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Cousin’s house

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A story me being a horny teen again and messing around with a younger cousin at a party

So this takes place I think 3 or 4 months ago when I went to a family party that was kinda like a reunion at one of my uncle’s house and during all parties like this I was sitting in the corner not talking to any really, eventually I decided to walk around and while I didn’t talk to anyone still I would say hi but I eventually made my way into a spare room where I saw One of my little cousins and her name is Lily Beth and she was 12 and something about her that was very obvious was that she had a large chest and I don’t mean a big C cup she definitely had some DD cup sized tits and she was also short but also thick, and she had only recently entered 7th grade at the time and I was like always really horny and she was drawing on her iPad and I watched well not the iPad I was looking at her tits because she was wearing a dress that showed a nice amount of cleavage which I liked but I just stared at her tits for a while.

I ended up staring at her tits for 20 minutes just thinking how they felt and I definitely was hard and I decided I wanted to touch them so I moved myself to where I was behind her and had her between my legs and I put my hands on her stomach and moved my and up and on her chest which I began to grope enjoying how they felt and I then moved the straps of her dress off her shoulders and pulled her dress down giving me full access to her tits which I squeezed and pinched her nipples and I moved to the side and began licking one of her breasts while she just continued to draw while also trying to shift away from me touching her which I responded by pulling her dress completely off and forcibly opened her legs and put my hand down her panties and rubbed her pussy while she whispered and asked me to stop while I ignored her and kept going and I found out why she wanted me to stop soon when her pussy got really wet and she cam in my hand while giving off one long loud moan, which I pulled my hand out of her wet panties and licked my fingers clean while she watched me do and what happened next was her putting her iPad down and laying down with me pulling my pants down and getting on top of her which I then aimed my dick and pushed it into her panties feeling the wet fabric push into her entrance and I moved her panties and slowly pushed in while enjoying how tight and wet she was.

I fucked her for around 20 or so minutes before I shot my load onto her tits and stomach and with the little bit left on my dick I put my dick back in her and rubbed my tip in her while she enjoyed the feeling of my dick which she learned to love the feeling of it in her, I pulled my pants up after finishing and she pulled her panties back on and pulled her dress on which I helped by holding her tits while she pulled it over them and she grabbed her iPad and brought it with her as we went out to the party and she kept drawing while had my arm around her for the rest of the party

And that’s how this story ends and I obviously left a few details out because I don’t remember them but that’s how this story of one of the many encounters I’ve had with this cousin but this isn’t the last one and I have another of when my family and her family went to the resort in Guatemala where we slept in the same house together and played with each other in the pool.

I’ll write it if anyone says they’d wanna hear it

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Nice! Wanna exchange experiences hmu bro love incest

  • Reply Rob_Nob ID:2px1n23dzzw

    So I made a mistake in the writing and I put months instead of a years So when you read months it’s supposed to say years because it’s been probably 3 or 4 years since this happened