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My teenage girlfriend

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The time i got to fuck my slut of a girlfriend.

I’ve been grooming my girlfriend since she was 13 now she is 15. We’ve been together for a year now and i just can’t wait anymore. I’ve been dying to fuck her get a taste if that sweet virgin pussy. She’s sent me pictures multiple times some topless some bottomless even full on videos of her riding her pillow while im at work teasing me tempting me just asking to be fucked like the little slut she is.

Every time i get sometime to myself i jerk off to her naked tiny teen body. I tell her i delete the pics so she can send me more but in reality i keep them. One day we met up at my house. We watched tv and did all that fun stuff. She was wearing a nice short skirt i saw her nickers multiple times. I rubbed her smooth silky soft thighs just itching to rub her pussy but i resisted. It was until it was bed time she was in the shower. I knew she purposefully let the door open just a bit so i could see her. Oh man, I felt like i was going to bust right there and then. That little teasing slut

I slowly reached inside my boxers and began jerking of slowly. I then heard her soft moans and knew it was now or never. She was pleasuring herself without me she needed a punishment. I crept inside the bathroom and started undressing. Poor thing never heard me.

I went inside the shower and stood behind her wrapping my arms around her tiny waist. She got a bit startled. I whispered in her ear to relax it’s just me. She started screaming tell me to get out. I knew deep down this is what she wanted what she was planning all along. I pinned her into the corner of the shower and started kissing her furiously. My horniness took control over me. Could you blame me? I reached down and started touching her she kept putting up a fight that dumb brat i over powered her easily. Those screams off terror slowly but surely started to turn into screams of pleasure within minutes i felt her come all over my hand. I had to hold her up that orgasm drained her tiny self.

I forced her down onto the grown kneeling beneath me. What a sight to see. She kissed my rock hard cock. I pushed her head with my hands to start sucking. Best blowjob ever you would think she was a porn star. I yanked her head away from my cock and got to fucking her instead. I urged her to jump up and i grabbed her waist pushed her against the wall. I teased myself by rubbing my dick over her pussy lips and right at her entrance.

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    Also cops can easily trace your account here so thanks for being dumb enough to get there attention

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    This was horribly written out