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Author: Dave

It just happened

I was home alone with my sister she was hot and it always drove me crazy I was 14 she was 17. She had just gotten out of shower and walked by me going to her room in a towel. Mom and... # # #

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Wife got too excited

I wish I could go back in time. What I know now I didn’t then. So my wife had a son when we got married. He was 12. She was hit. I married her for lust. She would be so hoeny and... # #

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Dad got mom to comply

I was 13 dad and mom was fighting cause she had caught him with another girl half his age from what I could gather. I was in my room. Dad and mom was shouting at each other. Dad said... # # # #

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Wife’s little sister

Wife’s little sister had came to stay with us for a couple weeks She was 22 and had a fight with her bf and it was the second week this happened My wife and I had been married 6 years... # # #

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I took my mom 3

Mom and I had been in bed for 3 hours no sooner than we got dressed dad was home. Mom almost pan said when she heard his car in driveway. Never again Dave. This was too close. Mom was... # # #

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I took my mom 2

So all that day I was in an aroused state. I had just fucked mom and got away with it. So what it was in her ass. It’s a really nice ass. I was hard all day thinking about her. Really... # #

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Can anyone rent this happening to them? 10 years ago I was just turning 12 Mom got home from work shortly after I got home from school. She was in a bad mood. Taking it out on me. Then... # #

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Wife gets fucked 4 (True)

So after Mike married her affair with him didn’t stop but was not as nearly as often They would go weeks without hooking up. And Mike got to point he told me he decided to stop Which... # # #

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Wife gets fucked (true story)

So this is a short but true story So my wife and I been married for a couple years. We had no kids yet and I wanted to share her some with friends. But anytime I brought up anything... # # #

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Wife got raped

I been married 3 years the wife and I went to a bar on Saturday night and had a few drinks. On way back to parking lot a couple men was asking us if they could hitch a ride across town... # #

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Cheating wife

I knew my wife looked at men. I knew she was a flirt. And men flirted with her. I mean she is 5’1” tall. Weighing about 110. She has narrow hips and 36c. Some men like big asses... # #

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Sister (true story)

I was 14 my sister was 17 and a senior in High school It was the break between Xmas and new years. My sister was 5’4” and had a bubble butt which at my age I always looked at. It... # #

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First time

The first time I had sex happened with my aunt She gave me piano lessons every Saturday morning I must of been 11 Mom would bring me over set in living room watching tv And my Aunt... # #

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Watching mom

I was 11 I can remember every detail. This is when I finally understood mom and her personality and why she always keeps secrets. Mom was 35 dad was a over the road trucker We lived... # # # #

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Mind control

This is a story how I used my hypnosis’ education to get my wife to fuck her own dad. Had always been obsessed with incest. # # #

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This is a story I kept a long time and I am ashamed. But reading stories on site made me want to share # # # #

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Wife taken

So I been married to my wife for now about 15 years when this took place. My wife very conservative goes to church Every Sunday. She is 5’3” 139 lbs 35 years old dark hair. Straight... # # # #

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Mom missing dad 2

We were laying under blankets I kissed mom on forehead. She pulls against me and looks up I kiss her she responded with running her hand down my stomach and takes hold of my already... # # #

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Mom missing dad 1

Mom is 50 dad passed away of cancer 3 years prior and mom was haveIng a real hard time dealing with it. I have2 brothers and a sister. I am the middle child. Mom is averaging she is... # # #

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Watching wife being gang banged

My wife is a big flirt . Always has to be center of attention. The girl that all the guys flock around because of her out going personality. She was 30 when this happened. We have two... # # #

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I fucked Mom

I was 18 just out of high school it was summer of 2018. Mom had a dentist appointment to get her wisdom teeth pulled. Mom is 38 very attractive curvy just alittle chubby but has nice... # # #

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Mom passed out

New Year’s Eve, party every year at our house. I was 16 now. So mom and dad sat and played cards all night with their friends usually till midnight and everyone went home shortly... # # # #

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Wife’s past part7

So Continuing story. Parts of which are true some. Things are added. But this went on for a few years. Can’t get every detail And separate total fantasy from reality. Over the next... # # # #

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Wife’s past part 6

It took me 30 minutes to get home. When I was turning on my road I see her dad pulled out of drive going the other way. The school bus just dropped Billy off and he was walking up sidewalk.... # # # #

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Wife’s past part 4 & 5

We both fell asleep it was Saturday morning nothing on schedule. We woke about 10 and get up . Her son was already Eating a bowl a cereal. Her mom called. She wanted to come get Billy.... # # # #

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Mom was a flirt part 1

I was 16 mom was 38 at time. She was 5 foot tall Nice tight body. She had a perfect bottom and she knew it. She treated dad like shit. She bitched at him all the time. When other people... # # #

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Wife’s past part 3

So the next morning I was still Jonny my wife laid curled up next to me. I look at her naked body as she slept. Her lips were still red and puffy. I saw some bruises on her inner thighs.... # # #

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Wife’s past part 2

So a few weeks went by after Mindy confession to me about her dad. We talked about it she was so relieved I was not mad and that she finally had that secret off her chest. She told... # # #

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Wife’s past part 1

So my wife confessed to me after we were married about having a short affair with her dad. So it sounded crazy at first. But what brought it up was we were married about 4 years she... # # # #

1080 words | 6 |4.76