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Emma’s story 2

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Mum’s boy friend was enjoying her daughter

During the following week I fingered myself frantically every night but it was so frustrating, I couldn’t reach the peak I had with Bill and it was driving me crazy. I dreaded him coming back again but longed for it, I must be such a slut but it was no good I needed it. The following week he did turn up and all but ignored me the bastard and he was being especially attentive to mum and it was driving me crazy. In the end I went to bed determined to forget all about him. I heard them come up to bed eventually and they were soon at it; the bastard must have known I could hear them and I just had to finger myself listening to them. It seemed to go on forever and they were loud enough to wake the neighbours and I just knew he was doing this to annoy me. At last they stopped and I stopped, not because I’d reached an orgasm but because I couldn’t.
I was getting drowsy and about to drop off when my door opened and in he walked. “What do you want?” I asked still annoyed with him for ignoring me.
He undid his robe and said “I thought you’d like some of this again”.
I gasped as I saw it hanging there begging me to touch it but I fought the urge and said “No, go back and fuck my mum some more, I don’t want you in here”. He ignored me and walked to my bed and yanked the sheet back exposing my naked body and went straight to my pussy with his mouth.
My resistance vanished as I groaned aloud; my legs opened as if of their own accord, I was helpless under his tongue. His hands went to my tits and tweaked my aching nipples getting them even harder and so sensitive. Then he kissed his way up to my mouth with his hand still on my pussy but I turned my head not wanting to kiss after he’d been down on me. But he forced my head straight and holding my nose so I had to open my mouth, his tongue plunged in and we were soon French kissing.
“That’s better Emma, you love it don’t you, I bet you’ve been waiting for this all week, having me finger and suck your cunt and play with your tits and kiss you like this. Tell me Emma, tell me I’m right”.
“You bastard, you just tease me to get me doing stuff.”
“Well we’re going to do a bit more tonight babe, tonight you’re going to suck my cock for a bit”. I was horrified, it had never occurred to me that I would do that and certainly didn’t want to and I told him so. But he stopped kissing and slid up my body and his stiff cock slid up between my tits and on to my chin. “Open up babe and lick it like a lolly, it won’t hurt and I want it so much”. Again I tried to turn away but he held my head still as his cock started poking against my lips until I relented and took the tip in and licked it. “Oh yes, that’s it Emma, keep doing that and don’t worry I won’t cum yet, you’re mum has just had all that”.
I suddenly realised that I was licking his cock that had just come out of my mum’s pussy and tried to get away from it but he was firmly wedged there and chuckled to himself as if her knew what had just occurred to me. After a few minutes like that he eased it out and slid back down my body between my legs. I felt his cock sliding down until it reached my pussy and fell between my legs. “How’d you like it in you Emma? Shall we fuck for real?”
“No, no don’t you dare, don’t you dare do that I don’t want it” I shrieked and then said it more softly scared I might wake my and begged him not to do it. I could feel it poking at my slit and tried to pull away but he was too heavy and my wriggling seemed to pull it in more so I stopped with just the tip in me. “Please take it, please, I’ll do anything else but please don’t do that” I begged. He eased up a bit and looked me in the eyes with the tip still inside me and asked me if I meant it. I told him a did, I didn’t want to do that. He said OK we’ll go 69 instead. I had no idea what he meant but if it got his dick out of my pussy I’d do it.
So he quickly swivelled round to the 69 position and when I saw his cock over my face I cottoned onto what he was doing. His tongue and fingers were working on my pussy as his cock lowered to my face and I knew I had to take it in my mouth. He was working away on my pussy and it drove the thought of his cock out of my mind as he fucked my mouth and sucked my cunt. Oh fuck I couldn’t believe it, I was on fire as he quickly brought me to an orgasm and then his cock suddenly spurted spunk into my mouth and it was so far in I couldn’t get it out and had to swallow it all. When he took it out I told him that wasn’t very nice but he ignored me and turned around and lay next to me.
I was on my side and he cuddled in behind me spooning with one hand stroking my bum as the other came over to play with my tits. The bastard was getting me aroused again, I didn’t think I could take any more but he slowly brought my nipples to life again and his other hand was easing between my legs and I could feel a finger at my pussy. I couldn’t resist, I opened my legs and his hand went straight between them and started working on my pussy again. I was getting worked up again and knew he was going to bring me off again but we’d never done it like this before. I could feel more fingers as he stretched my lips wider and I was thrusting back against him eager to get more in.
Then he pulled them right out bringing a gasp from me and then back in again, he did this a few times and I was getting used to the rhythm until I suddenly realised the hand fingering me was now on my shoulder so it couldn’t still inside my pussy; it was his cock, he was fucking me. I shrieked and tried to pull away but his arm over me held me still and we lay there with his cock right up my cunt and I could do nothing about it. And then it happened! My bedroom door opened and mum still in a sleep daze looked at us and said “what are you two doing?”
Calm as anything Bill said “It’s all right babe Emma was having another nightmare and I was just getting her off to sleep again, I’ll be back in a minute”.
“OK well don’t be long” and she left.
I couldn’t believe it, Bill had his cock in my cunt and chatted to mum quite normally. He eased his cock out and thanked me and said he’d better go back to mum as he might have to fuck her again now she was awake. What a bastard; I told him never to come back to me again but knowing that I’d still let him in as he got me so horny and brought me off so much better than I did myself.

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