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Author: James


I have force slot. I started out young cousins, little sisters, daughter. Daughters of friends sisters of friends.thi story is about the one I wish I had again. A little redhead name... # # #

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The blue door

There this old amandon house with a blue door.l was looking for a rape,now I just had to find her,then when I was walking down the street towards the house. ONG! Not just 1 but 2 pretty,... # # # #

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Force at the collage pool

One fall day in October I go for a walk it’s a little bit cold around 42 degree’s. I walk by the college pool. There a car in the parking lot I’m trying to remember... # # #

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My Near House Aunt

An sex that done between my near house aunt,My sister also have enjooye the sex.We all have enjoyed the sex whole day. # #

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Pounding my daughter

I live alone with my daughter as my slut. She comes home from school and gets fucked all day by her own father. We are both addicted. # #

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