Author: Dave

Mom passed out

New Year’s Eve, party every year at our house. I was 16 now. So mom and dad sat and played cards all night with their friends usually till midnight and everyone went home shortly... # # # #

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Wife’s past part7

So Continuing story. Parts of which are true some. Things are added. But this went on for a few years. Can’t get every detail And separate total fantasy from reality. Over the next... # # # #

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Wife’s past part 6

It took me 30 minutes to get home. When I was turning on my road I see her dad pulled out of drive going the other way. The school bus just dropped Billy off and he was walking up sidewalk.... # # # #

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Wife’s past part 4 & 5

We both fell asleep it was Saturday morning nothing on schedule. We woke about 10 and get up . Her son was already Eating a bowl a cereal. Her mom called. She wanted to come get Billy.... # # # #

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Mom was a flirt part 1

I was 16 mom was 38 at time. She was 5 foot tall Nice tight body. She had a perfect bottom and she knew it. She treated dad like shit. She bitched at him all the time. When other people... # # #

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Wife’s past part 3

So the next morning I was still Jonny my wife laid curled up next to me. I look at her naked body as she slept. Her lips were still red and puffy. I saw some bruises on her inner thighs.... # # #

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Wife’s past part 2

So a few weeks went by after Mindy confession to me about her dad. We talked about it she was so relieved I was not mad and that she finally had that secret off her chest. She told... # # #

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Wife’s past part 1

So my wife confessed to me after we were married about having a short affair with her dad. So it sounded crazy at first. But what brought it up was we were married about 4 years she... # # # #

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Mom came in my room one night

It was in January I remember dad was working graveyard shift. Mom was watching tv all covered on blankets when I got up to go to bed. She said good night as I walked by to my room.... # # #

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Dads needs

So I was 11 when mom married my step dad. He was nice enough to me and after Mom married him and they went back to work dad had weekends off . Mom worked Saturday 7 am to 7 pm. So I... # # # # #

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