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I want to fuck my real mom

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This story is not fake like most of the stories in here . I’ll try to be short with this

Let me go few years back , so the year was 2003 I was 16 years old . I had just started masturbating. In my family it’s only me and my mom . My dad left us when I was 4 . So its always been my mom and I .

My mom isn’t fit , she’s always had a body like a typical mom. But fat and chubby with fat ass and huge boobs. When I was 16 I started noticing my attraction towards my mom . I thought it was super weird , so I did some research and found out that most of the boys find their mother attractive. I was relieved to know that, cuz I was thinking that I am some weird psycho kid.

But my attaction kept growing , I started jerking off on my mom’s panties . I used to get bonner when my mom used to come out of shower with wet hair and towel wrapped around her . I just wished that I could just stop the time and pleasure myself with her .

Eventually I realised that I am not normal kid for wanting to have sex with my mom . Few months later , my mom caught me jerking off on her panties . We had a talk , she was very understanding, she said that it’s just a phase and that all the boys my age does it . But I knew that I am not normal.. cuz no son wants to eat his mom’s ass or eat her vagina , like I did .

I told her everything that I wanna have sex with her and that I love her , I also asked her to marry me . Then I forced my self on her , she kept saying no . I realised what I am doing so I stopped and apologized. She sat next to me and said that she will help me .She got me in therapy, for 2 years I went to therapy.and eventually moved on.

Then fast forward to last year 2008 . I married my wife , she was quite similar to my mom in looks and physique. I remember the look my mom gave me when I introduced her to my mom . She immediately knew what I was doing . But she chose to support me .

But in 2021 my wife started going to gym , got fit and cheated on me with her trainer. We got divorced in 2022 I was hurt but not that much , but I wanted to get revenge, so after divorce , I slept with her sister.

I knew what I wanted , my mom’s asshole and vagina on my tongue while my dick in her mouth. I started visiting her 4 or 5 times a week . She’s still single, and she doesn’t date anyone. I am always hoping that I get to fuck my mom. But I don’t think I can ever make a move on her . But whenever I visit her I always jerk off on her panties .

I wish to God that I get to fuck her . I am watching mom and son porn, nude moms and when I found out about this site so I thought I could share my situations with you .

Also If anyone wants to see my wife’s nude comment..

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