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Im 12 and I love peeing my pjs

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Horny kid love peeing and always horny have fun Cumming everyone

Hi this is my first Story. I hope u can cum 2 it

Story:I was 7 when I started I used to go in my mums room and peed on the bed cause I was horny and later that year. I started peeing my undies I would outside no one knew I just pee on logs and humped it I bi btw anyways I went too the park one day and seen a dog peeing and I ran up to it and drank the pee I loved it I was hard as hell I jerked off into its mouth then I ran off then cummed to a little kid who was 3. 2 years later I was peeing instead school with my friends having fun Licking each other soaked undies. I cummed in them once they didn’t know what cum was so I jerked them off and they cummed all over me. I washed up then invite Ed 1 home then told them to fuck my sis and it worked I watched my 23 year old sis fucking a 8 year old. I watched she sucked me off like every day after that. She was being a slut sometimes we peed together I wish she let me fuck her I will find out eventually. To be continued. Text me at [email protected]

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    Not exactly easy to read, but I love that you’re clearly into anything filthy and twisted!