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Little sister lust pt.2

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After that night there was almost nothing stopping me she loved it. i know she loved it. i came so hard in her tight hole i almost melted and i wanted seconds. the next few nights i just watched her shower and then on the day our parents work i snuck in after her and our older sister fell asleep. willow layed perfectly on her stomach with her little ass up in the air. her petite body was picture perfect. i began to moving her cloths carefully and before removing her small panties i rubbed her little pussy over her panties to get her wet. once i could feel her getting wet i took them off and let her untouched pussy take my whole cock. it was so tight i almost came on the first thrust but i calmed myself and slowly began moving more. she began to wake up so i flipped her to her back and pinned her down. she began muttering “brother please ugh ahhhh” she sounded sad but she was moving in a way that sucked me in even more her tight pussy had me drilling in minutes she was moaning so loud i thought she might wake up our sister so i covered her mouth and sped up my pace until her legs shook and i thrusted as hard as i could. we came together i left her there and came back the next morning and she was in the shower. i was feeling confident so i got undressed and joined her. holding my mouth over her mouth i told her if she screamed i would be rough next time so she stayed quiet i was hard in seconds and i put it in her tight pussy and fucked her hard and quick. her silent moans were the biggest turn on and her face was priceless as she came. i came harder than ever before

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