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Another night with another man’s wife

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Picked up Karen again and made sure she was well filled with cock and cum

Karen has let me and some friends have her even without her old man who with involved the first time. She is tall, well built and nearly thirty, and in spite of kids, still has fit body.
Saturday night I spotted her out with two other women I didn’t know, and she gave me a slight nod of recognition. I intercepted her near the toilets later and arranged to meet later, down the road a bit, after she dumped her mates.

I let Karen in the car and greeted her with a grope of her tits. I had stopped of going home from working late, collar and tie, Karen was in a short black skirt and white blouse, I suggested she could remove the bra and open some buttons, which she did. I was horny as fuck so didn’t go far. The local park isn’t much but there is little else so close. I stopped in a dark area and asked for a blowy so I could keep my mind on the road back to my place. She quickly obliged.

A few minutes later and three guys were at Karen’s window, I put a hand on her head and told her, making sure she kept going. I opened her window so we could hear them making comments. Moments later and I held her head down as I shot loudly into her mouth. She hardly lost a drop.
Light applause accompanied requests for blows of there own. I urged Karen to go for it, and pulled open some more of her blouse. She opened her door and swung round to face out, calling me a perv and a pimp.

The first guy grabbed Karen’s head as soon as she let his cock in, and gave a a firm face fuck for a few minutes before shooting down her throat. The next one groped a tit as he got blown and soon shot his load, and then the third got in. I then noticed that all three were older, real scruffy and could be homeless or similar. The last one pulled out to shoot onto Karen’s ample tits and without a word of thanks all three vanished into the dark.

Karen used some tissues on the way home to clean up, and asked me if I had enjoyed dogging another man’s wife. I said nearly as much as fucking her which would be soon. She said I was feeling confident and I reminded her that she didn’t know where she was. She said she was at my mercy with a smirk on her face.

We got to my place where, having been texted earlier, some of my mates had arrived. Trevor, Timo, Darren and Kev, all of whom have had Karen before. Still with buttons open and tits flashing we took our prize to my flat and had her blouse off before we got inside. Within a minute she was naked and under Kev as he fucked her on her back in front of the sofa. The lads were well impressed to hear about the park.

We all took turns fucking her like that and then she was spit roasted by Kev and Darren. I went and got some drinks as I needed more time to recover after already coming twice.
After the boys had had a second shot each we had a break to down some drinks. I stayed soft drinking in case I was taking Karen home later.

A knock at the door produced Martin and Martin, one white, one not. They immediately went to Karen and began to feel her up and stroke various areas. Kev then went for a snog which none of us had done before, it was a wet messy thing but she went with it, until she was hung over the sofa back and became the filling of a two Martin pie.

It was gone two a.m. When we had finished stuffing our married whore full of jizz, she was wrecked. I gave her a couple of big gins after her shower and then took her home. I stopped a street away from her place and finger fucked her to an orgasm before she walked home from there. I look forward to next time.

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  • Reply Simon ID:1ctwiofj8yll

    What an easy fucking slut. Well done for sharing her around, a service to men.

  • Reply watcher ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Wives! Gotta Love Them!

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5oothl

    she needed to have a younger girl with her she she can have the guys and girl in an orgy!dare to text me at(347)949-2811 and tell me when will the next one will be?