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The Duke of Maidstone

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Storys from Lord McDonald on Prison Belt whippings.

Reginald Burton the young Duke of Maidstone stood with a towel wrapped around his waste as his Mother and two of her maids pulled the big ottoman his Mother kept her blankets in into the middle of the room, and him and Lord McDonald watched as they tied Lady Jane McDonald face down over a pile of pillows on the long otterma.
Lord McDonald who had ordered his wife to be given a beating with the Prison Belt , the 80 year old man sat smiling in his wheelchair, barking out orders on how to tie his wife down so she would not be able to escape, while a layer of skin was ripped from her buttocks by the young belt wielding Duke of Maidstone.
” Ever used a Prison Belt on a woman’s white cliffs” , the old Lord McDonald asked Reginald. “No Sir” he said kind of feeling a bit embarrassed that he had not even spanked anyone let alone used a 3 inch wide 24 inch long thick leather belt on a woman’s buttocks.
“Good then you won’t have developed any bad habits” said Lord McDonald laughing , ” the main thing is to try and get the whole area bright red from the very top of her legs to the top of her bottom where her dimples are, do that with the first half dozen strokes, after that concentrate on the middle of her until the white blister appear, that’s when you will know you have done a good job” he said smiling at Reginald.
” Next time your in London I will take to the Crown Court with me “, said Lord McDonald, ” Court ” said Reginald in surprise, Lord McDonald smiled ” one of our members is a judge at the Magistrates Court , he deals with petty crime everyday, pickpockets, thieves, shopkeepers selling underweight or bad produce and of course there are always a couple of dozen prostitutes bought before him”.
“When there arrested their property is taken from them before they are put into a cell to wait to be called into Court, so he has the booking officer write on the charge sheet how much money each person has on them. ” We sit in the public gallery and if we see a young lady we would enjoy having some fun with, then we stand up, and that’s the signal when she pleads guilty he knows she has only a few shillings in her purse so the fine is that much ,plus a couple more shillings”.
” When Court is over the women that can not pay the fine are told they have two choices, go to Holloway Prison for 28 days, or go to the basement for a strapping , which will be the equivalent of the fine being paid and trust me young Reginald no woman wants to spend 28 days in Holloway Prison, that place really is hell on earth, ” said Lord McDonald laughing .
” So down to the basement they come, into the bathroom where they remove there clothes and are hosed down, the doctor inspects them for the Flap Dragon( VD) ,then up to the punishment room , onto the leather bench with the big hump in the middle they are led, leather straps with chains on are placed on there wrists and ankles, then the chains are attached to rings on the side of the bench and who ever is paying there fine gives them 12 strokes of the prison strap for a first time offender and 25 for second time or more offenders. Of course there club member can if he so chooses mount the whore and fuck her instead, ” and Lord McDonald let out a low belly laugh.
” Once we have had our fun with the pretty ones they bring up the old and chubby pinchcoks and the Court guards have there fun with them, those chubby ones with the big fat buttocks get it real good,there is something special about watching a fat one get strapped,I will buy you one when were there ad you will see what I mean and he laughed again.
“Come here son,” said Lord McDonald ” now don’t ever tell anyone” he whispered to Reginald, ” but the bitch” your about to use the Prison Strap on was one of those whores, that’s where I met the so called Lady Jane , she was no lady in those days ,she was the milkman’s daughter, as common as muck” he said laughing into his handkerchief.
Reginald and Lord McDonald looked across to where Lady McDonald lay tied hand and foot to the ottoman, ropes going from one wrist under the base of the thing back over her shoulders and then back under the ottoman then tied to her other wrist. Her ankles tied the same way, and a rope over her back, a pile of large pillows from the bed positioned under her stomach ,made sure her white cliffs were in the the perfect position for Reginalds Prison Straps to cause the most pain.
“Go on boy” said Lord McDonald , “tease her a bit before you strap her,she will like that” and he called for the pregnant Lizzie to come over and push him further into the room so he could watch his wife get punished.
Reginald”s Mother knelt on the floor stroking Lady Jane’s hair, she kept kissing her, and telling her everything would be alright, telling her to be brave and promising Lady Jane she would not let her son hurt her.
Reginald took the towel off from round his waist, he put his feet each side of Lady Jane’ s body , and slowly lowered himself on to her back , his huge cock resting on her buttocks , his head was level with hers . “Are you scared ” he said softly into her ear, she said “yes”, he laughed and said ” good, your husband wants me to strap you so hard you won’t sit down for a week, then he wants to watch me put my big hard pole in you cock alley”. “He has told me after I have filled your quim with my seed he wants me to rest and then put it deep into your belly , through the hole in your white cliffs, he tells me like my Mother you have never been seen to in there, is that true ” ?
Lady Jane McDonald whispered ” please don’t strap me, pleas don’t hurt me, do me in my cock alley, ignore what he says ,he is old and mad he can’t get hard any more, just fuck me Reginald just fuck me, that’s what I need so so bad.”

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