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Run away Young crossdresser and old man

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I loved being completely hairless and smooth permanently and wearing makeup and lipstick and mini dresses and stockings and heels and ect being completely a girl.
Well I had gotten my ears pierced twice few months before. Well my mom wasn’t happy about it. The problem started when she was gone for a couple of days and came home. I was 15 at the time and while she was gone a older lady I knew helped me get a full set of square tip finger nails done and painted and toes painted and eyebrows done thin and arched feminine and my long hair cut and styled very very very feminine. When she got home I was wearing a corset with garter straps and g-string and zip up body-con purple mini dress and stockings and high heels and makeup and lipstick completely a girl.
She blew her top when she saw my nails and eyebrows and hair cut and styled. Well she told me that she was going to town and I better not be dressed and stuff. She said even though I was hairless and smooth permanently except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair on my head and I was feminine I need to be more of a boy. I told her that I was more happy as a girl. She said if I wasn’t then I should get out. Well I figured I would leave so I packed all my makeup and lipstick and mini dresses and stockings all my girl clothes and stuff and left.
I had no place to go but I did have a couple of thousand dollars that I had saved. It was dark when I left. I had been walking carrying my big duffle bag in my high heels and mini dress for a little over a hour . When a car pulled up and a old man kind of chubby ask me if I wanted a ride. I said yes but I should explain myself to him first so I told about myself and that I was crossdresser and ect. Well he said that he perfectly fine with it and I was very beautiful and sexy as a girl. So he put my bag in his back seat and I got in . We talked for as he drove for about stuff. He asked me to move over next to him so I slid over.
He put his hand on my stocking covered smooth thighs and rubbing them as he drove. As we talked I was thinking about him wanting to kiss me and us making out. A few minutes went when he said that he wanted to kiss my lipstick lips but he didn’t want to mess up my lipstick. I said that I was wearing long lasting non transferable makeup and lipstick and I would love it. So he drove a couple more miles and pulled over in secluded area and pulled me across his lap and we kissed passionately and kinda of made out for a few minutes. Then he started sucking on my neck and leaving hickey’s on it. I didn’t think nothing about it. As we were kissing his hand went between my legs and fingers were rubbing my tiny boi clitty and boi pussi hole. He wet his fingers and slid a couple in me. He fingered my hole for a few minutes. He said that he wished that he was in his bed with me. I said that I didn’t have any other plans or place to go. He said that was great.
We drove to his house and he got my bag out and we went in the house he sat down my bag. Then he unzipped my mini dress and I took it off. Then kissed me passionately standing there. He lead me to the bedroom and laid me down and took off my g-string and his clothes now he was completely naked and he kissed me passionately and then down my body licking my tiny boy clitty all over then he licked my boi pussi and buried his tongue in me. He had me moaning in pleasure. After a few of that I was sucking on his fat 6.5″ cock thinking how much better it was than a dildo. It felt so amazing and wonderful and tasty. I sucked him for a while and then he pumped his delicious load down my throat and I stayed sucking him till I got every single drop of it.
After a while of us laying together and kissing and cuddling I went down sucking him against till he was hard again and then he got over top of me and put my legs up on his shoulders and lube on my boi pussi and his hard cock and then he pushed his cock in me slowly stretching me open. It felt so wonderful to have a real cock in me. He slowly fucked me for a good half hour before he shot his load deep inside of me and I loved it.
After he had slipped out an we were cuddling and kissing. I whispered in his ear and told him that he was first man I slept with that I only had dildos. He was surprised then when he asked me if I was going to be with men only and I said yes. Then he asked me if I was going to stay dressing as a girl. I said yes I am completely an only. He kissed me passionately and asked me what I was going to do since I took off. I said I don’t know yet but or where I go. He said that I was going to stay with him but one thing he wanted me to do just once. I asked him what. He said that he knew that I couldn’t take my nails off and didn’t want me but he wanted to see me completely naked with out makeup and lipstick on.

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  • Reply Davin ID:23svxp7qj

    Beautiful story. I’m an older XD, but would still love to go home with that older gentleman.

  • Reply Joe ID:5c8rcvm9b

    What a great story . I am 67 years old and would love a young xdresser staying with me and sharing my bed .
    I hope you write more hot chapters in this story

  • Reply Blackbear7 ID:1ck77emu6p69

    It’s a good start to build into serious saga
    Great story, I like it a lot. I could see myself doing as the mature guy did.