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Fucked On The Job, By The New Guy

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I used to work in a warehouse. I picked and packed auto and motorcycle parts. Then, they were sent out to the dealers. I liked my job. It was fast pace and that made the time pass quickly. I’m married, 29, 5’2″, 105 lbs., blonde shoulder length hair with green eyes. I’ve got a good body. My husband says so anyway. I wear a 34C bra. I do like my breasts. My cleavage shows off my girls very nicely. I wear low cut tops to allow them to be seen. They’re one of my assets.

I was working in the back corner of the warehouse packing hoods. I have to make the boxes the hoods go in. So, many times I’m in kinda of a maze back there with all the tall boxes I have to make. They’re taller than I am. It was summer time an it was hot. I wore short nylon shorts an a low cut top that day. There was this new guy who hired in and he was kinda stalking me. Every time I looked up I would see him peeking around a corner. He is very cute. I wasn’t sure how he could be in my area if he was supposed to be working. Oh well, I was busy. Shortly after that, he came to my area and said, “Hey, I was told to come back here and learn your area.” I said, “Oh, okay, I’m Bella.” He said, “I’m Perry.”

I was showing him things and we were talking about our significant others. He was married too. Perry kept looking at my titties. He said, “You have some beautiful tits.” I said, “Why thank you.” He walked up behind me, reached around and cupped them in his hands. I just stood there and said, I think those are mine, not yours.” He squeezed them a little and stepped back. He said, “I couldn’t help it, they’re so voluptuous.” I just rolled my eyes at him. He kept cornering me in tight spots. I was attracted to him a little but, he was going too far, having just met.

I made him load the hoods I had made boxes for. That kept him busy for awhile. When he finished he came to me and said, “Let’s go out for a drink after work.” I said, “No,” “I’m married and I told you that plus, your married too.” “What’s wrong with you, Perry?” He said, “I just like you.” I said, “You don’t know me, we just met.” “Not to mention you can’t behave this way here at work, you’ll be fired.” “Do you want this job?” He said, “Yes.” “I just like to have a little fun when I can.”

Now, I’m not a prude, I’ve slept with other men since I’ve been married but, the old saying ,”You don’t shit where you eat,” comes to mind. It was lunch time an I went out to my car just to get away for some quiet time. When I went back, he wanted to know where I went. All I said was, “I went to lunch and walked away.” I was making more boxes and so was Perry. I leaned over to pick up my tape dispenser I’d dropped when he slid his hand up the back of my shorts and into my panties touching my pussy. I jumped and he put his other are around my waist holding me tight as he stuck his fingers in my pussy.

I said, “Stop Perry, right now.” He was finger fucking me hard and oh my gosh, it felt so good. I said it again, ” Perry, I said stop.” But, that request wasn’t as strong as the first time. He kicked my foot to spread my legs apart more. I was liking what he was doing to my pussy. I knew I should resist him but, his aggressive forceful demeanor seemed to excite me. It was true I liked being forced to do things sexually. Perry said, “I knew you’d like me having my way with you.” Your mouth says no but, your body says yes. Oh my gosh, he was right about that. I was about to cum on his hand. Then, he touched my clit. That’s all it took. I cum on his hand. He said, “There now, don’t that feel better?”

Perry was rubbing my clit. It was swollen and hard. He made me cum again. I tried to push his hand off because, it was too intense. He finally stopped and removed his wet hand from my pussy. He walked over to the table and got some paper towels to wipe off his hand. I was embarrassed, very embarrassed.
He smiled and said, “Don’t feel embarrassed, Bella.” “You’re a very sexual woman, there’s nothing wrong with you reacting like you did.” He said, “The only thing is, now I’d really like for you to do the same thing for me.”

I just looked at him. I said, “And just what does that mean?” He said, “I’d like to have the same release and pleasure I just gave you.” I ask, “And how do you expect me to do that here?” He said, “Well, you could bend over and let me fuck you or you could suck my dick, either one would be fine with me.” I said, “I don’t think so, Perry.” “This is our workplace, we shouldn’t have done what we did.” He said, “Seems like were wasting time talking about this.” He cornered me and pulled his dick out. I said, “No Perry.” He pushed me down in front of him and stuck his dick in my mouth.

He had a nice dick. He immediately started holding my head to his crotch and fucking my mouth. He was very forceful and aggressive. He was wanting to cum regardless of the risk. He’s pushing and pulling my head on his dick. It didn’t take him long at all to cum in my mouth. He sighed heavily and pulled out. Perry said, “Wow, that was nice, getting sucked on the job.” “I was horny and all I could think about was cumming. I said, ” Perry, this was too dangerous, this kind of behavior is not acceptable.” He said, “Nobody ever comes back here, do they?” I said, “No, not very often but, they could and we’d both lose our jobs, not to mention the embarrassment.”

He just shrugged it off like it wasn’t anything to be concerned about. He was back in my area for two weeks. Everyday, he tried something. He’d grab my titties or corner me and put his hand down my shorts. I kept fighting him off but, he did get me a couple of times. He’d catch me just right and start finger fucking me and wouldn’t let me go. I would end up giving in and he’d make me cum all over his hand. His goal was to fuck me on the job one day. I said, “We are not doing that.” “You need to stop the sex crap, Perry, it’s everyday you try something.” He said, “I know, it’s just hard to be around you and not touch you.”
I rolled my eyes at him and walked away.

As aggravating as he was he still excited me, how he pursued me and how he could make me cum when he forced me. I thought about him when I was at home. The way he just took me against my wishes and made me like it. I bet he would be a good lover. He has a nice thick dick. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m thinking this stuff. I’m as bad as he is. I’m probably causing all of this myself. Part of me was wanting him to fuck me, if I’m being honest. As I was thinking about this I felt my pussy was quite wet.
Oh good grief Bella, get back to work.

The next day I was making boxes and stacking them up as usual. I was in my maze with the boxes when Perry snuck in and cornered me. He caught me bending over to get the cardboard and grabbed me from behind. This time he didn’t use his hand except to pull my shorts and panties out of the way so, he could stick his dick in me. That’s exactly what he did. It caught me off guard and I gasp but, loved the feeling of him forcing his dick in me. Then, he grabbed both my hips and started pounding my pussy hard. All I could do was let him. I bent over so he could get his dick deeper in me. He felt so good. He was hard and powerful. I was getting ready to cum.

He was too, I could feel his dick swelling up. He said, “I’m cumming” That made me cum too. I had never cum at the same time as my partner, whoever it was. It was a great feeling. It felt good, him shooting the three more shots of cum in my pussy. He slid his dick in and out a couple of times in all the cum he deposited before he pulled out. I could tell he dumped a big load in me. It started running down my leg as soon as I stood up.

Perry said, “Wow Bella, that was great.” I looked at him and said, “Yes, Perry it was, I have to agree with you.” He smiled an I smiled. I hope he would be leaving my area soon or we were gonna be in trouble. This was his second week so, I’m sure they’ll put him somewhere else next week. I was gonna ask my supervisor. When I went on break I saw my supervisor and ask him where Perry was going next? He said, “Production.” I was glad, in away. For the safety of my job, I was glad.

So, this was my sexual experience at my job. I never thought anything like this would ever happen to me. But, it did and I’ll never forget it either. I often wondered who he pursued after me. The only thing is, there’s no other place to hide, like my area. Maybe that will curb his affections, if he’s found someone else to pray on. I see him here and there and he always gives me a wink. I just smile and keep going.

We had a get together for our Thanksgiving, at a nice restaurant. We had drinks and dinner, then more drinks. Perry came to me and was hitting on me again. Very in conspicuously of course. I told him I had to leave and said, “I’ll see you at work, have a nice Thanksgiving.” I was going to my car when he came up behind me and said, “I just wanted to make sure you got to your car alright.” I said, “Thanks, I’m over here by this tree.” When I started to go around to the drivers side Perry grabbed me and kissed me. That was the first time he had kissed me. I didn’t fight him. I get pretty loose when I drink alcohol.

I had on a skirt and Perry reached under it and rubbed my pussy. He pulled his dick out, turned me around and stuck his dick in me. It felt good. I love to fuck when I’m drinking. He fucked me hard. He told me how he loved my pussy. I said, “I bet you say that to all the girls.” He laughed and then, after fucking me hard, he cum in me.
He kissed me bye and I got in my car and went home with a pussy full of cum. I hoped my husband was asleep. What if he wanted to fuck me? How would I explain a wet pussy? I mean a real wet pussy.

I went to the bathroom and tried to clean up as much as possible. He was still awake. I got in bed and he wanted to fuck me. I told him, “I’m glad you’re awake, you know how horny I get when I’m drinking.” He said, “Yes, I do, are you wet?” I said, “I’m very wet thinking about your big dick fucking me.” He slid it in me and said, “Ohoo, you’re slimmy wet, I like it.” “Are you sure you’d just didn’t fuck somebody?” I said, “I wish.” We laughed and he fucked me a long time, hard and intense. He said, “Would you like to fuck somebody else?” I said, “No, why?” He said, I don’t know it’s just when I thought, what if you had fucked somebody, came home with a slimmy pussy, it made my dick so hard.” I said, “I noticed it got very hard when you said that to me.”

“Would you want me to do that!” He said, “Sometimes, I think I would.” I said, “Uhum, that’s interesting.”
He fucked me and then cum in me. We went to sleep but, I couldn’t help think about what he said go me.
I wondered if that might ever happen. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever fuck somebody else again.

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  • Reply KPG ID:faet3vyd1

    This made me so wet

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:49kap65h5qr

    A guy just like in the story did that to me at my work when i worked in a casino as a waitress ! he grabbed me and put me in his lap with his hand on my thigh and kissing me ! As he’s playing cards he has his hand on my pussy trying to tear my pantyhose to stick his fingers into my pussy ! now he’s finger banging me through my nylons and i’m trying not to moan as i cum on him ! he won the card game and said i gave him luck ! he took me to his room for the rest of the night !

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7n7ejxskzj

    Hahaha that was a good story, I just wish more women were like this and with easy husbands. The best is mother daughter combo’s.

    • IhateRapistsAndChildMolesters ID:gnrvcvoid

      You dumb ass fuck, no human likes getting RAPED. Even if they had a rape kink that doesn’t mean they’d ACTUALLY want to get raped, its the most horrific thing a human could go through. Keep talking like that and I’ll report you to the police. And I can, because both my parents are cops 🙂 so go fuck yourself and don’t dare to touch ANYBODY