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I gave her a free pass

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I got caught cheating , and gave a free pass to save our marriage

I gave my wife a free pass , I couldnt lie my way out of having contracted a social infection and possibly passing it to her , she got tested , was clean .. but pissed as hell at me .. so I gave her a free pass , she could fuck anyone she wanted .. however she wanted , one night only though .

So I was waiting for them .. my wife and her .. whoever

I watched them come home , my wife , a slightly chubby 45 year old , honestly Id like to say she was a ravishing beauty but , she is average , even if she is queen of my world .. she is 5 foot nothing tall , her black hair is shoulder length , practical , her but is on the chunky side , her thighs too , her boobs are .. not playboy boobs but nice regardless ..

She led a tall teenager by the hand into our home , stopping to shut the door before she fell into his arms , and he bent to kiss her .. he easily stood over 6′ tall .

I knew him , a young guy , yardman at the local pub , nice enough .. but often laughed at … no one took him seriously or gave him a fair go .. how could she choose him ??

His hands were all over her , and she welcomed it , parting her legs so he could roam everywhere .

It was awkward how they kissed , him having to bend , and I knew it wasnt long before she would drag him into the bedroom , I scampered for the closet .. my wife knew I would watch , to keep her safe , not let him get out of hand .

She dragged her man into the bedroom and directly in front of the closet I was hiding in , it had the old fashioned louvre doors I could peep out from , and peep I did , watching him mauling my wifes floppy tits barely inches from my face , and the sloshing squelchy sounds coming from his hand working between her thighs were .. disgusting .. disgustingly arousing , Id never gotten her anywhere near that wet .. and humiliating , because , Id never gotten her anywhere near that wet …

He sat on the bed , and dragged her to his lap , she sat side sadle and they kissed and mauled each other , then he made her stand , hiked her dress up past her hips and she sat astride his lap facing him , they kept kissing until he fell backwards onto the bed . I was unable to stop watching his hands working on her .. he was so casual , off handed even about how he fingered her through orgasm after orgasm .

Eventually , she had his cock out , and she gasped at it , hell I almost did , he was only a teen but the kid was hung , she had both hands wrapped around his shaft with plenty of room to jack it up and down still .

She whispered ” We have to get rid of the clothes .. I want all of you against me ”

They sat there , stripping , no cerimony , just two horny people about to get it on .

Naked , they hugged again , big full body hugs , before my wife kissed the head of his cock , taking it in her mouth , and tenderly kissing it as if she was worshipping it , before she lifted herself , lined it up with her pussy .. that sacred place only I had known before , and she lowered herself down onto it , stopping halfway to gasp out her first orgasm on his cock , her second came as she bottomed out on it , she had an inch or so let to go .

When she got herself together , she began to ride him , pausing to warn him sternly

” Do not finish inside me ”

He agreed , and she began easing herself up and down his cock , while he mauled and suckled her tits , stopping occasionally to kiss her deeply .

Eventually their pubic bones met , she had stretched to take all of him . The slap slap of her slow riding filled the room , along with their wet kissing sounds .

After only five minutes , she stopped

” I cant .. I keep cumming , you have to do it ” She panted , and she rolled off him , his cock bouncing up , sending a small spray of sex juices into the air .

My wife rolled onto her back , and opened he thighs , the young guy kneeled between them and fed his cock into her hungry pussy .

He began fucking her .. dam he had talent , she was panting , then saying ” Yes , yes , like that .. ohh ” and then .. no longer words , she was making animal sounds , grunts .. arrgh argh .. and growling her orgasms .. longer and longer .

Finally he held himself deeper into her than ever , and I knew he was cumming .. filling her with seed .. I wasnt mad , it was so , dam , hot ..

” You said ..” My wife panted , crying ” You said you wouldnt finish in me ”

” I didnt finish .. Im far from finished ” He answered , and she growled .. wrapping her arms and legs around him , still crying

” Why are you crying .. did I hurt you ?” He asked

” No .. no you are amazing .. its just .. I was married over 20 years , and I never knew .. I thought the stories were all fake and make believe .. ”

He didnt understand but I did .. he had made her cum more in one fucking that I had in a year .. she rarely orgasmed with me , she didnt stop with him

He lifted himself up and slipped his cock from my wifes used pussy , I nearly cried as I saw a gush of cum follow , then a steady pulse of seed seemed to flow from her for a while before it slowed , she rolled over against him stroking his cock as the kissed

” I really didnt believe it could be like that ” She said to him breathlessly ” And now I know , Ill never have it again either .. ”

” We can right now though ” the young man said , easing her onto her back , and slipping his hardening cock into her again , her pussy farting loudly as he filled her .

They began slowly , real , tender lovemaking , that didnt take long until my wife screamed her orgasm again , he didnt stop this time , just kept steadily driving into her , and she was loving it , kissing him passionately , thrusting up to meet his thrusts as her climaxes neared .

I had jacked my own cock almost raw watching them , not even realising when Id cum , I was so lost in their love making , and the magic he was working on my wife .

Id almost worked through my beer supply and I was quite drunk , but not so far gone I didnt notice , her orgasms were coming faster now , and seeming to build up to something

after a few more rapid orgasms she began to try and say something
” Oh gah .. oh gah .. Im .. Im gah .. ooohhhh ”

Her legs spasmed , her arms thrashed , the young guy didnt stop , he had one hand wrapped around her holding her ass , the other her head , and he simply did not stop fucking her , or let her get away from him

She thrashed for what seemed like eons but was really only maybe half a minute before he went stiff against her , and together they were frozen for long moments .

He kissed her softly , and she gasped then giggled

” That was a first ” She gasped out ” You gave me a whole lot of firsts ..”

He mumbled something that was muffled by a mouth full of her breast I think and she laughed and said ” Damage is done , you can cum in me all you want tonight ”

They whispered sweet nothings a while , before the young guy got up

” I cant ” My wife said laughing ” I came so hard , my legs dont work .. its like Im floating outside my body ”

He walked naked to the kitchen , returning with glasses of water for them both

They slowly drank them , and whispered some , he was obviously wanting still more sex .

” No , Im too sore ” My wife said ” You gave me more dick tonight than I had in my life I thinK”

they laughed together , then he placed both glasses on my night stand , and began cuddling and groping my wife again , as if he owned her

She responded and was groping him in return , after a surprisingly short time , she demanded

” Do it again ”

” But .. youre sore ” he said

” I dont care , just do it … fuck me ”

She was pulling him by his hard cock , guiding him into her pussy

He complied willingly , and began his steady fucking again

” Harder ” She demanded ” Own it ”

He sped up , slamming into her bouncing her off the bed back into his thrusts , it was moments only before my wife was again making just sounds , no words , her hands barely holding his buttocks

It was hard fucking , each lost in their own pleasure , I think my wife came at least five more times but it was hard to really tell , she just semed to peak in moaning , as if she was in an endless orgasm .

It was only a few minutes , and he was thrusting so deeply into her she was being burried in the mattress , he groaned his orgasm , and my wife was still clawing his buttocks when he relaxed .

” You need to take it out now ” She said to him softly ” You wore me out , I hurt .. oh God I hurt .. it hurts soooo gooodddd”

He slolwy , almost reluctantly slipped out of her , and her knees went up , her hips tilted as if she was trying to keep his seed inside her .

He lay with her and the talked a bit before my wife said he better go , her husband would be back soon .

He reminded her he was available for her anytime , he gathered his clothes dressed , passionately kissed and mauled her boobs again , and left , my wife couldnt move off the bed , she lay there spent

When I heard the front door shut , I went to stand up and let myself out of the closet , but stumbled and fell , I was drunk enough to forget I had my pants at my ankles wanking myself furiously as they fucked .

I clambered up and my wife was not disturbed , she still lay there in the huge wet spot that soaked the bed now , I realised as I laid next to her

” Im too sore love” she said ” You saw what he did to me .. but you can kiss me better down there ”

She let her thighs fall open , and I saw what he had done .. her normally tiny pussy was gaping open , cum fairly flowed from her for long moments , her usually tiny pussy lips , thin , light pink and so delicate were bruised purple , swollen , and sore looking .

I kissed her swollen clit , licking it in the way that usually makes her squirm , it did nothing , no response .

I looked up at her and realised , she was asleep .

Kicking my pants from my ankles , I slid into her loose pussy , the openness and the abundance of cum already there made her feel like a different woman , it was only moments before I added a meagre load to her womb .

I kissed her clit again , and realised , I tasted sperm .. different to mine , and realised , I was tasting the young mans cum , I must have spread it around in my efforts to fuck her .. was it gay to do this ?

I was too drunk to care , my wife tasted good .. I kissed and licked until there was nothing left to lick away .

Exhausted , my dick swollen from being viciously jacked dry all night , my face slick with another guys cum , I passed out next to my wife , and we slept .

Next day , I woke with cum crusted all over my face , my head hurting like a bitch , and memories of watching my wife having her brains fucked out .

I washed my face , took a handful of asprins , and went downstairs , she was in the kitchen , moving carefully , but she was happy , really , genuinely happy , for the first time in a long time .

We didnt speak of the previous night , we just ate breakfast , drank coffee , and went about our day .

Two days later , when I came home from work , she met me at the door , a silly grin on her face .

” Whats up ?” I asked her , but she would just giggle and not say , until I insisted , and she made me promise not to be mad

That had my heart going had she stepped out behind my back .. was she doing to me as I had done to her and she was cheating ?

” That young man , the other night ..” She began , giggling ” I know you cleaned me up afterwards , but … he was so deep inside me , he is still leaking out of me today ”

We hugged , and I knew , life at home wouldnt ever be the same again .

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