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My first time with a runaway foster kid

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Inspired by “My horny little 11 year old foster girl”, I’ve decided to write this true story of young love and lust.

This is a true story of how I lost my virginity to a foster kid when I was 11 years old, until I read BigDaddy’s story “My horny little 11-year-old foster girl” I had all but buried this memory in my mind, remembering it now put a smile on my face, I hope it proves to be something that helps you all get off at the least or makes you smile at most, without further digression:

I must’ve been 11 when I met her, purely by chance as I walked home, my “Runaway girl”, As I marched along the rough stone footpath that ran along the ridge of the unclaimed grasslands or the “brook” as everyone called it back then, I was too busy listening to linkin park on my cheap old MP3 player to hear or even see her come barrelling out of the treeline, she ran right into me, knocking me on my ass and falling ontop of me, I was pissed at first and as she pulled off of me I didn’t even get a chance to grab her or shout out, she skidded down the rut in the ridge and sprinted for the treeline, I was dazed and confused by this sudden attack, so much so that I didn’t hear the adults that had come down the same way she did asking me a question
“Hey! did you see a little ginger girl run past here? kid?! hey!”

looking up as they repeated themselves I rub my head and then point back the way “I” had come from, Growing up in a rough neighbourhood I learned quick that you didn’t snitch, eventually once they were down the road, I got back up and looked around before continuing my journey, just as I was about to walk onto my street, the girl appeared in front of me again, emerging from the path leading over the stream, she thanked me for not telling them where she was, we talked for a little and I learned her name, Mari (changed for the sake of privacy), I told her not long after we learned where we were both from that I had to go home and that if she wanted to see me again and maybe hang out, I come down this path every day after school.

I had no idea just how much I would get myself into by knowing her that day, but she would soon go on to change my life, over the forthcoming weeks we would spend every afternoon out there on that field, playing, hanging out and I would even share my interests with her.
I learned that her folks were some pretty bad people and that she was taken into foster care by the authorities, the reason she ran that day we first met was because she got in trouble at school and didn’t want to face her carers at the time.
We started seeing more of eachother after she explained that she was sneaking off to see me, even as far as her coming over to my house and staying the night, it was pretty intense every time she came by, looking back at it now i realize it’s because she never truly had parents that cared about her besides the few that would foster her over time.

The weeks would turn to months and we even celebrated each other’s birthdays together, It was about this time, when we were both 11 that I would notice her more, witness drastic changes to her, both physically and in the way she acted.
She became so much more sensitive and would often try to return the kindness I showed to her, then the two weeks before summer holidays came, she would beg and plead for me to stay a little longer on that field with her or let her stay with me for the day, as much as I wanted to, her carers were adamant about following the pre-defined times that were set out.

I’d spend every afternoon and weekend with her and even built a reputation as “that kid with the weird girlfriend”, I might not have admitted it back then but I fought tooth and nail, to protect her from my own bullies and to protect her own honour, as corny as that sounds.
But as much as I tried to bury it I was in love with this girl, “my” runaway girl.
The final week before summer holidays was when it finally happened, mari was acting all aloof and bashful as we played together until she knocked me down and fell atop me, In that moment I got to see her in a way I never thought possible, the sun shone down through the trees on her lightly freckled alabaster skin, her wide emerald green eyes peering into my own, the way her hair gleamed copper, and yet appeared like fire washing down from her head, her hips in my hands were so small but still so soft, I didn’t realize it until it happened, but she leant down and kissed me on the lips, That moment, that face and everything that followed would be burned into my mind, even now the taste of her strawberry lip-gloss lingers in my mind, I laid there and returned the kiss as she straddled my lap, whimpering as tears escaped from her eyes, sitting up I spoke:

Me: “You’re crying, what’s wrong mari? did i do it wrong?”

Shaking her head she held onto me, her head against my chest, she really went out of the way today, everything about her smelled so intoxicating, even her hair as she spoke once more:
“No, I was hoping you would kiss me back, thankyou, you’ve been so important to me ever since we met and, I love you, and that’s what makes this so much harder, I’m not going to be around after the holidays.”

Hearing both of those confessions was like the awakening of a volcano in my heart and then a thousand knives in the back in quick succession, my heart was captured and then butchered within mere seconds as I shook out a fearful “why?”.
Mari struggled for a moment as she choked back sobs, tears wicking from my own eyes now as she explained
“I’m being fostered by an old couple in another town, I didn’t want to leave without telling you how I felt at the very least, without doing everything I dreamed we would, Please, can we? even if We can’t be a mom ‘n’ dad, I want to at least let my first time be with you.”

Hearing this, I felt the colour drain from my face, I had only just learned about the birds and the bees in school and now the girl I had fallen for was asking me to have sex with her, I was in two minds, excited and overjoyed at the fact that this wasn’t just some one sided schoolboy crush, that she truly loved me, and at the same time, terrified, both that she was going to leave my life soon, and that she wanted me sexually.
In that moment I steeled myself and held her tight, we kissed and held eachother until we were both feeling less broken by the revelation, she then pulled me up by my arms and told me to follow her, she took me back to the trees where she first fell on me and leant against one before lifting her skirt.
My eyes practically bugged out of my head when I saw that she wore nothing underneath them, and not a hair sprouting from that beautiful porcelain mound.
my jaw hung and my lip quivered as I saw a girl for the first time, she grinned devilishly as she watched me ogle her naked fanny before turning around, lifting the skirt of what I soon realized was a dress she wore under that ghastly uniform of hers, again my mind was left adrift as I basked in the beauty of her nubile form, so slender, her shoulders and hips dappled with light brown freckles, the small, perked and upturned teats of her budding breasts, the way her hair rested just over her shoulders, I hadn’t realized that I was rocking at full mast in that moment until her delighted giggle shook me back to reality, she then walked over and pulled my trousers off, kissing my lips as she unbuttoned my shirt and told me to step out of them both.

She then leant back on the tree and spread her legs, lazily rubbing her fingers in circles over her pre-teen lips, spreading them, showing off her candy pink insides as she spoke softly:
“I want that inside of me Dusty, I wanna make a baby with you.”
Hearing her call for me like that awakened something inside me, I thought I was hard before, even at that juvenile age I felt my head grow light as my own genitalia responded to her summons, striding over with confidence I aligned myself and kissed her once more, the tip of my young tool poised between her plush feminine folds, the sensations washing over me even now as I write this.
“I want you mari. I want you every day from now until you leave, please.”

I was absolutely baffled and blown away as I felt her soft supple legs close around my hips and pull me in, we embraced as I was buried inside of her, a pained yelp escaped her lips as the lower pair clamped down, engulfing me in an unparalleled warmth, as I struggled in her grip and squirmed, her yowls became moans of young and energetic pleasure, I won’t pretend I was a stud back then, I must’ve came almost immediately from feeling her vice-like lips pull my foreskin back, I spasmed in the most sublime relief as I shot my first load into my first love, that was not the end however, though my balls were tensing, emptying for the first time, a new hunger awakened in me, and I began to shake my hips, this sudden movement made mari moan again and again, whining and squealing like an ovulating cat as she wrapped herself around my cock.

“W-D-dusty?! What are you doing?! oh god! AAAH! keep doing that Dusty! don’t stop! it feels amazing!”
We spent the entire afternoon against that tree and laid in the grass, riding and fucking each other until we were exhausted, Laying there, her soft little frame on my rapidly growing one, I was still so unbelievably hard for her, and deep inside her.

That evening, I walked her back to the care home, for the first time as more than just a friend, as we stood at the doors I told her that I would never forget what happened today, and that I hoped we could keep doing it over the next week, she promised me that she would spend every moment we have together, making these impassioned memories, before kissing me on the lips again and saying goodbye, walking through those doors and leaving me to meander my way home, lost in the haze of sensations, another tent forming, but I cared not who saw, I was now a man in the eyes of nature and I couldn’t’ve asked for a more deserving and desired person to surrender my innocence to, I was hers and she was mine for what little time we had left.

Once home, I was greeted by my mother finishing a phonecall, discarding my bag on the stairs I retrieved a drink when she called for me, the usual platitudes of “how was school” and “what did you and mari get up to today” were exchanged, though I’m sure she caught the harrowed and scarlet face I pulled when asked about my newly claimed lover, she never suspected that the deed had been done, but it was no secret that we were bashful around eachother up until now.

She then followed up that question by telling me that the carehome had called, and that they were so grateful for me returning mari this evening, so much so that they humoured her request to spend the next week at “my” house, mother asked if I would like that and I’m pretty sure the smile that exploded onto my face gave my answer away, she couldn’t help but laugh as she then called them back, informing them that we’d be delighted to have her in our home.

With that formality, my next 7 days were all set, my final week with my runaway girl was about to commence.
To be continued?

Thankyou for reading, I hope this story was to your liking, please leave a comment if you liked what you read and please let me know if you want to hear more, additionally, feel free to message me on discord if you want to talk about this or any of your own experiences.

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