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Simone Part 37 – Who’s the Boss? Part 2

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“Once a week for three months?” She asked in confirmation. “Twelve more times and then I am free?”

Rachel had been a good fuck-whore for three weeks so far. She had met me after work each week on a day set by me, lying to her husband about meetings or going to the pub with some girls from the office. Each time I had met her at a small hotel just round the corner from the office, where I had also taken a liking to the receptionist. A young, pretty thing with red hair and freckles, her nametag telling me she was Sarah. Despite her red hair, Sarah was nothing like Lena. She was tall and skinny, with almost no breasts. She had a thin, slender face and nose and from the slight tang in her accent, I thought she too might be from Ireland. I later found out she was, but that is a story for another day.

The second and third time we had used the hotel, Sarah greeted Rachel and me with a sly smile on her face. She clearly knew, or thought she knew, that Rachel and I were having an affair. She smiled, said welcome back as we entered. I picked up the key and we went to our room. We never stayed the night and I was usually done with Rachel after about four to five hours. I worked Rachel very hard. Fucking all her holes. I would shoot in her butt or cunt usually, and then take a rest, drinking a beer or two from the mini bar.

“We need to go to the bathroom.” I would say, and lead Rachel into the typical hotel, white-tiled bathroom.

“Oh my God, no. Please don’t” She had begged the first time I made her get into the tub so I could piss on her face, into her mouth and over her tits. I had ignored her begging and emptied my bladder into her mouth, forcing her to swallow most of my piss, though I splashed some over her face and body just to degrade her.

By week three, Rachel knew the routine. After I had fucked her and sodomised her, we would rest on the bed drinking beer for a while, and then go to the bathroom. After I had emptied my bladder in or on her, or both, she would suck me hard again. I would then throat-fuck her, causing her to gag and choke on my swollen cock until I shot my next load into her neck. She had endured this routine for three weeks now, and on the first and third night even suffered two anal assaults.

“Half way fuck-whore.” I had said at our last meeting. “It’s like a round of golf. Just nine more holes and you are free.”

“So you will keep your promise?” She asked a little surprised.

“Yes, fuck-toy. Three more times and I will destroy the video and you will be free.” I stated, noticing a small flicker of sadness cross her face. I knew fine well that Rachel would continue to serve me even without the video to blackmail her. She was mine, now. If you find the right victims, it is often like that. They fight and cry at first, but then want you to continue abusing them. It is like a drug. Rachel was addicted.

At each of our meetings, despite hurting her in some ways, I was careful not to leave any marks that would betray Rachel to her husband. I had also shown her I was a kind master, fucking her cunt until she came, squirting her cunt juices over my cock as she screamed her pleasure, begging me not to stop. Oh, yes. Rachel was addicted to her new master.

On the third night after I had finished pumping my seed down her throat, I had even bent her over the washbasin in the bathroom and knelt down behind her. I spent several minutes licking her butthole and then her cunt until she thrashed and cried as another orgasm shook her body.

“Oh my fucking God.” She had cried as she ground her ass and cunt into my face. “Thank you master.”

As the spasms of her strongest orgasm to date still shook her body I stood up and shafted her anus with my now rock-hard cock, and still she quivered and shook from her orgasm. That night I gave Rachel the hardest anal-fuck I had given her so far. As on our first night together, her thighs were rammed into the counter so she could not escape my vicious thrusts. I was hammering balls deep into her tight anus as quickly and as deeply as possible, and to my surprise, she did not cry or scream as usual. Her fingers clawed at the counter-top and her chest heaved, but she actually started pushing back to meet me.

“Keep fucking still, bitch.” I growled and she immediately stopped moving back to meet my thrusts, and then it happened. Her body tensed and she began to groan as another wave started through her beautiful body. As I pushed Rachel hard into the counter with my throbbing cock in her ass, she had her first anally induced orgasm, crying her surprise and delight into the palm of her own hand, which was now clasped across her mouth.

“Jesus, fucking mother of God. Please fuck me harder. Fuck my butt master. Oh my fucking God, how is this possible? I’m coming. I’m coming on your fucking cock in my ass.” She cried, and I smiled.

“That’s it you dirty, filthy, anal-whore. I am fucking your butt and you love it.” I growled as I felt my own orgasm rise up my spine. “And now your master is shooting his seed into your dirty, tight asshole.” Rachel was crying, sobbing. Not with sadness or pain, but with the power of her own orgasm and her own emotions. The girl was overwhelmed. Nonetheless, once I had spilled the last of my come into her anus, I had her get to her knees and clean my now softening cock with her mouth.

“Good girl.” I whispered. “Good little fuck-bitch. Suck daddy’s cock clean. That’s it my filthy little girl, clean your own ass of my cock.” She did, willingly. She slurped and sucked until I started to harden again, but I pulled away. My balls hurt and I still wanted some reserve for Lena and Simone when I got home. My balls and thighs were still coated with Rachel’s juices, and Lena and Simone would taste her on me. They would lick the rest of her off me.

This was now week four, and I had arranged to meet Rachel again today. I imagine she had presumed we would meet at the hotel again. Now she knew where we would meet. At the office and she was clearly shocked. As I walked into the company with Lena on my arm, she had looked like she had seen a ghost. It was actually fear. Fear of what I was planning. No hotel for us today. I had not even made a reservation.

For now, Rachel sat out in the main office waiting for the McCain brothers as I had instructed her. I would get back to her later. For now, Sandra was the person of interest, and here she was. After knocking on Petra’s door, waiting for the ‘come in’ that Petra called out she entered the room, and stopped, looking at us both, worry on her face.

“Well don’t just stand there, woman.” Petra snapped. “Close the bloody door and come over here.” Sandra obeyed her boss, blushing as she crossed the room.

Petra was fuming. I had explained to her how Sandra had fished my key-account by going to visit Stan McCain whilst his two older brothers were away on business. She had gotten Stan to renew and sign the service contract our company had with them. A service contract worth five million Euros a year. The service contract that I had brought in over five years ago. In the past, the McCain brothers always did business with me, and Sandra had used some trickery, including a little sexual favour to get Stan to sign the new contract. Now she knew there was some major talking to be done, though she probably thought nothing serious would come of it, and normally she would have been right.

Her stealing my account would not have bothered Petra the slightest. It did not even bother me that much. I was also no big fan of the three McCain brothers. They are thugs and quite able to use illegal and even violent means to get what they want. I kept a good relationship with them, supplying a good deal and some perks on the side, and feigning friendship, but keeping enough distance. In truth, Sandra was welcome to them. In fact, she was going to get an even better deal than the one she had bamboozled Stan into if she accepted my terms. However, she was going to have to offer a lot more than the blowjob she had given Stan if she wanted to keep the account. I was going to make her pay.

“Do you have any fucking idea what you have done, madam?” Petra snapped as she stood pushing the cancelation letter directly into Sandra’s hands. “You fucking stupid cow!” Petra continued as Sandra stared in disbelief at the letter.

“This was Kurt’s doing.” She finally blurted out. “He got them to cancel.” She was right of course, but Petra had believed me already.

“No, you fucking silly bitch.” Petra screamed and actually slapped Sandra across the face. “They cancelled because you changed terms without disclosing. A camera or two less here, a sensor or two less there, a reduction in call-up security and monitoring and the most stupid fucking mistake of them all. You sucked Stan’s fucking filthy cock. The other two are fuming about this, and you lady are going to make it right.” Petra was not acting. Her anger had turned her face bright red and spittle drooled from her mouth. “Do you understand?” She asked, and blob of the drool flew into Sandra’s face.

“Yes, Petra.” Sandra groaned as she wiped the fluid from her cheek. “What do I need to do? I will do whatever it takes, I swear. Anything.” Petra turned to look at me.

“Well, Kurt. You said it could be made not only right but also better. So how? You didn’t tell me that bit. How the fuck can this silly little slag get me my five million back? You explain it to us all, please.”

“Ok.” I started. “When Frank called me I went straight over. That’s when he gave me the letter. He was fuming. It took all of my wits and some heavy promises to calm him down. However, we managed to reach an agreement, which is why they are coming here in about an hour or so. If by then we have sorted our part out, they are willing to sign up again. Furthermore, because this silly bitch did not ask about the new building site they have behind their current HQ, she failed to realise that there was more to be had. In fact, there was a cool two million extra on the table that you didn’t even know about Sandra. You fucking stupid cunt.” I hissed as Petra butted in.

“Two extra million? You have got to be kidding me. And she missed it?” Her voice was shaking and she flopped back into her chair. “Please make this right, Kurt. Please.”

“I already did my part.” I stated flatly. “Now it is up to Sandra. It depends on her doing two things.”

“Anything, I swear.” Sandra sobbed.

“Sorry.” I stated. “Three things because number one is shut the fuck up until I tell you to speak again. Now let’s get down to number two.” All eyes in the room were on me, and I noticed Lena was listening to every word. She was possibly wondering if the McCain brothers were as angry as I claimed. After all, they had been laughing and playing with their cocks the last time she saw them and they saw her. It was time to get serious with Sandra.

“So, Sandra. You have two options. One is to hand back the fifty grand bonus you got for the deal and Petra fires your scrawny fucking ass. I can help you empty your desk right now and take you to the door. Would you like to do that? And yes, you may now speak.” I smiled as I said this. I had already hacked Sandra’s accounts with her bank and credit cards. She was broke. Her debts had already swallowed the fifty-K. She had bought a house way above her pay-grade and was struggling. I knew she would at least think about my next option, but I wanted the consequences to sink in first, so I let her speak.

“No!” She almost cried. “I mean, please no! I cannot lose my job, Petra please do not fire me. I will make it good again, I swear. Just tell me what I need to do?” Tears were welling in her eyes as she turned to face me again. I stepped up to face her with less than an arms-length between us.

“This will not be easy, Sandra.” I said softly. “If you agree to what I am about to propose, today will probably become the most painful, humiliating day of your life.”

“Oh my God, Kurt” Petra said knowingly, and I shushed her with a finger to my lips. Though I doubted even Petra could guess the depth of what I was about to say.

“If you agree to what I am about to propose,” I repeated turning back to Sandra. “You will come out of it battered, bruised, sore and degraded. You will possibly need help walking and will not enjoy sitting for quite some time. You will have marks on your body and on your soul. However, all of that will heal within a few days or perhaps a week or two, and you will firstly get to keep your job and the fifty thousand.

On top of that, the new contract that you get to sign with the McCain brothers is worth seven million, meaning an additional twenty grand for you today. I am sure Petra has no issues writing a check or bank-transfer once we are finished here. In fact.” I added knowing this would get Sandra’s attention. “I suppose Petra could even give you two thousand in cash out of the safe today. Oh, and don’t forget you can keep the McCain Key Account, meaning that sweet seventy bonus every year. Would you like that, Sandra? Would you like the two thousand today in cash?” I knew she was penniless right now, so even two K until the end of the month would be a big help. I was playing her.

“Yes.” Sandra whispered. “But what exactly do I have to do? Why will I be hurt, Kurt? You are scaring me.” Tears now rolled down her cheeks. I felt no pity.

“So, here’s the deal.” I smiled. “Firstly, you stole my account. That might not bother Petra or the company, but it has pissed me off big time. So I want to physically punish you. I want to slap your fucking ugly face and spit at you. I want to whip you with my belt and leave burning welts on your skin from the leather. I want to fuck you in the throat, ass and cunt and I want to hurt you in another thousand ways. None of it permanent, I hope, but all of it humiliating, degrading and painful. I will carry on punishing you until the brothers arrive. Can you accept my terms, Sandra?”

“Yes.” She sobbed. “I am begging you not to hurt me too much, Kurt, but you can punish me, you can fuck and humiliate me. I will do it.” She didn’t see the slap coming. It was a hard right-hander to her face and it sent her reeling over Petra’s desk. Both Petra and Lena winced in sympathy.

“From now on you call me master, bitch.” I screamed and dragged her back to her feet by her long brown hair. “Stand up.” I growled and she stood to face me. “That’s not all of it fuck-whore. You still have another debt to pay to the McCain brothers. I am just the start of your nightmare today, cunt. Do you want me to continue or do you want to back out?” I asked.

“No.” She whispered. “Please go on.”

“Please go on, who?” I shouted and spat in her face. She raised a hand to wipe it and I slapped it down. “Who told you to wipe your face, cunt?” I demanded and slapped her across the face again, this time not hard enough to knock her down, but enough to make her chest heave with a sob. “What the fuck do you call me when you speak to me, bitch?”

“Master, I call you master.” She sobbed. I carried on explaining.

“That’s when the next part of your nightmare comes in. You see Frank and Ian are really pissed off that you sucked Stan off but not them. In fact, they insist that for six million all three of them want much, much more than just a blowjob. They want to gangbang you. Do you actually fucking know what a gangbang is, Sandra? You will be subjected to multiple penetrations, double and even triple cocks in you at the same time. They will fuck you in every hole you have and fill you with cock and cream. You will swallow spunk by the bucket load and if I know them as well as I think I do, you will be drinking a whole load of piss to wash the sperm down. Say yes, master if you understand.”

“Yes, master.” She repeated.

“Say yes master if you agree to my terms and the McCain terms.” I then added, and again she agreed.

“Yes, master, I agree.” She offered, and I spat in her face then slapped her.

“You need to listen and follow orders, bitch. I told you to say only yes master. Now fucking say it. Do you understand, do you agree? Say YES MASTER then shut the fuck up.” She got it.

“Yes, master.” She repeated.

“Throughout the rest of the day you may only use the words yes master or no master when you are asked a question or told to do something. Do you understand?” I was testing her and she passed.

“Yes, master.” She responded.

“Now listen fuck-cunt.” I continued. “By the time you have been fucked and used by all of us in every way imaginable, you will be torn open and your fuck-holes will be as loose as a train station crack-whore. You will not be able to sit or walk straight for at least a week. You will have more spunk in you than a sperm bank and you will be hurting and you will be broken, but you will be alive, employed and have two grand in your pocket. You will take two weeks holiday, and then come back to work where your new six million key account is waiting for you. I will mentor you and help you build your portfolio. Fuck, I might even give you some more of my accounts. However, be aware and learn from this day on. Any time you fuck or suck a cunt or a cock to close a deal, it becomes a life-long commitment unless you give up or lose that account. The McCain brothers will want your holes at least once a year so long you hold that account. Do you understand that?” I was rubbing salt into the wounds now, but it was also the truth.

“Yes, master.” She replied, and I believed that she did understand. It would be interesting to see if she kept the McCain account over into the following twelve months after this year’s renewal. She was agreeing now, but what about a repeat gangbang next time. We would see. For now, it was my turn to start the deal rolling.

“Strip.” I simply demanded. “I want you naked in twenty seconds. You can put your clothes on the sofa next to my fuck-toy over there.” Lena flinched a little at being called my fuck-toy in this room, but I let it go. “Come on.” I growled. “Get a fucking move on.” Sandra started to strip and in much less than twenty seconds, she stood butt-naked in front of me, realising that I too had taken off my clothes, she stared at my rigid cock and the leather belt in my hand. She was afraid. She should be. I was going to be using both on her.

I turned my head towards Petra. “Get undressed too, boss.” I smiled. “I just bet this piece of sex-meat can really eat pussy and I want to see her lapping out your cunt.” Petra stood and started to undress, a wicked smile crossing her face. I turned my gaze back to Sandra.

Sandra had a decent body. Not brilliant but it was a good piece of fuck-meat. Her hips were broad and her neck long. Her tits were average, about the right size for me but a little saggy. I remembered Simone’s perfect, pert breasts and found Sandra disappointing, but her tits were not my main concern.

“Turn the fuck round and face the sofa.” I demanded and Sandra silently obeyed. Her butt was firm enough and I knew it would be virgin. Brown mice like Sandra are always anal virgins. That would soon change, but right now, I was not interested in her butt, either. I wanted Lena to see Sandra’s cunt.

“Lena, fuck-toy, stand up.” I said to Lena who immediately got to her feet, smiling and showing Sandra how a good fuck-toy responds to her master.

“Yes, master.” Lena smiled at me, and I knew she was mocking Sandra.

“Lift your dress up, let this dirty fucking animal see your perfect fuck-cunt, Lena.” As I spoke, I took the two steps to be in whipping range of Sandra’s ass.

“What do you see that, fuck-whore?” I hissed as Lena’s beautiful cunt was uncovered and the first lash of my belt left a welt on Sandra’s right butt-cheek. She yelped and tried to reach round to cover her exposed cheeks.

“Put your fucking hands back in front, you filthy fucking pile of shit.” I growled and whipped another violent blow from the left to put a red mark on her left cheek.

“What do you see Sandra-fuck-cunt? Miss fucking jungle-book. What the fuck do you see in between my fuck-toy’s legs? Do you see the fucking difference, trash-whore?” Another heavy blow landed on her right buttock and my cock throbbed, a drop of pre-come forming on the tip.

“Do you see the fucking difference? I asked you a fucking question.” I was repeatedly lashing at Sandra’s buttocks and hips now, and she clearly found it difficult to catch enough breath to answer. I paused.

“Do you see the fucking difference?” I whispered. “Answer my fucking question you hairy fucking monster.”

“Yes, master.” She sobbed, crying from the brutal lashing I had given her. There would be more. For now, I spoke to Lena.

“Lena, fuck-toy, let your dress go and sit back down.” Lena again responded to my command immediately, letting the hem of her dress fall to cover her body and flopping back onto the sofa, showing Sandra yet again, how a good fuck-toy responds to her master and follows orders.

“Yes, master.” Lena smiled at me, mocking Sandra again.

“Sandra-hairy-cunt, turn to face me again.” I demanded, and she complied. Her face was a mess of smeared makeup and tears mixed with drivel and snot from her nose. My whipping had hurt her, but there was more to come. Stepping right up to her so our noses were almost touching, I spat into her face again and grasped her chin in my right hand, squeezing as I spoke.

“Get that fucking filthy bush off your ugly fuck-hole right now, trash-whore. No self-respecting man would put his cock into that fucking mess and no decent lick-bitch would want to go anywhere near it with her face, isn’t that right Petra-lick-bitch?” I addressed to my boss, who I knew loved to suck cock and lick pussy. “It comes off now.”

“It is a fucking mess, a disgrace.” Petra added. “But I do not think I have a razor here.”

“Bring your scissors and your cigarette lighter and your fuckable body over here, Petra. I want you to help our new fuck-cunt to tidy herself up. Sandra winced at the mention of the lighter, and Petra got up from her char and came over holding both items in her hands. I put my foot between Sandra’s and started to kick side to side.

“Spread your fucking legs, whore. Your boss needs access to your cunt and ass so she can blanch the fucking poultry. I know blanching is not burning, but it got my message across and a huge sob shook through Sandra’s chest as she spread her legs wide enough for Petra to kneel and gain access to her pubic area. “Give me the lighter.” I demanded holding out my hand, and Petra placed it into my palm.

“Now start trimming that fucking unruly bush.” I whispered, and Petra started to crop at the long hairs with the scissors. “It is fucking disgusting.” I growled and again sent a large blob of slimy spit into Sandra’s face. “Don’t cut too short, I can get the rest.” I said in a menacing voice and all three women knew what I was going to do. Sandra tried to use the rules in a clever way, which made me laugh.

“No, master!” She pleaded. I slapped her so hard she fell, pulling the scissors and Petra’s arm with her, a large clump of hair ripping from her groin rather than cutting.

“I told you the fucking rules. You may say yes or no master if you are asked a question and only yes master if you are told to do something. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” She sobbed as she straightened back up and Petra got back to trimming her pubic hair. As the trimming continued, I went behind Sandra and used my belt to restrain her arms behind her back, buckling it at the elbows, and then returned to the front, where I could see Petra was finished. All the hair was a much shorter length. I then gave my next order to Petra.

“Ok, you can go sit down again, Petra-fuck-toy. It’s my turn now.” I said, and watched as Petra scrambled to her feet and went back behind her desk. “You keep those fucking legs spread.” I growled at Sandra. I was about to hurt this woman in a very cruel way, and she would scream. My cock throbbed and I ordered her to look at it.

“Do you see my fucking hard cock, bitch?” I hissed. “Fucking look at it, cunt. I bet you think it is that hard because I am anticipating fucking your throat, cunt and ass, don’t you, slag? Well wrong bitch-slave. My cock is throbbing and about to burst because I am about to hurt you, I am going to make you scream.” As I spoke I lit the lighter and moved it towards Sandra’s exposed cunt. A sizzle filled the air, then a scorched smell and then her screams as I held her throat in my right hand and burnt away her pubic hairs with the naked flame in my left. I stared into her fear-ridded rabbit eyes and laughed as she squirmed and writhed to avoid the seething pain the flame inflicted to her now scorched pubic area. Of course, I was careful never to leave the flame in any one spot long enough to really burn her, but I was still inflicting pain. A lot of pain.

“Your filthy fucking hole smells better already, Sandra.” I whispered into her tormented eyes. I knew using her name would inflict more hurt than calling her whore or cunt at this stage. I was personalising the torture, the pain. Pinning it to ‘Sandra’ and not cunt or whore. She had stopped screaming and was whimpering like an injured animal as I continued to burn the hairs from her groin. “Don’t you agree?” She groaned but answered.

“Yes, master.”

“Good girl, Sandra. Even in pain, the dog obeys its master, and you are my filthy dirty bitch. My dog isn’t that right Sandra.”

Again a whimpered “Yes, master.”

Her pubic area was red but devoid of all hair now, but I still kept the flame close to her skin. I was touching here and there, making her grit her teeth and breathe heavily through her nose. Slowly moving the flame up her body, across her stomach up her ribs and as I reached her right nipple a flash of absolute terror came into her eyes. I lifted my finger from the flap and the flame went out. A huge sigh of relief left her body as she released the held air in her lungs and sagged into a more relaxed stance, closing her tear-filled eyes.

“I don’t recall telling you to close your eyes Sandra.” I whispered softly as I placed the red-hot end of the extinguished lighter onto her nipple. She screamed as her eyes flew wide open. Even Lena gasped and Petra looked away, whispering something under her breath that I could not hear. I removed the lighter, and re-lit it. Sandra’s eyes widened even further. “Did I tell you to close your eyes, Sandra?” I asked smiling.

“No, master.” She bleated the tears and snot catching in her throat as I moved the lighter across to her left nipple. She knew what was about to happen but forced herself to keep her eyes open, knowing it would be worse if she disobeyed me.

“Close your eyes, Sandra.” I said softly, and she obeyed, clenching her lids tightly shut. “Do not open your eyes until I say so or I will burn the lids off. Do you understand?”

“Yes, master.” She panted, panic and sobs wracking her naked body. Then a scream cut the air as I extinguished the flame but touched the hot metal to her left nipple. Yet she held her eyes tightly closed as the singing smell of flesh filled the air. I held this burn longer, and I squeezed her throat even harder as I spoke.

“There now.” I said like a caring parent. “Both are the same colour again.” I chuckled and removed the lighter from her flesh. “Open your eyes, cunt.” I added, and let go of her throat. She snapped her terrified eyes open and gasped for air. I took a step back and threw the lighter across the room to Petra, who caught it but immediately dropped it, as it was still hot. I laughed.

“Hey, fuck-toys! All three of you.” I laughed, grasping my ridged cock in my right hand. “For the first time in her life, Sandra here can rightly claim to have the hottest tits and cunt in the room without being the only female in the fucking room.” I laughed heavily at my own joke. “So I say she gets down on her fucking knees, crawls over here and licks my fucking balls. Now fuck-bitch. Do it or I will burn your fucking nipples off completely, do you fucking understand?” I growled, and Sandra sagged to her knees.

“Yes, master.” She whispered as she crawled towards me on her knees, her arms still restrained behind her back.

I held my cock upwards to my belly so she could easily access my swollen nuts. Her tongue was not as skilled as my other fuck-toys, but it was ok. She liked and slurped on my balls and I encouraged her.

“Good girl. Good little suck-bitch. Lick daddy’s nuts before you suck my cock.” I crooned and she pleased me with her tongue. “Not long until the boys get here, fuck and suck-whore. Now what the fuck can we two get done in the time we have?” I asked rhetorically. “Oh, I know! For a start you can now open your little fuck-mouth so I can fuck your bitch-ugly face.” I growled grasping her hair in my right hand and forcing her head back as she obeyed and opened her mouth, allowing me to push my swollen cock into her mouth. I didn’t stop pushing until she balked and choked on my bulbous glans now deep in her throat.

“Swallow my meat, suck-whore. Do like you are eating and swallow or I will burn you again.” As I spoke, I spat into her bright red face again, my spit going into her swollen right eye. She blinked fanatically trying to regain her vision. Her face was a mess of black mascara, tears, snot and spit. She gulped as commanded and my shaft impaled her face completely, by balls now hitting her chin. She could not breathe, but I made sure by squeezing her nostrils together with the thumb and index finger of my left hand. Her hand went to my thighs, desperate to push me away. I released her nose, but leaned forward and wrapped my right forearm around her head, resting my belly on the top of her head and making it impossible for her to escape or to breathe. I held. I held for a very, very long time, her throat convulsing on my glans and her slaps and pushes weakening, and still I held her.

“Kurt.” A whisper from Petra. “Kurt! For God’s sake, you are killing her.” She now added more insistently, and still I held Sandra’s now motionless head tightly into my groin. My inflamed cock felt like it was about to burst, and then it did. I sent what felt like an entire life’s worth of jizz into the unconscious woman’s throat. I knew and did not care that she could not swallow. I filled her throat and then her mouth and even as sperm started to squeeze past my cock out of her lips, I held her tight until I was spent, until I started to soften. Then I let her head go and she collapsed in a heap on the floor. I strode over to Petra, who looked at me in panic, thinking I might have killed Sandra.

“Open your fucking mouth.” I screamed and slapped Petra firmly across the right cheek. “Open your filthy fucking fuck-mouth now.” I screamed and as tears welled in her eyes, she parted her lips so I could push my soft, come-covered cock into her mouth- “Suck. You have one minute to get me fucking hard again.” I stared at Lena as Petra started to suck and slurp on my penis.

“Lena, show me your cunt. I want you to finger-fuck yourself whilst Petra sucks my cock.”

“Yes, master.” Lena responded and leaned back into the sofa raising her dress and spreading her legs so I could see the full glory of her beautiful cunt. It was glistening and wet. Lena was clearly turned on and enjoying the show. My cock began to twitch in Petra’s expert mouth.

Time was short and I was not finished with Sandra, who still lay motionless on the floor. However, what Petra had not seen was that Sandra was still breathing and I had felt a pulse in her neck as I let her go. She was still alive and still had two holes I wanted to experience. My cock rose further as I watched my beautiful Lena strumming her own pussy and I thought about hurting and fucking Sandra even more. There was a cough and a gargle and I turned to see Sandra getting onto all fours

“If you spit that out I will make you lick it up from the floor.” I growled as the poor woman realised where she still was and got back in sync with what was happening to her. She gulped and swallowed, trying to clear her windpipe and mouth of the seed I had shot there.

“Yes, master.” She coughed and my cock was back where it needed to be. Not fully erect, but enough to impale Sandra.

“Get the fuck over here, fuck-whore. Right now. Get on your feet or crawl, but you have ten seconds to be bent over this fucking desk with your legs and ass spread so I can fuck the shit out of your cunt and ass.” I commanded, and she crawled, clearly not steady enough to walk. She had to pull herself up onto the desk using her chest and head, but she obediently put her chest onto the wood and spread herself, waiting for me to come fuck her. I did not let her wait long.

“Ok, that’s enough.” I barked at Petra and pulled my hardening cock out of her mouth. I am going to fuck this filthy piece of useless trash, you are going to be on your knees behind me licking my asshole, and when I sodomise her, you can then lick my balls and her cunt. Lena, you keep strumming.”

My cock was hard enough to penetrate Sandra’s cunt, and I did. No frills, no spills just a direct assault at her hairless if somewhat burnt twat. I pushed until I was balls deep then waited until I felt Petra spread my cheeks and start to lick my butthole. I spread my legs a little to make it easier for her, as I started to push Sandra off my cock and pull her back onto it. That way, I could remain motionless, allowing Petra to give me a good rimming. The feeling of Sandra’s tight pussy was actually not bad, and that together with Petra’s expert tongue soon had me back up to full length and girth.

“No one can eat out hairy assholes better than you, boss.” I laughed, knowing Petra hated me calling her boss when I was fucking or abusing her. “And this boring old minge or should I say singe on Sandra is actually quite tight. I guess I will be the last man to get it in this state, as it’s just a few more minutes until the boys get here.” I pulled my cock out of Sandra’s cunt. She had not made a sound as I was fucking her, and though she got wet, I felt this woman was not used to coming too often. I was not trying to make her come. I was trying to make her scream.

“Well, as time is running away from us, I guess I should get to that ugly ass.” I stated and pointed my cock at Sandra’s tight anus.

This time there was a sound as I started to force my glans into her tight hole. I was right. This was a virgin ass if ever I had fucked one. I pulled back and she sighed and relaxed. I freed my belt form her arms and wrapped it around Sandra’s neck, feeding the leather through the buckle and drawing it tight. She could breathe, but only just.

“Push back fuck-whore.” I commanded. “Impale your own fucking ass on my cock. She obeyed, but struggled due to the pain of her virgin hole been forced open. I pulled on the belt forcing her head to snap back as I thrust with all my strength, forcing my swollen cock deep into her bowels. She screamed her agony, and I held her tight, feeling that magnificent squeezing of her anus, desperately trying to force my cock out.

“Petra, lick her cunt.” I commanded. “I want you to make this fuck-bitch come.”

Petra was quick to go between my legs and I felt her hair brush my inner thighs as she started to lick and eat Sandra’s cunt. Sandra let out a slight gran as her boss started to pleasure her. I pulled my cock back out of her ass until only my glans remained behind her sphincter. She writhed and ground her pubic bone back into Petra’s face, clearly enjoying her cunnilingus skills. I rammed my entire shaft back into her butt and began fucking her in the ass with long deep thrusts, my balls slapping the top of Petr’s head.
“Oh, you like that don’t you, you filthy bitch.” I goaded. “You really like having another woman lick your filthy burnt twat. Hey Petra, I bet that tastes like fucking barbecue down there.” I laughed, and Petra gave a muffled chuckle.

I continued to pump deep into Sandra’s now much looser ass. She would thank me later, I thought to myself. There was no doubt that Frank McCain would force his massive cock into all of Sandra’s holes, and the man has a cock the size of a child’s forearm. He would tear any anal virgin wide open. Petra’s oral skills and the clear drop in pain from my cock in her now loosened ass started to have its effects. Sandra was breathing and moaning heavily, and tiny tremors were shaking through her thigs and body. She was about to climax.

“Well, well, it looks like out dirty little fuck-whore is enjoying herself, Petra.” I laughed and started pumping her anus even faster and harder. Sandra was about to have her first anal and vaginal orgasm. “That’s it, cunt. Enjoy it whilst you can, because the McCain brothers certainly won’t be too interested in you or your climaxes. As I spoke, Sandra’s orgasm exploded through her body. As she shook with pleasure and excitement, I pulled my cock out of her anus, not wanting to explode myself.

“On your knees, bitch.” I growled, dragging her off the table by her hair. She fell obediently to her knees, and I let her and Petra know that she would now return the favour to Petra. “Ok, fuck-toy, now you start licking your bosses fucking soppy cunt. She got you off you slag; now you return the favour. And I know from experience how much our boss loves having fuck-cunts like you eat her wet pussy.” I added. Petra was already on her back, her naked groin thrust at Sandra’s face, Petra’s hand went to the back of Sandra’s head.

“Lick my fucking pussy, Sandra. Get your tongue up my wet slit and make me come all over your fucking ugly face.” Petra commanded, and forced Sandra’s face into her groin. “Lick, bitch.” She added, and started grinding her new toy’s face hard into her cunt. I leaned over and unfastened my belt from Sandra’s neck.

The first lash across her right butt-cheek made her squeal and try to pull away from Petra’s open cunt, but Petra had anticipated this as I had raised the leather strap for my first blow. She had sunk her fingers into Sandra’s hair and ground the girls muffled scream into her pussy. Petra was clearly excited by Sandra screaming her pain, and her head lolled back as the second blow brought an even harder cry for Sandra. I was not holding back, and bright red wilts started to form on Sandra’s exposed butt as I brought down lash after lash at almost full force.

“Oh my god, Kurt, yes.” Petra panted. “Beat the fucking shit out of this cunt-eating bitch-toy. Make her scream. Make her pay for trying to steal from you. Make her make me come with her sobbing, licking mouth and tongue. Hit her again, Kurt. Take the skin off of the bitch.” I did. I lashed with all my might now, moving the odd blow or two from her butt to her back and shoulders. Petra held her tight and Sandra sobbed and screamed. I could tell Petra was close to coming.

“Is she a good pussy-eater, Petra?” I asked. “Does our new little fuck-toy know how to work magic with her mouth and tongue on your sopping fuck-hole?” I asked, and Petra panted her approval.

“Oh the harder you flog the bitch, the better she sucks and licks on my clit, Kurt. I am almost there lick-bitch. Make me fucking come. Make me come, that’s it, just like that, yes, yes, yes.” Petra screamed her orgasm into the room as she came over Sandra’s face, grinding the girl’s head into her pubic area as she shuddered, shook and climaxed in waves of pleasure.

I stopped the beating and watched Petra in the throes of her pleasure. I have made Petra come many times with my oral skills and she just loves being eaten out and licked, but I had never seen her come this hard. She had clearly not only enjoyed Sandra’s mouth and tongue on her cunt and clit, but also gotten off on the girl’s pain and suffering. I too was throbbing hard, and wanted to get the same pleasure, but I waited for Petra to regain her composure, before switching places.

“Ok, Petra, now it’s my turn.” I said handing her the belt as she released Sandra’s hair. Sandra was sobbing and sniffing. Her back and buttocks were a ness of raised wilts and scratches. I did not care. We were not finished with her yet.

“Flog her.” I smiled at Petra, helping her to her feet. “Flog her hard and fast while I fuck her in the face again.” As Petra walked behind Sandra to take up position, I dropped to my knees so that my hard cock was pointing at her face. “Suck, bitch.” I commanded and fed my swollen prick into her mouth. I nodded at Petra and the first lash made contact with Sandra’s already destroyed ass. She bellowed around my cock and flinched, but I too had sank my fingers into her hair. I pushed deeper into her throat as the next scream muffled by my shaft shook through her whole body.

“There’s some blood.” Petra said softly, pausing her blows.

“I don’t fucking care.” I growled. “Keep going. Petra brought down another blow and as Sandra screamed I impaled her throat balls deep and held her there as Petra continued to whip her. Her moans and screams vibrated across my swollen glans, and I knew I was close to coming. “Just a little longer suck-bitch and I am going to empty my balls into your throat.” I whispered. Sandra’s suffering continued with the next lash, and I could now see two or three tears om her buttocks, where blood was smeared.

“Harder.” I commanded to Petra, and pulled my cock almost out of Sandra’s mouth, just leaving the tip in. As the next blow came down, I pushed my full length back into her throat and started thrusting in and out, now face-fucking her. Then I came. At full penetration my cock exploded sending a stream of spunk into Sandra’s throat.

“Oh, yes, suck-bitch. Swallow my fucking come you dirty filthy, cock-sucking whore,” I growled and Sandra gulped at the sticky liquid in her throat, trying to cope without choking. I held her letting the ripples of my orgasm was over me. There was a light knock at the door and I smiled knowing this was Rachel coming to tell me the McCain brothers had arrived.

“Come in.” I called an Rachel stood in the door, immediately turning bright red.

“Oh, my God, oh, my, erm, I am so sorry.” She flustered. “I thought you said come in.” She quickly added.

“I did.” I smiled back at her. “Tell the brothers we need just a few minutes longer. I’ll come get them myself when I am done with this filthy piece of fuck-meat.” I added, and let my cock slip out of Sandra’s mouth. “Tell them that, have them sit down and you come straight back in here. I don’t want you out there alone with them.”

“Yes, Kurt.” She stuttered and quickly left the room.

“You need to get dressed.” I said to Petra. “Those boys might get all kinds of ideas if more than one woman is naked in this room, unless of course you are up for it.

“I swear to God, Kurt, if you let any one of those bastards touch me or Rachel you will nevr see or use any of my holes again.” She meant it, and I laughed.

“Ok, ok. Just get dressed, quickly, while I finish up here.” As I spoke, I looked down at the mess that was Sandra. Bruised, bleeding and red-raw across her back, buttocks and thighs. She remained on all fours, her head hanging.

“Sandra.” I said gently. “Sit up. Get onto your knees, fuck-toy. Your master is still not finished with you.”

“Yes, master.” She sobbed, getting to her knees, her swollen, snot and tear-stained face on a level with my still limp cock. Sobs shuddered through her body. She was broken and had given up to her fate. I wondered if she really understood what was now going to happen to her. What the three brutes I was going to give her to would do to her?

“Open your mouth.” I said softly, almost kindly, and she obeyed immediately, parting her swollen lips. I placed the soft tip of my still soft cock on her tongue and gave her one more command. “Swallow, all of it.” I whispered. “Do not spill a fucking drop, piss whore.” As I spoke I released a stream of urine into her open mouth, and she coughed, some spilling onto the floor. I stopped pissing and slapped her hard across the face. “What the fuck did I say, bitch?” I growled and spat into her face as I slapped her again.

“I’m sorry.” She cried, and I slapped her again.

“Shut the fuck up piss-whore. Open your fucking piss-hole-snout bitch and drink my fucking piss. Every last fucking drop of it. Do you fucking understand?”

“Yes, master,” She quickly added in fear of another blow. She opened her mouth and I pushed my soft penis into it.

“Now drink.” I said, as there was another soft knock at the door. “Come in.” I shouted, and Rachel came in closing the door behind her.

“Go sit on the sofa next to Lena, Rachel. I just need to finish pissing in Sandra’s filthy bitch mouth. You know what that feels like, don’t you Rachel?” I added, and the girl blushed again, clearly very uncomfortable.

“Yes, Kurt, erm Master.” She quickly added, not sure, if she needed to stay in work mode or switch into fuck-toy-mode. This was definitely fuck-toy time now, and I told her so.

“From heron in it’s master, Rachel.” I said as I squeezed the last few drops of piss from my cock into Sandra’s open mouth. I then wiped my cock over her face, smearing the tears and snot even more. She was a mess, but the McCain brothers would not care. She had a pulse and three holes. Fuck, I was not even sure if the pulse was a requirement. Remaining naked, I went to fetch them into the room Sandra’s life was about to get even worse.

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