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Virgin sister fucked

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Older sister taught me, so I thought my little sister would like it too. Had to use some force, but I did finally fuck her virgin pussy

My older sister started giving me handjobs and blowjobs when I was 12 and she was 16, I liked it, both my sisters are pretty and I assumed it was expected that I would do the same with our little sister. When my older sister went to college I still wanted to have sex, so I got my little sister just to start jerking me off, but she was only 11 and not too good. She wasn’t into it like my older sister, but was ok with me licking her. Her girl cum was less good tasting, I think because she had just started puberty, but she still got just as wet and had cute boobs to look at. I had her shave because my older sister did and I liked the smoothness and slipperyness when she got wet with just smooth skin- my older sister and I never fucked, but she would rub my penis around her smooth, slippery pussy and I liked that. A lot of times that would make me cum and we both liked how more lubricated she would be. I liked tasting her, but she had me lick my cum when that happened, and I didn’t like that as much. But I did get my younger sister to start giving me blowjobs and they were ok, but I really had to push her head down a lot because she didn’t want to do it like my older sister., and I got her to swallow because she really didn’t know that there was an option, lol. I never had full on sex with my older sister, but now I was almost 15 and I wanted to get my little sister to do it. She knew that she pretty much every day she would be going to suck me off, I had been asking her to let me fuck her for a long time but she never would, but I really wanted to. She would always squeeze her legs closed when I tried to push it in and it was a hassle. I thought she might complain when she knew I was finally done waiting and I was going to tell her she had to let me do it to her because I really wanted to know what a pussy felt like on more than just my fingers.- we did our regular thing where I licked her some, she sucked me and she thought I was going to go lick her some more, but I didn’t- she was already on her knees from sucking me so I just held on to her like that because I thought that was the easiest way to get into her. She complained when I was hardly in at all that it hurt, and now of course I know that I could hav gone slow and use lube and all that, but it really felt great so I didn’t want to stop- she said “Cade, it hurts!” a lot, but for some reason I found it very hard to stop and I actually didn’t believe that it could feel so good for me and hurt her- I figured she was making it up. I couldn’t really hold her up on her knees because it was easy for her to move away and she got down on her stomach I think because it got me out of her pussy for a minute, but I hadn’t even really gotten in very far yet anyway. . When she was on her stomach it was easier to go all the way in because I could just hold her hips down on the bed and she couldn’t squirm away as much. It was easier really fuck her faster and deeper like I wanted to because I had my weight to hold her down.. She felt tighter and made some grunt-like noises Maybe because she was still saying it hurt and to stop, but maybe because I thought she liked it, too, because she had never had even my fingers in her, just my older sister did, and you always hear that girls like big dicks, so I figured this was probably nice and big for her, but was still complaining, too, but I was getting closer to cumming and it’s pretty hard to stop, so I couldn’t listen to her when she was telling me to stop. When I was just a minute from cumming she was already all the way against the headboard so she couldn’t move away any more and I could really go harder and even deeper now that she wasn’t moving away. She felt like nothing I ever felt before, I mean of course like her mouth some, but a lot more slippery and warmer. I came pretty quickly that way and I thought I would never stop cumming and pumping it into her. I got it all really deep in her, but even still quite a bit squirted out when I pulled out of her. I think that was because she really was that tight. And I know I gave her about the most cum I ever had. I was sorry because I know she didn’t like it, but it felt too good to stop, like I didn’t have control, really. I sort of pretended to myself that I didn’t know she was crying when I was fucking her, but I couldn’t really ignore it now- it wasn’t loud or anything like we would get caught. I’m sure she wasn’t crying from pain, it was quiet crying and also I know that the hymen has no nerves and doesn’t hurt when it tears, but it can bleed, so that’s what the blood was about. She was probably just crying a little because I hurt her feelings when I didn’t listen to her, but honestly, she didn’t know how good it felt- both physically and also mentally, and emotionally knowing I was finally fucking a girl- a very pretty one that I bet lots of guys wanted to fuck, and a virgin, too, who are very tight (since then I learned that just being a virgin isn’t everything- I sometimes fuck my friend’s daughter now, and she sleeps with lots of guys and is the tightest pussy I ever fucked. I think because her muscles get a lot of exercise- she also masturbates a lot. But anyway, she was very tight, and I gave her a hard fuck with a dick that was really huge to her, from someone who loves her, too- she’s my sister. Also I figured she would feel good about it later, because she is really sweet and nice, always helping people and going out of her way to be caring, and letting me use her pussy and body to feel good and take her virginity was a very nice thing to do, and helped me feel amazing while I was in her pussy, and also knowing I got to fuck her. I know she didn’t cum, and that it was painful for her body and maybe her emotions too, but I know she can feel good about that because she made a good sacrifice for my pleasure. It was good, too, because after that she never gave me a hard time about sucking my dick, she would just do it when I asked without me having to waste time talking her into it and her trying to pull away. I was pretty glad afterwards that she would let me use her like that, to make myself cum when I wanted. I still would have to push her head down, but I get that, because she had a hard time getting my cock very deep in her mouth and she needed me to help with that. She didn’t have to do any of the hard work physically, really just lie there when I fucked her, so that part was easy for her- anyone can do that anytime. This part I knew I shouldn’t get used to, and I know sometimes girls cry when they feel intense emotions that aren’t always sadness, but just as a matter of fact, and I wouldn’t try to do it on purpose, but when she was crying a little more, her pussy squeezed up when she shook and the extra tightness felt even better, but that won’t keep happening. I figure that I did pretty well for my first time, and really within a few minutes I wanted to cum again, but knew enough to know she must be sore and maybe tired, so I just leaned back against the headboard and guided her mouth over to me and let her get me off that way. It took me a little longer to cum the second time and her jaw was getting sore, but when I push down her throat I can usually cum a little faster, so I tried that for her. I think she had stopped crying, but that makes her eyes water, so it was hard to tell- she had been a really good sister so I didn’t want her to cry anymore, but I was pretty sure it was just eyes watering from the blowjob. I thought that since we weren’t virgins anymore I would do something I had watched- usually I would cum in her mouth, but I had seen videos where a guy can really pull on a girls head so his dick goes farther down her throat and his cum goes right down.I had to pull a lot harder than usual, but it worked pretty well, she gagged a lot more than usual and sort of spit up some of my cum, but it really did feel better so I was sure she’d get used to it. I figured that I would try to last as long as I could next time I fucked her , and also that she will get used to it, and I’ll get her to be in different positions. All in all it was somewhat awkward, but it was for sure the best I ever felt- Totally satisfying. Kind of awkward for my sister, as we didn’t have any experience with that and it was uncomfortable for her and pretty intense, but really we adjusted to it good at doing what I liked. I always kept giving her oral sex, so she could feel good, too.

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