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Old men, I am male, in my late 20’s and married almost two years. I like old men

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I am a young man, married to a great woman who loves sex. I was in heaven, then about a year into our marriage this one thing happened. We were over at her folks for dinner and Friday night movie. While dinner cooked, we enjoyed some beers and wine. My wife and I had to pee bad, headed upstairs, she took the hall bathroom, told me to use her parents room. They I stand in her parents bedroom bathroom, lid up and non stop pee. I see some magazines in the drawer next to the toilet, pulled the drawer open all the way.

They were gay old guy porn with gray hair mags. My wife’s dad was not old, not gray and I guessed in his late 30’s. My wife’s dad’s or her mom’s? I flipped through them, as my pee stopped my dick started getting hard. I went back to use their bathroom several more times.

When it was movie time, my wife’s dad to look through the DVD movies in the case by the TV. As I looked, I saw some not in the row standing up like books, but on their sides behind the row. I checked them out, gay old gray haired men porn. I wanted to watch them right then. But no I could not. I took two, rush to my coat on other side of the room, put them into my coat. Rushed back to the case, as he walked in with fresh beers.

As the gals came in, I read off the movies. A good sexy drama was picked, seen it before, alot of boobs and under cover sex action. As I got hard, I pictured naked old gray haired men, their hard cocks. I was never so hard, like I got then. My wife, as always rubbed her hand over, got big smile, reached and grabbed one of the sofa throw pillows, covered us and hand her hand wrapped on my cock. I am sure her parents saw it all.

The night over, wife and I head home. As she feel off to sleep, I opened my laptop and put one the dad’s in. I jacked off , rolling on my side and pumped cum all over my wife’s back and bottom. I watched the next one, I never got soft, but only harder. My hand sliding up and down my shift was just not enough. I again moved on my side, rubbed my dripping in cum dick head in her butt crack and between her legs. Found her pussy, and filled it up full.

I copied those dvds onto my laptop. It was Wednesday evening, we were going to her parents for her to get some stuff. I put the dad’s back, was wanting to take the others, but they no longer were there. As my wife’s mom went to help, her father sat next to me in the kitchen, pushing a beer to me. I almost did a movie spit take, as I just took a swallow, when her dad asked if I enjoyed the movies.

He discovered them gone, figured it out, and confirmed it when I returned them tonight. He put his hand on my upper thigh, asked if I could come over the next afternoon and we could watch the others together. I was sure I mumbled yes.

Next afternoon I was there. He said my mother in law was out with friends, she should be got long enough for us to watch on big screen, and not on his den computer. Within less than ten minutes into the first movie, we both had our dicks out, jacking off in sync with each other. We covered those throw blankets in cum. Before leaving, he asked me to go with him that next Friday night. We would tell the gals it was just some male bonding. That Friday comes, I leave my wife with her mom, and I leave with her dad.

He drove to the next city over. We park and go into a bar, it was males and females, looked mostly like college age. He takes us down a hall to a closed door, he knocked , spoke with the older gray haired man who answered. And in we go. It was a porn type bar for older gray haired men, and I was hard. Half of them were walking around nude. Standing at the bar, getting drinks, one of the old guys stood by me and rubbed my very hard precum dripping cock over my pants. We spent the next few hours in the back steamroom and massage rooms. I waked into one room, to see my wife’s dad getting his ass rammed by an old guy, with one huge cock. I came back to that room later, for the same.

We headed back to wife’s parents. It was real late, my wife was asleep in her child’s single bed. I was given the guestroom, and off to bed they headed. I was laying there in bed, rubbing my hard cock, when the door opens. It was wife’s dad, naked, and hard also. He said all he could think about was last night, and had to wait for his wife to fall asleep. We sucked each other, and both did a great ass fuck to the other.

I go over to my wife’s parents at least twice a week, when her mom has a class, and her dad is working from home in his den. But we like watching our favorite movies on the homes big screen. We are not old gray haied men, but they get us both so hot. I have a great collection of the movies now, to include a home made one of me sucking, and getting fucked by the old man at the bar that has the huge dick.

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  • Reply DontTellMyWife ID:7ylr4iq49b

    Mmm this made my cock so hard. No one knows I secretly crave cocks..

    • [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

      I’m closeted about my homosexual activities too

  • Reply Steve ID:4mxdn0em4

    Your wife’s dad was in his late 30’s? One, not remotely believable, and two, how do you not know

    • Anon ID:2a74nbagm0

      I had to ask, they are both 38, married right out of high school. Which is when my wife and I married, right out of school. Shit we fucked like rabbits all through senior year …