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Sister’s Dick (fG Talk)

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I found the box under my sister’s bed, but it was my box, once. Trigger Warning: #NoSex #Demi #Homoromantic

I got my rain boots in it, and it was such a nice box, we kept it. Long after I outgrew those boots, but then she got up to go take a shower, and I saw it under her blanket.

So, I got up, and pulled it out to see what she was doing with it. To my surprise, it was full of red lace. Lots of it, and bra straps. I pulled the bra out by the straps, but of course it didn’t fit me. I was just barely starting to wear bras, so even if I did have B cups, they wouldn’t be anywhere near the 30Bs on the tag.

So, I spread it out on the bed, and pulled out more things. The matching panties below that, and these were the laciest panties I’d ever seen. Dark red, with blood red ruffles around the top, and piping around the leg holes that stretched with elastic.

No way those would fit on my hips neither, so I just spread those out on the bed. Right below the bra cups, trying to imagine what she’d look like, but that was easy. We shared a room after all. All my life, so I grew up watching her grow up 4 whole years ahead of me, and that included changing together. Seeing her in her underwear, but I’d never seen such pretty ones before. Even mom didn’t have underwear like these, but they weren’t crotchless, or anything.

I checked, because the crotch was just shear mesh. I could see my fingers right through it, so if she spread her legs under a dress, or skirt. I bet you could see her pubic hair, and everything. I shook that image out of my head, but it looked like she had another bra in there, only black.

Also lacy, but when I pulled that out, the straps just hung down on the sides, and I turned it around, so I saw it didn’t even have hooks in the back. Just a stitch, and a tag, but it just said [Hand Wash Only] and the fiber blends. I didn’t bother reading them, but at least 3 different materials, the first one Cotton/Spandex, so I threw that on the bed, and dug a little deeper.

The next straps were black shiny vinyl, and wrapped around something. So it rolled out when I picked them up. “HUH!” I dropped it like it was on fire, and covered up my giggles when I saw the dong. “MHNHNHN!” Shaking my head, but then the door opened, and she yelled.

“GWENDOLINE ANNE MARKARTH!” Like our mother, “What are you doing, going through my stuff?” She pushed me over on the floor, and started stuffing them back in the box.

“Well, I saw my box, so I just wondered why you took it, and hid it under your bed. Where did you get such.” I shook my head, and bit back the word sexy, but when I saw the dong on the bottom… “Pretty underwear?”

“Mostly online.” She flipped the top over, but didn’t tuck the flaps in the sides. Just kicked it back under the bed. Then, she took the towel off her head, to comb out her hair, and sat down. On the bed, her legs crossed, and still wearing another towel like a tube dress, but not looking at me.

The silence hung in the air like a bad simile…

“Huh, so who do you wear them for?”

“None of your business.”

“Well, maybe I should go ask dad if he knows who your girlfriend is.”

“You little,” she stood up, but the towel flapped out, so I could grab the corner. Yank it off, and run before she could catch it falling down. I slammed the door, and ran down the hall in my night clothes.

“DAD, MOM, DAD?” I looked around at the landing, then I went over to the window, and looked out at the empty driveway.

“You better not tell.” She put on a bathrobe, but she stood up on top of the stairs shaking her fist.

“What, that you’ve got a dildo, or a girlfriend to bang with it.”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m not gay, and even if I were gay, I would have told you about it years ago, you little lesbo.”

“Uh, don’t call me that.” I shook my head, “It’s offensive.”

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, “Well, I haven’t outed you yet, so stop and think. For a minute.”

“Well, what do you have a dildo harness for then?” Who else even needs a strapon? Yeah, I thought about it, but my tyke dyke brain just wouldn’t go there.

“My boyfriend, but if you out me, then I out you, deal?”

I shook my head, “Wait, what do you need a donger for, if you have a boyfriend? Oh!” I guessed, “He must be having trouble getting it up, and he’s too young to get viagra?” I don’t know how old you have to be to get ED medicine, but it’s not the sort of thing I ever have to worry about. I just figure it was an old man drug, since they had old men on the commercials for it.

“No, but we take turns.” She put her elbow up on her knee, and set her face on her hand. “He likes to fuck, and be fucked too.”

“HUH!” I covered my mouth, but I didn’t giggle. I just shook my head, trying to get that image out of my head. When I had no idea what he looked like, because I never seen her with a boy, of course. She didn’t bring him over to introduce to the family, let alone me, since she knows, I’m not really into boys, at all.

“You mean?”

“Yeah, he’s really anal, and me too.”

“Ew!” I shook my hands. “Ewey ew gross. In the butt?”

“Yeah?” she smiled, “That’s what anal means.”

“Wait, is he gay?”

“No, if he were gay, he’d find another guy to buttbang him, he’s perfectly straight. You know that, you don’t have to be gay, or even a man to like it.”

“In the butt? But that’s full of.” It’s not like I didn’t want to say the S word, I just got the joke before it finished coming out of my mouth, and started laughing.

“Huh!” She got up off the stairs. “Well, if you tell dad, then I’ll tell mom you’re a pussylicker.”

“No I’m not, I’m a virgin.”

“All right, then a wannabe virgin.”

“Well, where’d you get the sexy clothes, and the dong harness, and the donger?”

So then, we went back up to our room, and talked about dating. I told her I had a girlfriend, but I’m still a virgin, because we’re taking it slow, and it’s not like we can move in together anyway, but I don’t even know about oral sex, or if I want to kiss her down there.

“Look, I know what you probably heard about lesbian sex, but isn’t it kinda gross, don’t you think?”

“Pussy licking?” She shook her head. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“Ew, you tried it? Wait, who’d you try it with?”

“None of your business, it’s not my closet, or not Just my closet, but yeah. Sharing a room with a little lesbo.” I frowned, so she changed it to “Lesbo’ian.”

“Yeah, but I never even looked at you like that.”

“I know.”

“You’re my sister.”

“I KnoOo!”

“So how do you. You know, do it?”

I don’t know, neither of us could figure it out, so it was just a big mistake all around, and we don’t even talk about it any more, so we can stay friends, but we’re already drifting apart, so.” She took a deep breath, and just let it out. “Huh! You mind if we talk about something else?”

“Yeah, no problem, but that sexy underwear must be expensive.”

“Yeah, but it’s worth it, and you only really need one outfit, so you want me to buy you some?”

“You’d do that?” She got out her phone, but I shook my head. “Well, it’s probably a waste of money right now anyways, even if they have them in my sizes, I’m going to outgrow them in the next growth spurt, but if you want to make it up to me.”

“Make what up to you, catching you going through my stuff?”

“Well, you took my box without even asking.”

“What then?”

“Well, I’d really like to see you wearing it. As your sister, not in any gay way, or anything, but I can just imagine looking that good when I’m 18, and old enough to get a credit card, and shop lingerie online, and have a girlfriend to put it on for.”

“You said you have a girlfriend,” but she already had her robe off, and got under her bed to pull the box out naked.

“Well, I don’t know if it’s going to last, or if she’s even really gay or just bicurious, since I’m practically the only gay girl in school.”

“How can you practically be the only gay, I’d think you’d either be the only one, or not?”

“Well, I didn’t come out until 7th grade, so I guess there’s probably a few closeted girls waiting until they turn thirteen to come out like I did. 7th graders are so mean about that, and everything else, but especially that.”

“Yeah,” she finished pulling up the garter belt, so the straps hung down around her hips, and sat down on the bed to get out a pair of thigh highs. “I remember, but what she like?”

“J,” I almost said her name, “My uh. Girlfriend?” I let my hair down, to cover my face, and my burning cheeks. “Butch, I guess? I’m not really butch.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“But she likes me to dress up, you know?” She shook her head, but put her leg down, and the other one up to roll a stocking on, like a condom. “Huh! Put my hair up in a ponytail, and wear my overalls with.” I bit my lips, and shook my head. “I borrowed a pair of our brother’s underwear. But they don’t really fit.”

“Boxers, or briefs?”

“Boxers, of course.”

“Oh yeah. Duh, so it sounds like she’s trying to make you into a more stereotypical dyke.”

“Huh, yeah. She wants me to be the man, but I wouldn’t know how to. I tried, but.” She finally got the thigh highs clipped on, and stood up.

“How do I look?”

“Well, there’s still something missing.” I bent down, and pulled it out, by the strap. I didn’t want to touch it, since she told me where it’s been.

“You want me to strap it on?”

“It’s part of the outfit.” She took it, so I could get up on my bed. Pull my legs up, and put my chin on my knees, watching how she put it on. The buckle’s in the back, but that’s easy. I bet I can just put it on like a belt, and then turn it around like a bra. No wait, she slipped it up her legs first, but I guess I can put it on that way, too. Looks like the thigh straps tighten all the way up. It’s just gonna be hard to figure out how the buckles work behind my back…

Well, if Jody wants me to be the boy so bad…



I can go on, but Dolly is going through a Demisexual stage. Meaning she needs a personal connection for someone to get sexually aroused, because she’s barely a teenager, a little underdeveloped, a little more sexually repressed, and slowly growing out of her Asexual childhood phase.

Gay, and Lesbian doesn’t necessarily mean homoSexual. AsexualNymphomaniac is basically another axis, perpendicular to Gender, and Sexual Orientation. So, she’s cisfemale, homoromantic, and becoming Demisexual, as she develops enough to be a fully sexual teenager.

I know, it’s not something you can whack off to, but the problem is there’s too many comments about fucking little girls. Before they’re mature enough to have sex WITH someone else. Basically, pedophiles passing on the old delusion that because they see children as sex objects, it would be perfectly all right to rape, and molest them, if only it wasn’t illegal.

It’s illegal, because you can’t have sex with children, only rape, and molest them. It’s not just the “My dick is too big for her tiny pussy.” There’s at least 3 axes: Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically, she has to be ready for sex. For that to happen before she’s fully mature is rare-to-unique.

It would really help if she was a Sociopath, instead of a girly tyke dyke. It’s really hard to explain this to guys that see little girls as Dollies, without any thoughts, feelings, or wills in their pretty little heads. Get a flesh-light, it’s not like those have any hair on them, either.

Sick fucking pedos.

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