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raping lori

I was at the store getting a few things I paid for my items and was on my way out when I ran into 2 of my friends little sisters we chatted about different things and Roxanne pipes... # # #

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raping emma

I was traveling and ended up in new Zealand when I came across a small town I got a room outside of town and went for a walk just as school was letting out when this young beautiful... # # #

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raping robin

It was Friday night we were all partying and having a good time a friend of mine had met this girl robin she was pretty about 5.4 long brown hair blue eyes perky 32b breasts small waist... # # #

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raping girls at a party

I was at the mall I was watching these cute girls as they got their food tight shirts no bras showed their smooth bellies and tight midriff tiny little asses I guessed between 11 and... # # #

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raping my sister pam again

After raping pam with her husband’s help he left her and took our girls with him to his moms to live .. Pam was at work and I got to her house hid my car and went inside using... # #

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raping nichole

I first met nichole when she was 17 she had started seeing a friend of mine she was absolutely gorgeous long black hair big brown eyes flawless skin 5.3 small breasts tiny waist and... # # #

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fucking my neighbors niece

It was Monday I had watched the neighbors daughter playing with her cousins the oldest one was 13 she wore really tight jeans and a baggy sweatshirt she had a really nice ass they played... # #

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3rd time with slave

Slave arrived at the room right on time she came in stripped and knelt down facing the floor I came over to her and put her collar on then told her she knows what I want.. She quickly... # #

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raping marissa

I was online talking to random people when this young girl started talking to me she sent very provocative pics yet not showing anything . She didn’t look very old and was trying... # # #

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Raping Maggie

I got a call from my sister sue she asked if I could come over to help her move her appliance’s si she could clean I told her yeah and headed over as I arrived she greeted me... # # #

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