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Forcing my best friend to have sex with me

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After finding out my best friend who I’ve been in love with since forever is dating her high school crush, I decide to take matters into my own hands.

My name is Bryan and I’m 20 years old. Cassie, my 16 year old best friend, has been my obsession ever since we met, when I was only 15. Physically she is everything a guy could dream for: blonde hair, bright blue eyes and perfect sized lips. She’s quite short, around 1m62 and has the softest skin. She has small tits and a perfectly round butt. What drives me nuts about her is her belly piercing. To describe her personality in a few words, she is naïve, very nice and funny, has a contagious laugh and a little attitude when she’s mad.

A few days ago, Cassie called me late at night, waking me up. She sounded very excited and said she had some news to tell me. She then announced me that the guy she’s been crushing on, a guy in her school, had finally asked her out. When I heard this, I immediately panicked and asked her almost defensively if she had said yes. “Of course I said yes!” she screamed joyfully. The panic I had felt a few instants before had quickly turned into rage, I told her I needed to hang up and go back to sleep, but when I did, I realized I couldn’t let this happen, I needed her, wanted her in every way and was gonna have her.

Today, I’m about to do something that is either gonna ruin my friendship with Cassie forever, or give me everything I’ve ever dreamt of. I’m gonna go to Cassie’s, announce my feelings and see what happens next.

It’s around 4pm as I ring her doorbell; her parents are both working and will only be back by 8pm. Cassie opens the door; she’s wearing tiny shorts, has her hair tied in a messy bun and is wearing a pink crop top. God, she’s perfect. She smiles and invites me in. As I sit next to her, I immediately feel the urge to tell her everything without waiting longer; so I do.

I tell her about my feelings and lean in for a kiss, but she pushes me away. “What the fuck are you doing?” she says, backing off, and completely shattering my feelings. My plan immediately goes to shit when I realize she doesn’t feel the same way about me. Frustration overwhelms me and I give her an ultimatum. “Listen Cassie, I really like you. But most importantly I really wanna fuck you, so here’s the deal. If you don’t let me fuck you as I want, you and I will never speak again.” Her eyebrows go up in shock, and she states “I’m coming. I need some fresh air” as she goes upstairs. Knowing Cassie and her daddy issues, I know how much she loves me even as a friend and would not want to lose me. She is very dependent and I know how hard this is for her.

After waiting for what seems to be an eternity, I hear her footsteps down the stairs. “I’ll do it, just because you mean too much to me and I can’t lose you. But only on one condition, you don’t tell my boyfriend about this; I love him too much to lose him, and this is a one time thing. Only once.” I agree and when I get closer to her, I see that she has been crying. But all the empathy has already left me. She broke my heart and now I’m going to break her.

I get close to her and grab her by the back of her neck, pulling her close to me for a kiss. She tries to push me away but she’s not strong enough, so I stick my tongue in her mouth and start making out with her. After two minutes of this, I slap her across the face “Don’t push ne away again or this is gonna be very painful for you.” Tears start to firm in her eyes as I unbuckle my pants to reveal my 9 inches cock. Her eyes widen as I grab her by the hair and push her down. “Get on your knees and suck it.” She is hesitant at first but eventually starts licking it. It feels so fucking good to finally have her tongue on my dick, and as she opens her mouth a bit, I jump at the opportunity and completely push my cock in her small mouth until she gags. She tries to push me away as saliva is escaping her mouth but it’s too late; my balls are already touching her chin and im grabbing her head back and forth. As I’m about to cum, I look at her tears filled face and start cuming in her mouth. I then pull my cock out and start stroking it to eject the last bits of cum on her face.

“Take your clothes off and follow me.” I instruct her. She follows my orders and comes and find me on the couch. Her little tits are covered by one hand as the other one is failingly attempting to cover her pussy. I pull her by the arm and have her sit on top of me. “Do you know what dry humping is?” I ask her. “Yes but i don’t know how to do it.” she says. I then put both my arms on her hips and start bouncing her back and forth on me. This is the best feeling in the world, and I don’t even have my dick inside her yet. I remove her arm that’s covering her tits and start suck her nipples as her hips are still dry humping me. As I feel pre cum making its way at the tip of my dick, I decide it’s time to get to serious matters. I violently flip her around on her back, making her gasp in fear, and am now on top of her. I start running my hand on her soft and shaved pussy, teasing her lips and softly stroking her cunt. She cringes, feeling no pleasure, and I take that opportunity to insert a finger inside her hole. “No no it hurts, please, I’m still a virgin” she responds. I spit on my fingers using it as lube, and start gradually inserting more fingers. Cassie fidgets around trying to het away but I hold her tight by her waist with my free hand. “Stop moving baby, you’re not going anywhere.” She eventually stops and once I feel like her hole is ready for me, I position my dick at the entrance of her pussy and push it inside.

Cassie screams loudly and tries to get away, but I hold her tighter. This must hurt her a lot, although she’s so tight that I can barely fit 4 inches of my 9 inches cock inside her. I begin to slide in and out until eventually my whole cock fits in, making her scream louder as her hymen breaks covering her entrance with blood. “No stop, please it hurts” She repeats but her words run through me. This is like something I have never felt before, and as I keep thrusting in and out, I feel a rush gradually coming to me; I start thrusting in faster, rougher, harder until she is almost begging me out of her, with her hands trying to push my thighs away from her, and I cum inside of her. “No you don’t have condoms on! Please at least pull out, please I dont wanna be pregnant” she protests but its too late. As I pull out of her, I see that my cum is dripping out of her pussy.

I get dressed, leaving her on the couch, and as I am about to leave, I tell myself that maybe the promise I made her about this being a one time thing won’t be easy to hold after all..

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      If your is name is true, then you are on the wrong site. Plus 99.9% of the stories are just that stories

    • Rif ID:1ek2ks7xia

      1) Tags are there for a reason.
      2) Why did you even click on the story if the TITLE gives it away?