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Lazy Sunday

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A couple gets affectionate one Sunday morning. Their daughter barges in and everything changes…

Greg and Keely are your average suburban couple. Both in their 30’s, both gainfully employed, nice house and cars, and an only child, a daughter named Kylie, that they dote on. Both are attractive and fit. Keely has darker, honey blonde hair, hazel eyes, nice, long legs and a flat tummy she keeps reasonably toned with yoga and occasional running. She may not have washboard abs, but she is proud that she bounced back from pregnancy 10 years ago. Her tits are 36D with just the slightest sag and prominent red nipples, and her ass delightfully firm and juicy. She carries it all well on her 5’7″ frame at 120lbs.

Greg is 6’1″, 185lbs, clean shaven with light brown, curly hair and brown eyes. He doesn’t have washboard abs either, but he doesn’t have any paunch. His cock is a cut, thick 8″. Keely can’t keep her mouth off it, much to Greg’s delight. In their 12 years of marriage, their sex life has never lagged.

Their daughter, Kylie, was as beautiful as a 10 year old could be, with an angelic, innocent face. She has long, golden blonde hair, much lighter than her mother’s, that reaches down her back in glorious waves. She stands a little shy of 5′, at about 80lbs. Her legs are long, her young body filing out with womanly curves. Her pre-pubescent titties just buds with puffy nipples. Despite being blonde, she and her mother both have gorgeous tan skin.

One lazy Sunday morning, Greg and Keely were lying in bed, getting affectionate with each other. Greg’s cock was hardening as Keely grasped it through his lounge shorts. She was sucking at biting his nipples, knowing it drove him wild. After several minutes of this erotic torture, she reached into his shorts and pulled out his now hard cock.

She started stroking its length, her hands not fully encircling its girth. He moaned loudly at the heavenly dual stimulation of his cock and nipples. He put his hand on Keely’s head and gently pushed, subtly encouraging her to go down on him. She was more than willing. She paused long enough to raise up and remove the white t-shirt she wore to bed. That left her in just tiny bikini briefs. Then she tugged Greg’s shorts down over his hips as he lifted up to accommodate her.

Keely went at Greg’s thick fuck stick like a starving animal at a piece of meat. Greg always marveled at her appetite for his cock. He knew and appreciated how lucky he was. But as his sexy wife engulfed his meat with her hungry mouth, a thought occurred to him.

“Honey, we should lock the door. What if Kylie comes in?”

“Fuck it. Let her. I don’t care right now. I’m getting my morning treat. Maybe she’ll learn something.”

Greg was kind of shocked at his wife’s words, but he knew how she was once she got going. So he just laid back and enjoyed the treatment he was getting.

Keely had always loved sucking cock, especially Greg’s. She felt blessed that the man she married possessed the most beautiful one she’d ever had the pleasure of fellating. She had been with several guys before they started dating and had found her addiction with the first one she ever sucked at 16 years old.

“You’re getting stubbly, baby, time to shave again.”

“Uh-huh,” was all Greg could manage in response; he was too distracted by what was going on with his cock. Keely preferred it when he shaved himself clean down there. Conversely, he preferred Keely stay hairy. She did so, but kept herself neatly trimmed.

As Keely continued her oral assault on Greg’s turgid rod, Kylie burst into the room, as if on cue. She stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of her father’s penis buried to the hilt in her mother’s mouth. Neither Greg or Keely noticed her there until the girl loudly gasped.

They both turned to look at the young girl when she exclaimed, “Mom! What are you doing?! Why do you have Dad’s thing in your mouth?!”

“Because I’m making him feel good. It makes me feel good, too.” At that she went back to what she was doing, leaving both Kylie and Greg gape-mouthed. Greg never lost his erection though. He just dropped his head back on his pillow and threw an arm over his eyes.

Kylie was mesmerized by what her mother was doing. She shuffled closer to the bed in a daze. She didn’t understand why her little cunny was tingling and feeling damp. Her parents had always been open with her about sex, willing to answer any questions she might have, but she had no idea about this!

Thoughts were careening through her juvenile brain. Did they do this all the time? Wasn’t it yucky? Does Daddy put his mouth on Mommy’s cunny? What would that feel like?

The girl continued to stare as her mother slurped, licked, and swallowed her father’s thing. Her hand absent-mindedly crept to crotch, rubbing at it through the thin fabric of her pajama shorts. Her other hand started rubbing at her puffy nipples through the spaghetti strap matching pajama top.

Keely stole a look at her daughter and saw the girl stimulating herself. She decided then to cross a line that shouldn’t be crossed. She pulled her mouth off her husband’s cock, still stroking it, looked at her daughter, and said, “Do you want to try?”

Both Greg and Kylie snapped out of their respective dazes at this question.

“Honey… should… is that… what?!”

Keely looked him in the eye, smiled wickedly, winked, and nodded. Kyle’s reaction was equally shocking to him. She locked eyes with her mother, and croaked out, “Yes.”

Keely calmly told Kylie, “You have to get naked first. Daddy’s naked, so you should be too.”

Greg was flabbergasted as he watched his beautiful daughter pull her top off without hesitation, exposing the buds of her developing titties, her tiny nipples and quarter-sized areola so very pink. Then she bent to remove her pajama bottoms. Greg hadn’t seen Kylie naked since she was four, now here she was at ten, stripping down to suck his cock.

Kylie crawled on the bed as Keely scooted over to give her room between Greg’s legs. Greg almost shot his load when Kylie grasped his cock as Keely instructed. She had to use both hands to fully encircle it. He couldn’t believe that his daughter was jerking his cock.

“That’s it, sweetie up and down like that. You’re doing great,” Keely encouraged. “Now lick the head of it like this.”

Kylie started licking like Keely showed her, circling the crown, flicking the tip of her tongue on the tip of Greg’s throbbing cock. Greg came close to cumming at the touch of his daughter’s hands on his dick, but that was nothing compared to her tongue. He scrunched his eyes closed and dug his hands in the bedsheets.

“What do you think, sweetie? Do you like it? How does it feel,” Keely asked her daughter.

“I like it! You don’t really taste anything, but it feels good on my tongue and in my hands. It’s soft and hard at the same time.”

Keely smiled and kissed the girl on her cheek, pushing her long blonde hair behind her ear.

“Are you ready to take it in your mouth?”

“Yes,” Kylie excitedly answered.

“Okay. Open your mouth as wide as you can and put it over the head. Watch your teeth. Wrap your lips around them if you have to. That’s it. Keep stroking the rest of what you can’t fit in your mouth. Don’t try to go too deep yet. You’ll gag.”

Kylie managed to get the head of Greg’s dick plus another inch or two. She swirled her tongue around and sucked at the same time as Keely instructed, her little hands still stroking, seemingly tirelessly.

“Good girl! Mommy’s going to help.”

Keely got her head in close and started licking and sucking Greg’s balls. He was in fucking heaven! His hot wife and gorgeous 10 year old daughter were giving him his first double blow job! He continued to struggle holding his orgasm back.

“I wanna try that, Mommy!”

Kylie went from sucking the head of her father’s cock, down to his heavy balls, sucking on the left one while his wife sucked on the right. Keely took over stroking duties. Greg could feel the pressure building. He still did want to cum, he wanted to make this moment last.

Greg heard his daughter moan loudly as her head snapped back. He looked down to see what was happening. He saw Keely on her knees next to Kylie, her right hand behind the girl. Keely looked at him with a devilish little smile and held up two glistening fingers.

“She obviously likes what she’s doing, baby. Her pussy is fucking drenched! You should see it back here! Her cunt is drooling like a St. Bernard!”

She stuck her fingers coated in her daughter’s pussy juice in her mouth, sucked them clean, and pulled them out of her mouth with a loud slurp and pop.

“Yummy! So sweet! You need to taste her, baby! And she doesn’t have a hymen. That’ll make things easier. Kylie, honey, go back to sucking Daddy’s dick.”

Make what things easier, Greg thought.

Kylie did as her mother told her. She tried some new things, licking and nibbling the length of the shaft, fondling the balls with one hand, stroking with the other. She put the head back in her mouth, then suddenly snapped her head back and gasped.

“Oh, Mommy! What are you doing? That feels so good! I can’t believe you’re licking me!”

Greg saw that Keely had buried her face in Kylie’s ass. He couldn’t see which hole she was licking, but assumed from the angle that it was Kylie’s preteen pussy. He couldn’t take it anymore and took hold of his member, jerking himself off as he held his daughter’s head.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, sweetie,” he instructed the 10 year old. “Keely, come back up here!”

Keely scurried back to Greg’s crotch, joining her daughter for her first facial. She pulled Kylie’s long hair back and held it there for her. She spoke into the girl’s ear with encouraging words.

“Daddy’s gonna cum, baby girl! He’s gonna shoot his white stuff out of his dick into your mouth and on your face! Are you ready?”

“Uh-huh,” the girl managed to croak with her mouth agape. She knew about the white stuff. She learned about it from the talk her mom had with her about where babies came from. She just didn’t know people did it in their mouths too. She wondered if she could get pregnant doing that. Silly thought.

Greg started grunting and yelling as his climax hit, his incestuous spunk shooting into his daughter’s mouth and across her face in powerful jets.


That was obvious as his semen erupted in Kylie’s sweet, angelic face. He was flopping around like a fish, but when his last spurt emitted from his cock, his body stiffened, then relaxed as he sank back into his pillow. He stared in awe as he watched his wife lick his creamy cum off their daughter’s face, then kiss the girl with tongue. Kylie passionately returned her mother’s kiss.

He was further amazed when Kylie broke the kiss and attacked her mother’s big tits, sucking them and pawing at them. Keely threw her head back and uttered an animal like screech.

“YEEEE AAAAHHH! Suck Mommy’s tits, baby! That’s it!”

Greg saw that Kylie had three fingers in her mother’s cunt too. He could hear the loud squishing sound as they sawed in and out of the sopping hole. She came with an even louder screech.

Keely pushed Kylie onto her back and shoved her face into her daughter’s bald little cunt. Greg could see it now as he watched his wife’s tongue lapping at its delicate, pink folds. The girl was whimpering as her mother gave her her first pussy licking. She entwined her fingers in her mother’s blonde hair, holding her in place. Within a few seconds she was quivering and yelping as she had her first orgasm.

What Greg was witnessing made his cock stay hard. He idly stroked it as the incestuous, Sapphic tableau before him played out. Kylie finally pushed her mother’s head away from her when she couldn’t take any more licking and sucking. Greg pulled Keely’s face him and jammed his tongue in her mouth, tasting their daughter’s cunt juice. She jammed her own tongue in his mouth with even more force. She was like a woman possessed!

“You have to fuck her, Greg! You have to!”

“I don’t if I’ll fit, baby!”

“You have to try! Kylie, sweetie, do you want Daddy to fuck you?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Daddy! Please fuck me!”

The girl was writhing on the bed, furiously rubbing her clit. He couldn’t resist her then. He never could, but he had never thought about fucking her. But here he was, about shove his throbbing cock in her little, pink hole. Her sweet, tender, delicate virgin hole.

Keely moved up so she was behind Kylie’s head, a knee on either side of it. She reached down and pulled the girl’s legs up so her knees were against her chest, exposing all her intimate area to Greg’s eyes, fingers, and of course, cock. He felt around his daughter’s soaking wet pussy, working one, then two fingers in it loosen her up. He took some of her pussy juice and coated his rock hard member with it.

He pushed the head of his cock against his daughter’s tight, little pussy. Keely asked their daughter if she was ready. Kylie nodded.

“Say it, baby! Tell Daddy what you want him to do to you!”

“Fuck me, Daddy! Put your dick in me and fuck me! Please!”

“Okay, my love… here I go…”

Greg slowly pushed his cock in her pussy, inch by excruciating inch. He marveled at how tight it was, tighter than Keely’s asshole even. He stopped when he bottomed out in her womb. He had never felt anything so glorious in his life. He had had a lot of great pussy through years, especially his wife’s, but nothing like this! So tight! So… taboo! It was his own daughter! His own 10 year old daughter! He was fucking her! This was incest! He loved it!

Kylie was moaning and squirming as he slowly fucked her. He was still afraid of hurting her so he was more gentle than he really wanted to be. It was working for her though. She kept repeating, “Oh, yes! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me,Daddy!”

He made eye contact with his wife. She smiled broadly, and said, “Yes! This is really happening, baby! We’re fucking our daughter!”

Then she suggested that they change positions, with Kylie riding his cock. She let go of her daughter’s legs and Greg scooped the girl up, pulling himself onto his haunches. Kylie wrapped her legs around his waist and took the opportunity to passionately French kiss him the way she had with her mother. Greg returned the kiss with equal passion. After several minutes of kissing and fucking in this position, Greg turned onto his back. Kylie was now on top. His cock never slipped out of her.

Kylie was now in control of the pace of their incestuous coupling. She rode him faster and harder than he thought possible for a little girl. Kylie herself felt like she wanted him to fuck her so hard and deep, that the head of his cock might pop out of her mouth. Silly thought!

Keely had gotten behind Kylie, between Greg’s legs. She was sucking Greg’s balls, licking Kylie’s puckered asshole. This drove the girl over the top again.

“Oh, it’s happening again! I can’t believe Mommy is licking my butt hole! Daddy’s dick is in my pussy! Oh God! It’s happening!”

“You’re cumming, baby! You’re having another orgasm,” Greg told her.

“Yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming on your dick, Daddy! I’m cumming, Mommy!”

The girl had another earth shattering climax. Her super tight cunt muscles clamped down on Greg’s cock, triggering his own earth shattering climax. He sprayed his daughter’s womb with his seed. His incestuous seed. In her taboo, little cunt. Keely was on her knees, fingering her hairy pussy to orgasm. Kylie collapsed onto Greg’s chest as he went completely limp. He felt like he could melt into the mattress beneath him. Keely flopped down beside him on his right side, snuggling into him, draping her arm over Kylie’s back.

The three of them fell asleep in this position. Some time later, he felt Kylie move off of him to lie on his left side. He had both the women he loved on either side of him. He was in heaven. Incest heaven. Taboo heaven. He slipped back into oblivion.

Some time later, Greg was awakened by a noise. It was a familiar noise. Whimpering. Keely’s whimpering. The whimper she makes during sex. He opened his eyes and focused them, only to find a most beauteous sight.

Kylie had her face buried in her mother’s furry cunt. She was eagerly lapping, sucking, nibbling at lips and clit, shoving her tongue up the hole. Greg watched quietly as his daughter pleasured his wife. He couldn’t help but smile at this erotic scene.

Soon Keely was holding Kylie’s head in place as she started to climax.

“Yes, baby! Right there! Just keep sucking Mommy’s clit!! Keep sucking it! YES! YES! YES! THAT’S IT! I’M CUMMING!”

Keely thrashed on the bed as she came. If Greg hadn’t already been awake, he certainly would’ve been then. Kylie lifted her head from her mother’s pussy. Her face was drenched in cunt juice. She looked at her father and grinned. He leaned over and kissed her, licking the fluid from her angelic face, although that face didn’t look too angelic at that moment, slick with her mother’s pussy juice.

Kylie crawled up to lie on top of her mother. She could feel the woman’s hard nipples pressing into her chest. She laid her head on her mother’s shoulder. Keely and Greg both stroked her hair and body, cooing to her about how much they loved her. She lied there in total bliss.

After a while she sat up, straddling her mother. She looked back and forth between her parents, then spoke.

“I love you, Mom, Dad. This was beautiful. I want to do this more. I want to feel like this more, all the time. Not just now. Not just today.”

Keely reached for Greg’s hand and squeezed it. He saw that she was biting her lip, holding back tears. He spoke for both of them.

“Kylie, sweetheart, this is just the beginning of a whole new chapter of our lives…”

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    You were right!
    I absolutely love this story and your others
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