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raping my girlfriends little sister

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I had been going with debbie for a year she is 14 and I’m 17 we sneak off and fuck as often as possible one night she told me that she would be sleeping outside in her parents camper..
As I crept through the darkness and got to debs place I had already shucked tmy clothes and I got to the camper I crept inside it was dark but I knew where she was sleeping I pulled back the covers and ran my hands over her body.
She didn’t seem as tall or filled out but I figured it was just the darkness I carefully removed her clothes and rubbed her pussy it was smooth I was having she shaved for me
I carefully spread her legs as not to wake her up. I then kissed up her inner thighs and started to eat her sweet pussy darting my tongue inside and lightly chewing on her clit as I licked from ass to clit .
She didn’t get as wet as usual so I started to finger her as well that really got her juices flowing I couldn’t wait anymore I slid between her legs and thrust into her waiting love muffin I heard her shriek as I met a little resistance I covered her mouth with my hand and pulled back thrusting harder and burying all 8 inches deep inside her.
Pumping furiously as hard and deep as possible because that’s the way she liked it .
She felt so tight tonight but I blew it off thinking it was because we hadn’t had sex in a week and a half.
I kept telling her to push up as I pushed in finally after about 10 minutes she started to whimper and meet my thrusts after pistoning in and out of her for another 20 minutes her pussy contracted when her first orgasm hit it squeezed my cock harder than it ever had.
I started kissing her but never let up the pace another orgasm hit her and I couldn’t hold back I pumped more sperm than I ever had deep inside . her she gasped as I drove deep filling her with my fertile seed I pushed my tongue into her mouth and as we kissed passionately I felt braced with my tongue..
Debbie didn’t wear braces and the only one in her family that did was her 12 year old sister shelly I froze still emptying the last of my sperm deep into her unprotected womb..
She continued to kiss me and after realizing it was actually shelly and she wasn’t resisting I stay hard and raped her repeatedly filling her 4 times total.
As I pulled out I was spent we curled up and fell asleep together..
Around 3:30 am I woke up with a raging hardon I carefully lifted her leg and my head found her wet opening still leaking the sperm from the previous 4 loads I pushed into her and started going faster and deeper with every stroke she squealed and gasped as in this position I bumped her cervix and had 3 inches to go I kept pushing harder and finally I hit her cervix opening driving the rest of my cock deep into her tiny tight love tunnel.
As I bottomed out she had the biggest and strongest orgasm milking my cock until I let loose a huge blast of sperm righ where it belongs..
It was so tight I had to keep going after another 45 minutes I unloaded into her over and over another 2 times.
It was almost daylight when I left satisfied that I had pumped 7 loads in her pussy I collected my clothes and got home I went to the bathroom and and saw dried blood on my hands and all around the base of my cock..
I know for fact debbie was no virgin I took her virginity 4 years before.
Later that day I went over to her house and was greeted by Shelley wearing a see through tshirt and nothing else I asked where debbie was she replied her parents had taken her to the hospital with apendacitus shortly after I talked to her last night and she asked Shelley to wait in the camper to let me know but had fallen asleep..
I told her I was sorry I didn’t realize that it was her at first she smirked and replied I’m not sorry and winked..
I picked her up and took her to her bedroom tote off her shirt undressed and had extremely long rough sex with her leaving her filled with 5 more fun loads..
Debbie got better and we broke up shortly after but I still snuck back and had sex with her whenever I wanted and unknown to her I fucked Shelley right after… Shelley told me she didn’t plan on doing anything but telling me where deb was but didn’t know what to do when I plunged deep into her raping her and taking her virginity but after the 3rd time she didn’t want me to stop… we still fuck from time to time whenever I can find her and sneak in while she’s sleeping it gets us both off me raping her and her getting raped..

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  • Reply Kurt

    It’s always a nice surprise to fuck someone your not expecting. When I was 17 I was having sex with my sisters friend who was 14.

    One night I went into my sister’s room as her friend was sleeping over. Usually she sleeps on the floor. I felt with my foot for her and then kissed her and pushed her panties aside and pushed my dick in.
    As I was kissing her she let out a Yelp.
    Soon I came in her.

    After I pulled out my sister just spoke up and said I took her virginity. I was dumbfounded and ask her where her friend was. She said she was sleeping on the couch in the den.
    Found out they set it up for me to have sex with my sister who was 13
    We enjoyed 3 some after that

    • unknown

      wow am so wet

    • Mmmm

      That’s really hot..if tku wanna snap a 16 yo guy..snap me at varunsodh2

    • AP

      Kurt, you should write that up, including the what happened after that, as a story and post it.

    • Ol easy

      I was 18 and i went in my friends sisters room it was dark idk my 12yr old cousin was there i pulled her to the floor took her pussy and i came in her pussy. Next morning my friends sister called me a pervert and said i fucked my cousin.

  • Reply That one guy

    Oh my fucking god yeeeessss! Pleeeeease make more of these!