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Used by stranger

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My Name is Kevin and when I was around 10 I lived in a Housing Apartment Building with Assistance, it was a big building 6 Floors and I lived in the 5th floor with my mom that worked until 7pm, it was near a Football Field which I would always go out and play with my friends, and the building where I lived have a bathroom in the entrance, and instead of going all the way up, if I needed to I would just use that one, good thing is nobody used that bathroom since most would use their own bathroom.

One Day I went to the bathroom and there was this 40 year old guy getting out of one of the bathroom stalls, and I went in to another, After I’m done, while I was opening the stall door he was at the door and said “hey can you you help me with something” while coming in and pushing my back and making me sit on the toilet since there wasn’t much space and closing the door again, and I didn’t react since I didn’t know what was happening, then he put down his pants and puts my hands on his dick, I said “what?” and he just shushed me and said just “hold it and do this” and started moving my hand around his dick, I didn’t know how to react and I was mostly confused, was first time I saw a grown up dick, his dick was small had a little over 3 inches and curved upwards when hard but for me at time looked big since I didn’t reach puberty yet, and soft and getting hard, then he said it was too dry and for me to spit on it, so I did, after few seconds he said it was not enough and for me to lick it, and I was a bit grossed out, so I nodded no with a confused face, then he said, then he said “don’t worry it’s clean smell it” and I smelled it and it didn’t smell good but it didn’t smell bad it had this weird sweet smell, then he asked again, So I licked it and tasted this salty slimy that was his precum, and while I did that he pulled my head shoved his dick in to my mouth, held my head and started pushing and pulling my head while he moved back and forward, so I started getting scared and froze, and he kept going felt his dick getting even harder, until it was rock hard, so he got faster then he started shaking, and I felt his dick jumping in my mouth I gagged, and he held me there until it stopped.

Then I felt this bitter taste take over my mouth and before I could react he was done so he just pulled his pants up and left, so I swallow and after a moment I was getting out I saw on the mirror this white sticky liquid on my lips and chin, I clean it with my hands and go home. I didn’t tell anyone since I knew something was wrong but I didn’t reach because I was confused and curious on what was happening and it was so fast.

It was the only thing I could think of for a while, but after few weeks I would only remember about it when I went to that bathroom again, but it was always empty. Then after getting home from school and playing a little bit outside I was going home got in the elevator, and that guy comes in after me, and he presses presses 3rd Floor button, and my heart start racing it was still around 3pm, and he started talking to me asking “what apartment do you live in? Your Mom or Dad is working? what time she gets home?” and I answered, then we arrive at the 3rd he hold my hand and said “let me show you where I live” and started pulling me towards his apartment and I again I didn’t react, which ended with me in his apartment and then he takes out his clothed and puts my hands on his dick again, told me to open my mouth as he pushed his dick on my mouth and I did, and he started fucking my mouth until he started cumming again and I felt my mouth filling with this bitter taste, and after he was done he started taking off my clothes, said for me to lay down on the bed, and started licking my dick which felt very weird but a bit good, and then started to lick my butthole which felt even more weird and turned me around kept licking and putting a finger which hurt and a moved as was trying to leave but he held me down and said “it’s going to get better” so I stayed and he kept going further and further while I was starting to moan, then he stopped, felt him getting on top of me and felt him rubbing his soft dick on my butt then he layed down on top of me and started pushing his dick in on my butt and his dick started to get a bit hard again, it started to get in and it hurt so I started to moan and as he kept pushing it in I moaned a bit louder but he seemed to enjoy it and I could feel his dick getting harder and going deeper and spreading me wider, I was lucky that it wasn’t so big but it still hurt a lot since I was very small for my age, he moved to the point his dick was rock hard again and fully grown and he started to fuck me, and I kept feeling his dick sliding in and out my ass, and his balls hitting my butt cheeks as he fucked me, after a while it did hurt as much, and he put me into doggy position and kept fucking me, faster and harder until he pushed it deep with all his strength making me fall forward onto the bed laying down again as he falls with me on top of me which made me moan loud feeling his weight falling on me, and started twitching and shaking and I felt his dick jumping inside me and this hot liquid flowing inside me, and he moaned while he was cumming until he finished and kept laying on top of me, keeping me there until he was ready again.

After That he would wait for me arrive from school almost everyday and take me home, and the building had cameras in the hallways so if I told someone about it I would have the proof I needed but I was ashamed and ended not telling anyone which led for him and others to use for years

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