Really old men are the best

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I’m 19 years old and prefer older men. Really old, like 60 or older.

Most girls starting their teenage years and going through puberty would say they’d prefer an older guy for their first time having sex because they have more experience, that’s true for most men, I’m 19 and totally agree with them, but most girls are thinking about 18-25 year old men, for me, I prefer much older men, a lot older men.

In fact I lost my virginity at 16 to a 49 year old man, and he was the youngest I’ve ever slept with, older men are my turn on, the older the better, these old guys are so good in bed and you wouldn’t believe the huge size of some of their cocks, massive, these are proper men, proper old skool.

My name is Bonnie and I have my own place, it’s a bungalow, situated in the middle of a village popular with retirees, at only 19 years old I’m literally the youngest resident in a village whose population’s average age range is 57 to 102, and you can hazard a guess as to why I chose to live here.

I qualified at 18 as a carer and the village had an opening for a resident carer so I jumped at it, I’ve lived here for almost a year and already had the pleasure of caring for most of the elderly single male residents, I’ve built up a bit of a reputation and the men secretly refer to me as ‘Energizer Bonnie’, because I give them energy, a new lease on life, a reason to keep going.

A lot of the men here can’t get it up, so I have to prescribe Viagra treatments, and because Viagra carries risks I need to be present when they take it and stick around to ensure they don’t suffer any life threatening side-effects, it’s the perfect excuse for a quick romp.

Like Mr Hargreaves, he’s a 84 year old retired banker, he’s single and has trouble walking long distances so I visit him every day and help him get dressed, make his breakfast and shower in the evening, shower time is my play time, a quick pop of Viagra gets him right up.

I’d help him out of his pyjama’s and in to the shower, I’d sit him down on his shower seat, then I’d strip off a join him, I’d start by nibbling on his wrinkled old ball sack, they hung far down at his age which made them perfect for plopping in to my mouth, he’d enjoy playing with my young firm breasts and rubbing my tight pussy, then when his cock stood to attention I turn around, leaned against the shower tiles and ride his big old cock while he sat in his seat.

Another, Mr Brown, was a 75 year old retired school teacher, he was old and a bit fat but full of energy, he always slept during the day because he’d force himself to stay awake at night knowing I’d arrive early in the morning, he’d take his Viagra pill at 4am and wait for me to arrive at 5am, every morning I’d go in to his house and in to his bedroom, he’d be laying on his side on the bed with his erect cock sticking out, and he’d always have a flower to give me.

He liked to do all the work, he took great pleasure in taking off all my clothes and folding them up neatly on to his bedside table, then he’d lay his fat wrinkled body on top of mine, which was skinny and small, and he’d fuck my brains out, this man had more energy than a toddler high on sugar, he was amazing in bed, and he always knew how to make me orgasm.

Then there’s the Lamberts, three brothers aged 69, 73 and 78, all retired construction workers, all shared the same house and shared the same sexual desires, we’d have a foursome every Sunday afternoon, they’d say I reminded them of their granddaughters, which was a little weird, but I think they meant it in a none perverted way, I hope, but all four of us would have incredible group sex and they’d fill my every hole, just as I liked it.

If you’re a teenage girl and thinking of sleeping with an older man, go for a real older man, you won’t regret it, in fact you may end up moving here to live with me.

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    I’m 57 with a 28 year old partner and 3 year old daughter

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    I’m not a girl, but as a guy who likes to fuck guys and girls I can agree that older guys are great to get fucked by. As I lost my virginity at 8 thanks to my cousin, and since then loved getting anally fucked!


    Great Story Bonnie Do You Have Kik or Snapchat So We Could Chat