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Party that went wild

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I fucked my crush and got my ass fucked by my friend

This story is a cluster fuck

This is a fictional story, any and all resemblance to real people and events is pure coincidence.

My name is John i am a 14 year old with brown hair, brown hair and blue eyes.
This is a story of a quite… weird night.

My friend Marcus invited me to his house for a party, he said it was a small party and that he will invite only a few people, one of which was my crush Clara.
Clara is my age, a bit shorter than me, she is skinny with small breasts and a nice small ass, she has black hair and wears glasses.
So anyways the next day i go to the party where Marcus greets me and introduces me to a few more people, a girl named Catherine(13) and a guy named Matthew(15).
After like 2 hours Matthew had the idea for us to play truth or dare, we agreed and started the game.
As the dares went on they became wilder and wilder, and the first sexual dare was directed at me, Marcus dared me to touch Clara’s breasts.
Clara was hesitant at first but after some peer pressure she let me.
My penis was so erect i could feel it squeezing against my pants and it started to hurt.
Honestly Marcus is the best wingman ever.
Anyway next up Catherine was dared to give Marcus a handjob, and unlike Clara, she just did it, no hesitation.
After a couple more rounds of stuff like this Marcus’s younger sister Milly(8) came downstairs and we (understandably) freaked the fuck out because she should be asleep.
Milly was a short, blonde haired brat.
Anyway she said she wanted to play with us, we said no, because of obvious reasons but she was persistent, in the end Marcus said she can play only if she doesn’t tell their parents.
The rest of us tho we were still reluctant to continue but we did anyway.
My next dare was given to me by Matthew, he dared me to let him fuck me in the ass. I was shocked but honestly i kinda wondered what it’s like so i spread my ass cheeks open for Matthew to violate. He pulled his pants down to reveal a throbbing 7 inch cock. He started rubbing it against my hole and then… aghh.
He slipped it in it was painful but it felt so damn good. In moments i felt him cumming in my ass.
While this was happening Marcus was getting his 6 inch cock sucked by Catherine and Clara was fingering Milly.
Matthew went to Marcus and Catherine to have some fun and i went to Clara and Milly.
I took my cock out(6.5 inches) and put it in front of the girls. Clara started stroking it while Milly watched still not fully aware of what’s going on.
Clara got me on my back and she sat on top of me,
she took my cock and put it in her tight pussy.
Meanwhile Catherine was getting her throat and ass destroyed from those two.
I was griping Clara’s ass tight and slapped it, she left out a soft moan with each slap. Just as i was about to explode Clara stopped, she looked at Milly and told her to come here, they both started sucking me off, Clara was putting my balls in her pretty mouth while Milly was putting my cock in her tiny mouth. Marcus came to us just put his cock into my mouth, he was destroying my throat so hard while the girls were playing with my junk.
Marcus came in my mouth and told me to swallow all of it so i did, he got his cock out of my mouth and went over to Milly and started pounding her little pussy while Clara was finishing me of. I came all over her pretty face.
Next Marcus told me and Matthew to come over to him to let girls have their fun.
Marcus offered us his throat and ass. I took the ass and Matthew got the mouth.
I slipped my cock deep into his ass and pounded him like there is no tomorrow while stroking his dick the whole time. He came but i wasn’t finished with him so i punded him faster and harder until i came. I was done for the night and so was Clara, so we started heading home together since our home were on the same way. We talked on the way home and when we were outside her house i told her that i had feelings for her, she said that she likes me too and we kissed. I went home full of joy and cum in my ass.

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