Author: Taylormade

My Father-in-law cum again

I can’t believe I’m writing about this again, so soon. I told you how my father-in-law (Jake) had come in our house and caught me getting out of the shower then force fucked... #

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I have a question for some thoughts

Its funny, since I saw this site and started thinking about all the things that has happened to me throughout my life I realized after reading many of these stories, I was right. You... #

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My Uncle The Trucker And Our Trip

I have an uncle who is a cross country truck driver. He’s my favorite of all my uncles. He used to tease me by grabbing me, bending me backwards, kissing my neck and cheeks, telling... # #

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Date raped at 12

I was 12 and went to a fair with a boy who I thought was 16 but found out later he was 19. Anyway, I was pretty innocent about dating having never been on one alone. We were supposed... # #

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