the shaft inside her smooth belly. After punishing her hole for another 20 minutes, Sean pulled out his black rod, slick and shiny from her wet insides. Flipping her over, she was now on her hands and knees and the sofa, with her cute, round ass towards Sean, and her face about ten inches from mine.
Sean pushed his thick rod forward and entered Lizzy from behind. Her face went back and forth between one of sheer terror, and absolute euphoria; her brain firing on all cylinders. “You want me to fuck you, baby girl? Want me to fuck that little pussy? Let me hear it, baby girl. Tell me you want me to fuck you like a whore,” he commanded her.
Lizzy did as she was told: “Fuck me like a whore. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me, Uncle Sean.”
“Say you’re a little white slut, tell me you like black cock. Let me hear it, baby girl.”
“I like black cock, fuck my pussy, fuck me like a whore, I’m a little white slut. Fuck me, fuck me, yes! Fuck me, Uncle Sean,” Lizzy kept repeating, as Sean kept beating that pussy, and she looked me in the eyes. He had his broad hands on both of her shoulders pulling her back onto his thick, black meat. Quickening the pace, her eyes rolled back in her head, and she started grunting and moaning as she climaxed, coating his cock with her virgin love juices.
Finally, Sean pulled her back once more, and drove as deep as he could into her pink, white hole. His black dick, pulsing and pumping her little uterus full of his thick seed. He reached back and smacked her round, little ass cheek; she squealed and gave me a look of shock.
He grabbed her by the torso and turned her around, so now her sloppy, wet, child’s snatch was right in my face. There was a thick glob of cum now sitting to the entrance of her stretched out hole, with a little bit dripping onto the couch beneath. Sean looked at me and said, “Open.” Um, what?
“You heard me… open,” he repeated. My desire to eat my little girl’s sweet pie overcame the fact that it was packed full of Sean’s man goo. I leaned forward and dove in, licking and sucking his creamy load out of her beautiful pussy. Feeling as though I’d always been hetero, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed tasting his salty, musky ejaculate, as I continued rubbing my face in and around Lizzy’s puffy, swollen pussy; I gulped down as much as I could. He had wrecked it, and I just cleaned up his tasty creampie.
Sean smiled and said, “So, who wants to go the park tomorrow?”
“I do, Uncle Sean. I do!” Lizzy shouted.

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