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my sisters friend

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So my sister had this friend how was 13 – 14 and she had some tits like a d cup. I always fantasize seeing her nice body and she would constantly wear v cut shirt and that would give me a hard on.

But anyways I remember playing basketball in the street waiting for my friend to come. My sisters friend who played basketball for her school came out side because she was bored and my sister was taking a shower. So my sisters friend Jessica wanted to play thinking she can take me on and boy was she rough. She guarded so close that when I had my side facing her I can feel her breast on my arm and everything.

So it came to thought maybe I should do a fade aways so I use my forearm to create space a couple of times and during those time felt her breast on my forearm and the side of my hand to push her a bit and I feel like she new what I was doing ? because she didn’t say anything.

A couple of days past and my cousins had a pool and invited my brother and sisters and me to the pool on the weekend. It got to Friday and after school everyone got their swim clothes and as I was waiting at the door Jessica comes in and she gives me a quick glance and then it clicked she’s coming to the pool with us ?

We get to my cousins house and we’re waiting in a line at the restroom door to change into our swimsuits but I thought i could change in one of the kids rooms since their outside playing. I make my way to their room I opened it and walk into Jessica changing and I got to see her titty before she covers her self but I quickly said sorry and closed the door. Sort of embarrassed I got a boner but anyways we got to the pool and it started off nice everyone chilling but everyone being kids we started to wrestle I was slamming cousin and my brothers then out of no where Jessica tried to put me in a head lock and I felt her breast touching my back but I got lose and decided to pick her up but unintentionally grabbed her boob while I did it a couple of times and man those feels amazing ?? She kept coming back to mess with me so I knew she liked it but anyways time passed and she moved houses and haven’t seen her since

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  • Reply Willy T. ID:1dfbllvj6pfs

    Great start to your story but it ended way too soon.

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    That sounds like fun I like your story text me 765-513-2283

  • Reply Varun ID:tnxtrl41

    Cool … wanna have fun girls : snap me : varun4yu