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Party wife fucked

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I have often told my wife, Karen, that she was too hot to keep to one man. She is 6′ without shoes, 36dd,25,37 and 28 years old. Light brown/blond, I call her a viking maiden. In spite of two kids she has retained a flat belly with just a few marks.

Karen has said, during sex play, that if the situation was right, she MAY let herself go and share herself as I keep telling her is only right. Sometimes she seems more serious than others.

Last week we went to a party held by a friend of a friend, who left after a couple of hours. We had a cab booked so stayed on. The baby sitter was overnighting.

Karen was in a tight white blouse, short black skirt with stockings and suspenders, she wears them well. She only had two inch heals on.

We were both fed many drinks, I don’t know about Karen but I got rid of a few of mine. Late on and no one was really feeling any pain. Karen was sat on the sofa having danced for ages between drinks. I was on a dinner chair to one side.

I noticed that not many people were still around and they were mostly in their cups. A tall thin black guy sat beside Karen and talked to her with his hand on her left thigh, just below the stocking top. Another guy, maybe 5’9″ and also black, stood behind Karen and lent over to join the chat. He soon had his right hand hovering over her right breast.

I played out of it, looking at the stereo and eyeing the fun with periphial vision. the drunk cockold maybe.

The hand rested on Karen’s breast lightly, getting firmer slowly before gently rubbing back and forth. Karen made no objection. Maybe that’s why the hand on her thigh moved up.

The hand was suddenly inside Karens blouse, still no objections. His other hand undid some blouse buttons and he then leaned over and kissed my wife, deeply.

Soon, the guy on the sofa took his right hand away and inserted his left into Karen’s blouse and stroked her belly. I think it was then that he must have undone the side hook and zip on the skirt, with his right hand.

Matey up top put both his hands behind Karen and released her bra, which he then removed by unhooking the shoulder straps at the back and lifting it away. He then went back to kissing her while his friend nibbled her nipples.

A third guy, asian, knelt in front of Karen and reached up to stroke her pussy. I think she came just then.

Moments later her bra had her panties for company and her blouse was only on her right side. The asian then slid her skirt up slowly and put one or more fingers into her wet pussy and softly pumped away.

She must have been near orgasm when the fingers left and were replaced by an asian cock. He had to pull her by the legs toward the edge of the seat but she made it easy. I noticed a cock in her right hand curtesy of the kisser.

Blouse now gone, I watched my wife’s tits bounce around as she was fucked and fondled, the breast man was busy getting undressed.

Before long Karen let out a filthy groan and the asian grunted as they both came, no one asked about condoms or coming inside, it just happened.

Breast man now took over fucking and kisser slid his cock into my wife’s mouth and firmly face fucked her. I watched her breasts some more. About here I suffered sticky undies syndrome.

Karen wrapped her long legs around breast man and came hard, this set off the cock pumping her pussy and she got more come shot inside her. She gasped as her mouth emptied and the third cock headed for her hole.

I recall a doorbell about there, and I think it was the asian guy who went and paid off our cab. There was more fucking to be done it seemed.

Minutes later and two more orgasms, Karen took her third load of strangers come while kissing the asian.

Finished, number three pulled out and looked clearly at me. I gave a very small nod which he returned. We had an understanding.

In just her shoes, stockings and suspenders, My groggy wife was stood up and led off to a bedroom. The audiance of three, one a woman, now left, and I got up to follow number three to the bedroom.

Karen was flat on her back with the asian fucking her hard. My wife is seldom that vocal during sex but she was now moaning stuff like “fuck me, use me, thrust thrust”. She came often as she took three more loads up her cuckolding hole. She didn’t notice me shooting mine on her chest.

I actually went to sleep, on the sofa, and left Karen to the mercy of her new chums. Around 8.30 I surfaced to hear sounds of fucking from the bedroom. I went to look.

Karen was on her back with her legs in the air and a white guy fucking her like a blow up doll. Her stockings were shreds but she still had the suspenders. She was groaning the words fuck me over and over.

I found number three in the kitchen and we talked a little. The white guy was a friend and had been called to take us home, Karen was paying him in advance. The other three would fuck her once more each before we left.

Later, talking, we thought something might have been put in one of Karens drinks, but if that was the case, she says it was not needed, she was feeling very horny anyway and would likely do it again, at the right time and place.

Oh boy.

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    Wish I was her

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      Dont wish for it. Life’s too short. Just go for it. But be a bit more cautious than karen. Make sure the guys are healthy first.

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      Thank you that is good advice

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