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My affair with my niece Part 1

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I have spent the last 25 years in secret affair with my niece.

I am a 40 year old man now. I have been carrying on a secret sexual relationship with my niece since I was 15.

My older sister is 12 years older than I am and she is a good mother, daughter and sister. She had her first child when she was 15. I was 3 and already an uncle. When she had the child, the father wanted nothing to do with it so she and the baby lived at home with us so my mother could help with the care.

Over the years my niece (Brandi) and I became close. It felt like she was my sister more than my actual sister did. My sister ended up having 3 more children and didn’t move out until I was in college. So my entire childhood I had my niece as a playmate, friend, and lover.

The first time anything happened outside of the occasional “playing doctor” and such happened when she was 11 and I 14. Brandi was sleeping on the couch and I was playing Nintendo on the floor beside the couch. It was late, past midnight and everyone was in bed and the two of us were alone in the living room. I had seen Brandi naked before and I had even touched her privates before but this time I wanted more.

I was 14 and my body was going thru a stage where I couldn’t stop masturbating and thinking about sex. Brandi was asleep on the couch wearing a long sleep shirt and underwear. She was a fairly sound sleeper so I devised a plan. She was snoring pretty good so I knew she was in a deep sleep. I lifted her shirt up a bit and peeked in her panties. Her pure little pussy looked great! My plan was to just rub it a bit with my finger but instead I stuck head down there and licked it quickly. Brandi popped up from her sleep in a sleepy haze confused and unaware what I had done. I pretended she was having a bad dream I had woken her up. She bought it and went back to sleep.

I went back to my video games and I still had the taste of her pussy on my tongue. I immediately went in the bathroom and jacked off.

Over the next few months I did that as often as the opportunity presented itself. Once I even got as far as licking her for a full minute before she woke up.

Brandi was playing in my room one day when I came home from football practice. I was 15 and in 9th grade while she was 12 and in 6th grade now. I got home and started changing out of my school clothes and into some lounging comfortable clothes. Brandi asked if I wanted to play “house”. I was much too old for that but when she said she’d be the mommy and I’d be the daddy my interest changed quickly. Already full of adrenaline from football practice didn’t help what went thru my mind either.

She wanted to pretend we we’re getting married. I agreed.

“Now the mommy and daddy have to kiss.” She said

She leaned in and before I could even think of backing up, not that I would if I could’ve, she pecked me on the lips. At 15 my dick would’ve gotten hard seeing flies fuck, so when her soft little lips hit mine, quick as it was, my dick got instantly hard.

“That’s not how adults kiss at weddings. Here this is how you do it.” I explained

I had never French kissed anyone before that but I knew how to do it. I instructed her how to do it, then I slipped my tongue in her mouth. It was awkward at first but after a few moments she had her arms kind of wrapped around me and was getting the hang of it.

“Let’s do that again!” Brandi said wiping some saliva from her chin.

This time she was much more into it. She placed her hands on my lower back. I put one hand on her hip and the other on her cheek and pressed my body as close to hers as I could hoping she’d feel my boner press against her.

We kissed for a long time and nothing happened beyond that. So once again I retreated to the bathroom and Jack off.

A week later my sister asked if I would stay home and keep an eye on Brandi while she and my mom went to the grocery store. I reluctantly agreed, as I wanted to go hang with some friends that afternoon. I did less than a half ass job watching her. I told her to go play with her dolls as I went to my room. No surprise, but I was masturbating in my room when I heard her voice.

“What are doing?” Brandi asked

I was completely naked, and hard as a rock. I made no effort to cover up at that point. I stood up and pulled her in my room and shut the door.

“We’re you having sex?” She asked

“How do you know about sex?” I replied

“I’m 12 not 6!” She said laughing. “I heard grandma and grandpa talking about it and then they were doing it.” She continued

“You saw my parents having sex?!” I asked almost forgetting I was naked with a hard on.

“Yeah they do it every Saturday night.” She told me

I knew my parents fucked like clockwork every Saturday night but hearing it from her felt weird.

“I wasn’t having sex, you can’t have sex by yourself.” I explained to her.

I started to get dressed and told her to go back to her dolls. She agreed and I immediately went back to finishing myself off.

A couple days later I was in my room trying to fall asleep but it was indeed Saturday and as much as I tried to ignore it, my parents were having sex. My cock was swollen so much. I started rubbing it. Then I heard the door creek open and saw Brandi slip in.

“Hey, are you awake?” She whispered

“Yeah, what do you want?” I responded

“Come on, come see.” She said pulling on my arm.

I knew what she was wanting me to do and I never thought I’d be so eager to see what I was about to see. She dragged me to the staircase and I could see downstairs in the living room my dad sitting in his chair while mom was on her knees between his legs sucking his cock. Mom knew what she was doing! Dad was really enjoying himself! I didn’t realize I was doing it but I was rubbing my dick while I watched.

“C’mon” Brandi whispered as she pulled me back to my room. “I’ve never see them do that.” She added as I closed the door behind us.

“She was sucking his dick.” I said rather bluntly

I was only wearing my boxers as I sat back on my bed. My erection was standing straight up and I wanted her to go away so I could take care of it.

“You should go back to bed.” I told her

“No, let’s try that!” She said with excitement

“Try what?!” I said, but I obviously knew what she meant.

She got down on her knees between my legs just like my mom was doing to my dad.

“Did you like kissing me last week?” She asked

At this point I gave up fighting the urge. I knew what was about to happen and I wasn’t going to resist anymore.

“Of course I did.” I responded

“Did it make your penis hard?” She asked

“Oh yeah.” I answered

Apparently my 12 year old niece knew a lot more about sex than I had known.

“Is it hard right now?”

“Mmmhmm” I mumbled and I leaned forward and started kissing her.

Our tongues were now beginning to understand how this making out thing works and we were getting better at it. When we finally came up for air I started to pull my boxers off. My cock flopped out and returned to its upright position. I kicked my boxers off and opened my legs. Brandi inched herself closer and looked at it for a second. There was already a drop of pre cum on my tip.

“I’m so nervous.” She said looking up at me laughing a bit.

“It’s ok. Just touch it first.” I told her

She finally worked up the courage to do so. She placed her index finger on the tip and pulled it off. The drop of pre cum stretched out. She giggled a bit saying it was sticky. Then put her finger back on the top and ran it down my 9” shaft and then touched my balls. Before I could urge her to move forward she wrapped her hand around the base and squeezed a little.

“You can squeeze it but not too hard.” I explained “When you’re ready, just kiss the tip of it. Then move on to licking it like an ice cream cone, and if you’re up for it you put it in your mouth and lick at the same time.” I continued

“When do I suck?” She asked

“You don’t actually suck. Just put it in your mouth and lick and stuff. I don’t know, I’ve never done it or had it done to me.” I said with laughing a bit.

She puckered up and leaned in. Kissing the tip a bit and before her lips left her tongue licked it as well. It was a soft but quick little lick but coupled with her hand squeezing the base was enough to make me moan a bit. I leaned my head back a bit and before I knew it she had put the tip in her mouth and was licking. My moaning became real now.

“It’s salty but it doesn’t taste bad like I thought it would.” She explained

“It feels unbelievable!” I told her

To my surprise, before she continued she took off her shirt and her training bra. She had the tiniest pointy little tits. I had seen them when we played doctor but I hadn’t seen them in 6 months or so. They had grown a bit. I stared at them for a moment and took her hand and pulled her up. She sat on my lap and I put one hand on her back and the other on her stomach. We started kissing again and my hand slid up her body and played with her tiny little boob. She giggled a bit. She then got back down on her knees and grabbed my swollen cock. She put it back in her mouth and I fell back on my bed in ecstasy. She didn’t know what she was doing but the warmth of her mouth was enough to do the job.

“Bob your head up and down while you do it.” I told her.

That was it! I sat back up. I was going to cum! I didn’t know what I should do. Should I tell her? Should I cum in her mouth? It was too late! I put my hand on the back of her neck and held her head while I sprayed a load of hot cum in her mouth. She started to gag but I wasn’t going to let go just yet. She tried to push me away but I was much stronger. There was cum dripping down her chin and on to her chest and stomach. I finally finished and let go of her head. She flew back!

“What the hell?! Did you just pee in my mouth?!” She yelled

“No! It’s cum! It’s what happens when you orgasm. I’m sorry! I didn’t know what else to do, it just felt so good!” I explained “Was it gross?” I asked

“At first it shocked me but then it didn’t taste bad.” She said. “You should’ve told me. I probably would’ve just let you if you told me.”

“I’m sorry…I didn’t..” I said

“Next time tell me when that’s going to happen.” She said putting her shirt back on.

I was floored! There was going to be next time?! Wow!

“There’s going to be a next time?!” I asked

“Well yeah! Next time I want you to lick my vagina. It feels good when I rub it with my finger. I bet it’s better with a tongue.” She told me. I mean my mouth was better than your hand right?”

“A million times better!” I said with a chuckle

“Ok I’m going to go to bed now. We’ll do that tomorrow night! Goodnight.” She said kissing me as she left my room.

I slept so well that night. My first blowjob! Minutes after she left my dick was already getting hard again. I couldn’t stop thinking about licking her little pussy! I remember the taste well from when I would sneak a lick. Now I was going to get to do it for real! If I knew what was going to happen over the next 25 years I would have started fooling around with her when she was 6.

Part 2 coming soon! Thanks for reading.

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