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Cuckold adores wife

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She knows how much I love doing her bidding!

I absolutely adore eating her lovers’ cum from my wife’s hard-fucked pussy. We have a regular Wednesday routine. While I am at work, she meets and fucks one of her “boys” in our marital bed. Then when I get home around 4 P.M., her lover will be gone but she is still naked in our bed exhausted from an afternoon of fucking but still willing to satisfy my needs. I strip off my clothes and get into the bed where I spread her long legs and examine the object of my desire. Her pussy is always still dripping wet and filled with what every cuckold really wants…creampie. I love a sloppy sticky creamy creampie! First I lick any remaining cum from around her hairy twat. I have begged her many times to shave it, but she prefers it that way and several of her “boys” have told her they like it as well. When my mouth and lips have captured all of the stickiness from her pubic hair and all the way down to her asshole, I am ready for the main course. My little 3 inch dick has been hard since 2 o’ clock in anticipation of this. Next I wrap my mouth around her mons veneris and thrust my tongue into her. I begin to suck…trying to get every drop of that precious cum inside her vagina. It is at this point that I almost always have a premature ejaculation. I cannot help myself. I desire her so much and I know that my tiny cock can never satisfy her, but the idea of her riding other men’s huge cocks to orgasm gives me such a sense of satisfaction. On those rare occasions when I do hold back long enough to try to penetrate her pussy, I always wind up spurting as soon as the head of my dick rubs against her labia. Don’t feel sorry for me. I get to have a fantastic orgasm every Wednesday. The rest of the week I jack off regularly while I imagine myself with a huge cock fucking my lovely wife the way that a real man can. We always take a nap after our Wednesday adventures, and then we shower together and I take her out to eat. It is only fair…I got to eat what I wanted, so now she should as well. Sometimes she squeezes my little dick and balls under the table at a restaurant. It is her way of reminding me that I belong to her body and soul. She knows that I will always be hers to command as long as I am rewarded with my mouth on her delicious pussy.

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    She should make you watch her getting fucked