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I Made Daddy’s Dick Hard

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I’ve always heard every girl loves her daddy. I believe that’s true. I know I loved mine until he started saying things that confused me. Daddy was always so loving to me. He made me feel so special. Then when I got a little older Daddy started looking at me differently. He would make comments about my body.

I was a normal 12 year old girl except I had bigger boobs than all my girlfriends. I wore a 32 C bra. That was big for me cause I was kinda petite. All my girlfriends would say, “Where did you get those boobs, I wish mine were that big.” They were nice to have, I did get a lot of attention, mostly from men.

Daddy would call me Busty Russell. He liked looking at them too. I would catch him looking down my tops or trying to see me naked since they’ve gotten bigger. I see him pushing on his dick when I’m around. One day I was doing dishes, he come up behind me and put both his hands on my titties, squeezing them and said, “They’re still growing.” I swear he had a hard on when he pushed against me.

My Dad loves to shop. He started buying me little dresses with a very low cut v-neck front, short skirts and even night gowns. He bought me a bra called a shelf bra. It hardly was a bra at all. My boobs just set on the bra and over half of my titty wasn’t even covered.

He told me he wanted me to wear these things. He said, “I just think you’re sexy and ought to look sexy.
The night gown he got me the other day was see through. I didn’t put it on when I got ready for bed and he wanted to know why? I said, ” It’s kinda see through, Daddy.” He said, “Go put it on and let me see.”
I put it on and walked in the room. He said, “No, you’re not supposed to wear your bra with your night gown, take off your bra and panties.” I did and he said, ” Come here.” He said, “Well, you can see everything, can’t you?”

He said, “Turn around.” When I did he started touching my butt and belly. Then he reached up, cupped my titties and said, “You’re really a beautiful sex pot, you know, Daddy might have to have a go at you myself.” I said, “Daddy.” He run his hand over my pussy and said, “I want you to wear that for me around the house at night.” Then he slapped me on my butt and said, “Good night, princess.”

I wondered if he was serious? He wasn’t dating anyone and hadn’t for some time. My Mom got into drugs and left so I never see her anymore. Maybe Daddy’s just horny and that’s why he’s acting this way.
Oh, well, I’m sleepy. I did keep the night gown on when I went to bed.

I woke up when I felt someone squeezing my boob. It was Daddy. I smelled liquor on his breath and he was laying behind me spooning up against my butt. I could feel his dick was hard. I said, “Daddy, what’s wrong, why are you here?” He was almost crying. He said, “I’m so lonely princess, I don’t have anybody but you and I just need to be close to you right now, can you understand?” I had never seen my Dad like this, I felt so sorry for him.

I said, “I understand, Daddy, I’m sorry your so lonely, but you do have me, Daddy, I’ll always love you.”
He squeezed me tight and said, “I’m so glad you feel that way baby, that makes me so happy.” He pulled me over towards him and got on top of me. He spread my legs and I thought he was trying to get off the bed. But, he pushed his boxers down and I felt his dick between my thighs, right at my pussy, the one that had no panties on it. I said, “Daddy, what are you doing?” He said, ” I’m gonna make love to my princess tonight.” I said, “No Daddy, no.”

He proceeded to push his dick in my pussy. I’m trying to push him off but, he has his arms holding mine down, by my sides. I said, “Daddy, don’t do this, I’m a virgin, Daddy.” He said, “I know you are and I want to be the one who takes your virginity because, I love you.” “I don’t want some little prick boy fucking you to add a notch on his belt and walk away from you and break your heart.” He pushes and he’s at the gate. I’m saying, “Daddy, you’re too big, it hurts.” “Daddy, don’t put it in me.”

He puts his hand over my mouth and rams his dick the rest of the way in. I thought I was gonna pass out from the pain. I’m sobbing and Daddy’s fucking my pussy and going all the way in and out. I can’t believe he did this. He takes his hand off my mouth and whispers, “I love you, my darling girl.” I just stop resisting and let him fuck me as long as he wanted. The pain has stopped. It still feels invasive but not like when he first put it in me.

Daddy starts fucking me really hard. When he does it hits my clit and that’s causing a very good feeling. I’ve never had a complete orgasm but I’ve been dreaming and woke up with a wonderful exciting feeling that’s gone once I’m awake. This feels like that feeling. Oh, there it is again. It’s getting more intense. I’m having my first orgasm. My Daddy’s making me cum. I start breathing heavy and Daddy said, “Come on baby, cum on Daddy’s dick, Daddy’s fucking your pussy and you need to cum on his dick.” When he said that I started cumming. I didn’t want it to end. Daddy kept pounding my pussy and clit and I cun again.

After I cum Daddy said, “Oh princess, Daddy’s cumming and he pushed his dick in as far as he could to cum. It hurt me when he did that but, I felt him squirting his load of cum in me.

Daddy rolled off me and said, “Thank you, darlin, I needed that more than I can express.” ” You were wonderful.” I said, “Well Daddy, I was so mad at first but, you made me feel something I’ve never felt before and it was so thrilling, I can’t be mad.”

Daddy was sucking on my titties and I loved that tingling feeling it gave me. I thought I wonder if Daddy’s gonna do me again but, I didn’t want to ask him. Maybe he just needed to do me once. But, while those
thoughts ran through my mind Daddy, reached down and picked my leg up and pulled it over his, as he slipped his dick back in my pussy. I’m thinking, yes, fuck my pussy again, Daddy. He said, “You don’t mind if I fuck you again do you, its been so long and your pussy is so tight on my dick, it makes me horny thinking about it.” I said, “You can fuck me anytime, Daddy.” I love how you make me feel.”

After that night Daddy made some changes around our house. He told me he didn’t want me wearing any panties. He wanted me to dress in more revealing clothes, especially when we went out in public. He likes for men to look at my body and get hard. He wants to fuck me anytime he desires, with no resistance. He wants me to be home in the evenings because that’s gonna be our time. And, he don’t care if I want a “boy friend” but no fucking like a boyfriend. Did I know the difference?

I said okay to these changes. Daddy started talking about very sexual things and ways to me. For instance, he ask, “What would you think about me having a couple of friends over for some drinks and a few games of pool. I said, “That fine with me Daddy.” He said, ” I’m not done.” He said, I thought maybe you could parade in and out in one of your nighties or outfits.” “I want to show you off and make their dicks hard for you.” I said, “If that’s what you want Daddy, I’ll do it for you.” So, that was the plan.

A week or so later he invited Bill, Jake and Nathan over for pool, snacks and drinks. I was gonna be the server and bartender. I initially wore a pair of short shorts and a halter top. The shorts were the kind that looked more like a thong. You could see half of each of my ass cheeks. My halter top was very revealing, it squeezed my boobs together very well and you were very close to seeing my nipples. Daddy said, they were voluptuous.

The guys came and I was in the kitchen making sandwiches, veggies, cheese, olives, pickles, crackers, ham and turkey cold cuts. I heard them in the rec room laughing and talking. I walk in and they all just stop talking. I saw Daddy smile, he got the response he wanted from them. Daddy said, “This is my daughter, Kitty.” “She’ll be serving us tonight.” Daddy said, “Princess this is Bill, Jake and Nathan, guys I work with.” They all said, “Hello.” I said, “Hi, gentlemen, here’s some goodies for you to nosh on an if you’ll tell me your preference I’ll make you a drink.” I heard Jake say to Bill, “My preference ain’t liquor.”

I fixed them their drinks and walked around picking up things so I could bend over and show off for Daddy. I ask if there was anything else they wanted? Jake said, “There is gorgeous but, I doubt your Daddy would let me have it.” I smiled and said, “My Daddy’s is very generous, you ought to ask him.”
I turned and walked out but listened around the corner.
Jake said, “Fuck Robert, your daughters a knockout.” Bill said, “I wouldn’t be able to be around her without attacking her.” Nathan and Jake said, “Me too.”
Daddy said, “She makes my dick hard everyday, I won’t deny that and the thoughts that go through my head aren’t fatherly that’s for sure.” “I dream about fucking her on a regular basis and I jack off all the time because of how she dresses.” “She dresses very provocative don’t you think?” They said, “Hell yes.”
Daddy said, “You should see her night gowns, they’re see through and she don’t wear panties.” Jake said, “See through with those tits, holy shit, I don’t know how you keep from sticking your dick in her.”
Daddy said, “It’s hard, literally.” Then they all laughed.

Bill said, “Hey Robert, maybe she’s wanting you to fuck her. Maybe she’s doing it to turn you on.” Daddy said, “Really, you think she would want to fuck her Daddy?” Bill said, “I ain’t never seen another daughter dress like that around their parent.” Jake said, “You ought to try it at least ask her about it.” Nathan said, “I’d just bend her over and tell her, she ask for it.” “How can these young girls not know what their bodies and behavior affect our dicks?” Jake said, I think some if them do and do it on purpose.”

Daddy said, “All I know is my balls ache and I spend a lot of time in the bathroom jacking off.” Jake said, “I’d be tempted to teach her a lesson.” Daddy said, “What do you mean.” I don’t know, but she’s torturing you, man, fuck she’s torturing me just being here this one time.”

I went and brought in some sweets for the guys. I took in a cheese cake, some strawberries, whip cream and cookies.
I said, “Here ya go guys, for those of you that have a sweet tooth.” ” Who’s winning?” Nathan said, We’re all losing tonight.” I said, “How’s that possible.”
Daddy said, “The guys are taken a back by you, Kitty.” I said, “What do you mean by that, what’s that got to do with the game?” Daddy said, “They’re preoccupied thinking very sexual things about you, princess.”
I said, “Really, ah that so flattering, guys.” “That makes me feel good that someone likes me and thinks of me that way.”

Jake said, “Your a beautiful sexy girl, how can you torture your Father, dressing like you do.” I’m torturing my Daddy?” “Daddy, am I!” Daddy said, “Well, yeah, kinda honey.” “Your body is so beautiful if makes my dick hard.” “And, when you expose it to me like you do it is torture, that I can’t have you.” Bill said, “It makes all our dicks hard.” They laughed and agreed.
I said, Well, what should I do?” Jake said, “I say you help your Dad out and let him fuck you.,” I looked shocked and said, I don’t know.” Nathan said, “I say, you fuck all of us so we can get rid of these hard dicks.” I said, “I don’t know.” “Daddy, what should I do?” “I think about sex a lot and I guess that’s why I dress like I do because it makes me feel sexy.” I want to have sex but don’t know who I can trust to have it with.”

Bill said, “There’s nobody you can trust more than your Daddy, he would love to fuck you.” I said, ” Help me Daddy, what do you want me to do?” Daddy said, “Go put your night gown on and come back down.”
I went to do what Daddy said.

I didn’t know what they said while I was gone but when I walked back in the room the men gasped. Jake said, “That’s your night gown you wear in front of your Daddy?” I nodded yes. They shook their heads and said, “Robert, I would have gone insane if I lived with this day and night.”Nathan said, “Come here, Kitty.”
I walked over to him and he said, “I can see your pussy, it makes my dick hard, it makes me think about sticking my dick in it and sucking on your tits.” “Your Father is a man, just like me.” ” How can you threat him like this?”

I said, “Daddy, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” He said, “I think I want to fuck you so come here.” I walked over to Daddy and he said, “Are you a virgin, Kitty. I said, “No, Daddy.” I ruptured my hymen sticking my toothbrush carrier in my pussy.” (Daddy didn’t want them to know he had already fucked me and took my virginity) I said, “When are you going to do me?” He said, “I was thinking about right now.” I said, “Now, in front of everybody?” Daddy said, “Well, Kitty I think you should help these guys give their aching balls some relief, you don’t know what you’ve done to them.”

“So, come here and sit on Daddy’s lap.” I walked over and straddle Daddy’s legs. I raised up, he put his dick in me and I sat down on it. Daddy raised my gown and sucked my tits. The guys pulled their dicks out and started jacking them off.
Daddy said, “Kitty, I want you to go around to each of the guys and sit on their dicks so they can cum.” “I think its the least you can do considering the condition they’re in because of you.”

I went to Nathan and straddled his legs, he held his dick at my opening then, I slid down on it. He started fucking me, raised up my gown and started sucking and squeezing my titties. Then he grabs my hips holds me firm and cums in my pussy.

Jake was jacking his dick off as I climbed up on him. He put it in me and pulled me down hard on his dick before he started fucking me. Then he said, “You need your ass beat for torturing your Daddy like you did.” He bucked his hips up hard fucking me, making his dick go in deep.He didn’t last long and cum in my pussy.

Bill was next and he had the biggest dick. I got up on his lap and he put his dick in me. I said, ohoo. He said, “No, yelling.” He plays with my titties and sticks his fingers in my butt. That hurt. He fucks me gently at first but, when he speeds up his dick is hurting my insides. The more he fucks me the more I’m liking
it. He reaches down and smacks my clit several times and I cum on his dick. Then he cums. He blast my cervix when he cum.

I got off and went to Daddy. Daddy ask the guys if that helped at all? They said,” Absolutely,” I really did like the feel of the different dicks.
Daddy said, “I’ll fuck you later Kitty. Right now we’re gonna play some pool.
He said, ” Kitty, you can go shower and go to bed.”

The guys told Robert they had a great time after the games.
Jake said, “If you need anymore advice just call.”

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