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The Sleepover

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Hi My Name Is Danielle and I’m 16 and This is a Story of What Happened to me this One Weekend with My Friends. So Me and My Friends (Ella 16 & Sarah 17) were having a Sleepover at my place one night while my parents were gone for the Weekend and we where playing truth or dare and Ella Asked Me “Truth or Dare?” And I Said “Truth”, Ella and Sarah Whispered to Eachother and Ella Asked “Have U Ever Been Fucked or Raped Before?” And I was Surprised at what she just got asked, I Said That I haven’t Been Raped or Fucked, and Ella and Sarah Look at Eachother with a Smile and Out of Nowhere Sarah Jumps on Me and holds me down and Says “We are Gonna Show You What it’s like to be Fucked” and Ella Hands Sarah Some Rope and Ties my Hands and also ties my Feet. Ella Then Grabs Two Rubber 9 inch Penises and I Figured out that they were Strap Ons and I started to Scream but Ella Started to Strip and I was Amazed what I saw she has some Amazing Breast and a Really Cute Bubble Butt and Ella Took off her Panties and then Ella Stuffed Her Panties in My Mouth to Stop me from Screaming, (They Did Taste Pretty Good).

Ella and Sarah are Now Both Nude with The Strap Ons on. They Start to Kiss and They Start Using Tongue, They Finally Stop and They Give Me a Smile. They Walk Over to me and They Said “We are Gonna Undo These Ropes to Put u in another Position, U Better Not Scream or Do Anything”, They Put Me Into ‘The Tiptoe Crotch Rope Spreader Bar’ Position they tied the end of the rope to The Fan, The Thing That Surprised me is that they Knew How to Do It. Ella Goes to The Back of Me and starts Lubing My Pussy and The Dildo, While Ella is Doing That Sarah Pulls the Panties Out of my mouth and Starts to French Kisses Me and She Just Keeps Going and Finally Stops and Sarah Says to Ella “You Ready?”, Ella Replied “Yep”.

And Just Like that Ella Was Fucking My Pussy and Sarah was Making Me Suck The 9 Inch Rubber Dick, They Started off slow But they got Faster and Faster, I Started Squirting and Ella Kept Calling Me “Slut” “Whore” and A Whole Bunch of Other Names. Sarah Stopped and Said “Ooo, I forgot Something”. She Runs to the Bag and Grabs a Big Butt Plug. “Here you go Danielle” Said Sarah, and Sarah Started Lubing it up and She Started to Insert the Butt Plug, “Fuck…. Your Ass is So Tight Danielle” Said Sarah. “You Know I have a Better Idea, I’ll Get her to Suck These Pussy Juices off this Dildo while u Fuck Her In The Ass” Said Ella. I Didnt want a 9 inch Dildo Getting inserted into my Ass, I Tried to Scream but Ella Put The dildo in my mouth. “Oo I should grab some beads for her Pussy” Said Sarah, Sarah Quickly runs over to the bag and gets these huge Beads, I tried everything to get out but Ella said “You Better Stop That or this will keep happening”, She Put the Dildo Deeper into my throat and I was Gagging. I felt the Beads go in my pussy and they Actually Felt Good I love how they Feel.

Then I felt the Dildo Enter my Ass, it was Really Painful at first but then I started to really love it. Ella and Sarah Really Went Fast and Sarah Was Pulling the Beads from My Pussy. I Started to Squirt, I was Moaning, I Kept Getting Deep Throated by Ella and I was Actually Enjoying it. They Kept going for another 5 Minutes. They Finally Stopped and They Untied me and Started to French Kiss Me. We Cleaned Up and Had a Shower and Went To Bed and We Kept Doing It Every time They Came over or when I went to their house, they would also bring Friends over and I loved Getting Fucked By The Girls.

This is my first Story, let me know if you liked it. Tell me if I should make another one in the Comments

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  • Reply Harry ID:7zv3fpy2qk

    It was hoy but it would have been better if it was a guy.

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d


  • Reply GOD ID:1idyvmiq20c

    tbh this looks like it was written by a fourth grader with help from a shoe.

    • Harry ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      No one asked you to read it. And my God have mercy on your soul for using his name.

  • Reply JOHN ID:4bycjj5qfic


    • Harry ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      That what it started out to be. But then she liked and still does, so the rape went out the window.

  • Reply Gold ID:5srctiaoik

    Wow your friends are so cool in fuckin keep it up lover so cute??

  • Reply Rogers ID:5srctiaoik

    Wow your friends are so cool in fuckin keep it up lover so cute??

  • Reply S0Fia ID:2wdoer0loij

    yeSIL0Ve it

    • Harry ID:7zv3fpy2qk

      Sofia.how.old are you,?

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48n15qri

    You are the kind of friends I love. Keep it up with a more spicier.

  • Reply Toni hurston therailway.ormskirk@gmail ID:3qngwp6ic

    Would love more

  • Reply LOVER ID:fx6ypti8l

    Thanks For The Feedback and I’m Making Another Sleepover Experience With The Girls. You Guys are Gonna Love It…..

  • Reply Bernard ID:5u100ta7qk

    Oh yeah you should write more

  • Reply Sillyboytoy ID:fzq6jmk0j

    Gosh, your friends have quite a mix bag of tricks! You should strap on both 9 inch dildos and give it to each of em in both holes! Of course i wanna hear alot more from you.