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Jock Bitch

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Me, and my mom weren’t best friends, but then they started working on a new building over by the school. We got to know each other a little better…

Last year, she picked me up in her car, and dropped me off the next morning. This year, she started parking, and walking past the construction workers. So, I knew something was up when she started dressing sexy. Just to pick me up from school, like she was going out on a date with dad.

They’re still married, and they’re not into anything like swinging. Dad’s not expecially jealous, or possessive. He’s a good man, but I know that wouldn’t go as far as letting her sleep around. I thought maybe she was having an affair with someone, but I was still trying to think of a good way to ask.

So then Saturday, we had a game at school, so she got dressed up sporty. Yoga pants, a sports bra, and this rag of a teeshirt with the sleeves ripped off. It was cut too short to cover her butt, and her sports bra showed through the arm holes in the side too. Then, when we got there she parked a block away, so I gad to grab my bag.

It’s not that heavy, just my cleats, shin guards, a practice ball, and stuff. I finally asked her “Why do you park so far away?”

“To avoid traffic.” She pointed out the School Zone sign down the street, but it was Saturday morning. Yeah, there was a soccer game at the school, but it wasn’t like rush hour on a school day. Soccer isn’t that popular, like football, or basketball.

The men at the construction site didn’t say anything with me there, but they stopped what they were doing to look. Mom even walked differently. She started swinging her hips one way, and her shoulders the other, and slowed down. So, her tits and ass shook in the tight white lycra, but we got to the street, and she hit the button for the walk signal.

“Mom, there’s no traffic.” I pointed, “Come on, I don’t want to be late.” She stopped posing, twisted around to look over her shoulder, showing her butt, and some side-boob at the same time.

I didn’t get a goal or anything, and we lost by 2 points, but I kept looking up at the bleachers, and she wasn’t there. Finally, she showed up while we’re changing our shoes, stuffing my cleats, and shinguards back in the duffle bag.

“Huh, mom. I’m thirsty, can we stop for a drink on the way back?”

“You’re not hungry?” She patted my back, so I told her “The coach brought pizzas, but the girls drank all the gatorade quick.” Just making conversation, and not saying anything about the way she changed.

Her hair was messed up, and I mean really wrecked. She had high heels on, instead of the crosstrainers she put on this morning. So she must have brought them in the car, and she had on makeup. It looked weird, with her face done perfectly, her hair wrecked, still wearing her gym clothes, and high heeled shoes with yoga pants.

“Heheheh.” Then, one of the construction workers leaned up with his fingers through the fence thingies. “I was joking about you bringing your daughter over, after practice.”

I stopped, and threw the strap up over my head. To my shoulder, so I could throw it, or drop it and run, but my dad warned me about men like him. Also, what’s with hiring horny perverts to work right across from the school? don’t the have to register guys like that, so they can keep them 100 yards away from a school?

“Hey.” I looked up, and smiled, but then the saws, and stuff stopped screaming, and the other men put their tools down. They started coming over, and those that didn’t have their shirts off were sweaty.

“How was the game?” He smiled at me, and I looked over at mom who didn’t even ask. Not that I wanted to talk about losing, but she was already strutting her stuff. Now, she was walking like a model in high heels, but a sports model other than that.

KTING! The workers pulled a section of the fence out, just like that. They had buckets full of cement with pipes sticking out, to hold the sections up, but it was just that kind of a fence. I let my dufflebag down, hesitating to hit and run. I know that trick, and I play Mid. So, I’m a good runner with, and without the ball, but mom disappeared around the corner, and just left me there.

With all these big strong sweaty men, and their rough hands on my shoulders. At first, I looked around, and the same two guys lifted up the fence to drop it back on the buckets. Once I was inside, I was surrounded by men, and one had really nice abs.

So, I reached up to touch them. “Just like your mother.” He smiled down at me, and took off my glasses. I changed out of my prescription goggles, so they came right out, and he caressed my face.

“You won’t need this?” Another one slipped the duffle bag off my shoulder, and lots of them were rubbing my arms. I shook my head, but then the guy with my glasses hung them by the arm from my tank top.

I squinted up at his face, but this close without my glasses, it was blurry. I was still feeling him breathe, his taut tummy flexing, and relaxing against my hand. Pushing it in, and out. In and out…

“Candace, come here.”

“Uh, my mom’s calling.” I pulled my shorts up, realizing they fell down without me noticing, but there were so many hands all over me, I couldn’t keep track of what they were doing.

“Huh!” I stopped when the men stepped back from the fence. Up against the next building over, there was a little alley, but mom was topless. The men had their pants open, and some of them fell down. So, I could see they were wearing rubbers when they pulled them out of the fence, and turned to look.

“Here,” she picked up her bag, and moved over to a space between the fences. Oh yeah, and she brought her big bag, it’s a little too big to call it a purse, but not quite like my duffel bag. She pulled out a strip of rubbers, and another to feed through the fence 3 at a time. “They practice safe sex, but make sure. You don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Uh, mom?” It was just, hard to believe that was her.

“Just be careful.” She dropped her bag, and went right back down the fence. To the men lining up to stick their rubbery dicks through again. You think you know someone, but I guess even she had her secrets. It’s not like cheating with a bunch of foul mouthed construction workers in an alley is the kinda thing you talk to your daughter about.

So, we didn’t talk about it, she just did it, then she brought me along. “You heard her.” I turned around, and held up 2 strips of rubbers.

“Yeah, we know all about safe sex.” I think one of them rolled his eyes, it’s hard to tell standing so close, so I pulled my glasses out, and put them on.

“Huh!” So many men! “Snh!” and with their clothes coming off, that just made their sweat hang in a cloud of testosterone. I can definitely see, right away why mom does this, or stays outside the fence for the men to stick their dicks through, so I looked back.

All I could see was their butts, humping the fence, and mom’s legs sticking out the bottom on the outside. Her yoga pants stayed up.

I know I’m “A soccer jock, and a nerd,” but nobody ever said that as a compliment. Let alone, “The best of both worlds.”

Then, I was surrounded by them again. 6 men, of course mom only handed over 2 strips of condoms, but they all put them on. They were all hard, most of them had at least their shirts off, a lot of them were as tanned, and muscular as the first one, that let me touch his abs.

I shook my head, “No, but I’ve only been with boys. Well, just 1 boy, at a time, but not any men. Let alone 6 rough dirty, sweaty. Aumph!” I just gave in, and bent down to stuff the first rubber in my mouth. Right in front of me, he wasn’t even hard bodied. He had one of those dad bods, not like my dad, he’s in better shape, but he was old enough to be my father.

Maybe have a daughter my age, and maybe even a soccer girl? That would be neat, if she was on the Lady Leopards, then I wouldn’t know her, but just imagine stopping by to see your dad after the game. That would be just the perfect revenge for deeking past me, to run it in for that goal.

“Uh!” I wiped my mouth, and stood up. Held my arms up when they pulled my jersey so they could take it off. Then, another 2 men got up hip to hip, with their dicks close enough together, that I could bend over, and try to stuff them both in my mouth at once. One of those pornographic things you see porn stars do, but never really get a chance to try it?

I shook my head, so one popped out, and I could suck in the other. My shorts fell down again, and a deep rough voice said “No jock strap?” I just shook my head, but come on guys. I’m a girl. Girls don’t wear jock straps, stupid.

I had to push my glasses up, so I spat that dick out, and stood up. “Where’s my bag?” I took those off, and got out my sports goggles when they brought it, from wherever I dropped it. Folded them up in the case, and kicked off my shorts, to stand there in my undershorts, and sports bra.

All lycra, just like mom, only shorts instead of Yoga pants. Looking back, one of the guys pulled up his pants, and tucked it in. Naked, and flaccid, but before another one took his place, I saw the alley way was literally littered (I like alliteration, a lot) with used ones, and mom had cum all over her tits. Arms, face, hair, shoulders, and she bent over to suck on the new guy’s cock.

It is a pretty big building, which means a whole lot of men working on it, even on a Saturday.
“Oh yeah.” I turned back at the men. “Where were we?”

“You like watching your slut mom suck cock, and get bukkaked?”

“Yeah.” I pulled my ponytail up through the headband, and settled the goggles over my eyes. There, those should stay on. “I like to get fucked, too.” I pulled my shorts out from my hips, and slipped them down, without any teasing. “So quit fucking around, and stick a dick inside me.”

“Wow, you’ve got a dirty fucking mouth.” Actually, I don’t. I know all the words, and I heard them all the time. A lot of the other seniors use the word fuckin’ like a fuckin’ comma, but I never just swore out loud like that. It’s just a construction site, I’m not going to offend them, they’re supposed to offend me, but now that I think about it.

“Huh, uh!” Just a sec, what was I thinking about? It’s hard to remember when you’re bent over pile of cold steel I beams stacked up like giant 2x4s. “Uhfuck!”

“Yeah, you like it, you dirty little fuck whore.”

“Yeah, talk dirty to me.”

“Shut your filthy fucking mouth. Here.”


“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“Ugh guk gack, khah!” I never deep throated before either. He just bumped the back of my mouth, and pulled out, but before I could wait for chunks of pizza to come up, another one came to fuck my face. “Arglughuh!” And another, and another. They took turns, and I was having so much fun choking on cock, I wasn’t really paying attention behind me. Who was pounding my pussy, or for how long, I didn’t care.

I was in heaven, if heaven were filled with foul mouth rough sweaty sex perverts, and dick, and rubbers. The Christians won’t even use rubbers, let alone turn over to put their legs up, and get plowed by man after man. Fat ones, skinny, ones, nice tanned muscular hunks, there were a few of those too, but I don’t have to be so picky.

I don’t have to do anything, just open my mouth, close my eyes, and let his hairy nuts bump against the lenses. Relax my throat, and take it. I knew that gangbangs had to be fantastic, but watching them on the internet doesn’t really show you how it feels to be buried under a pile of men.

“SNH!” I have to breathe through my nose, when I can breathe without a rubbery dickhead blocking my throat, so it’s almost like drowning in ball sweat.

It’s the hands, though. To me, it’s all those strong calloused worker’s hands I really like. There’s so many of them, feeling my legs, holding me down, pulling up my sports bra, and of course groping my little A cups.

I’m athletic, they called me a “Spinner,” what do you want long legs, or big fat tits? Well, I went for long legs, and a tight muscular tush.

“Uhgh, KHAK!” I pushed his balls off, and squirmed. Speaking of which, somebody found something greasy to wipe up my crack, and smear around my virgin pucker. “Huh, I’ve never tried that before.” The steel had warmed up from our body heat, but it was just as hard under my hip. “Huh, so be gentle back there?”

“She wants it up the ass.” They high 5ed.

“Yeah, she wants the double dick.”

“Guys, you want to talk about it? I’m right here.” I tried to shake my ass, and found a more comfortable angle under my hip, but remembering the 2 guys standing hip to hip. Tip to tip, the same 2 did it again, only this time on the other end. Sideways, so my lose fucked cunt was ready to get plunged again, while my tight unfucked pucker was waiting her turn.

“Uh, come here, man.”


“Somebody just come here, and give me a dick to suck uhn! UHN! FUCK!”

“So tight.”

“Yeah, fuck her ass.”

“Fuck the shit out of her!” I laughed, and spit out the dick to say “Literally!”

I don’t know when I passed out. That was the last thing I remember before Mom came in to get me. Shake me awake, and hold up my underwear. “Huh, get dressed, we’re leaving.”

“Oh,” I sat up, on a cold spot. Where my body hadn’t warmed up the I beam under my butt to pull my sports bra. I checked my hair, face, arms, body. Not a drop of jizz on me, anywhere, but they must’ve gone back to get more rubbers from mom.

“I don’t have to tell you not to speak to anyone about this, ever.”

“No, of course not.” I’m starting to learn something new, about her. Now that I’m an adult, and it makes sense why Dad had to give me the Talk.

She just doesn’t want to talk about it, sex in general, ever. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to do it, but she pulled the towel out of my duffel bag. To wipe the spunk out of her hair, so she looks like one of those 80s no-wave Cure, and Siouxie Sue goths, or “Not Goths.”

She went through a phase, I’ve seen pictures. In fact, she was probably about my age when she grew out of it. You know, the cloud of dyed black hair? She didn’t die her hair, it’s naturally straight black, just like mine when I flat iron the waves out, but she did say one thing:

“Huh, they just kept saying these, nasty filthy things.”

“I know, mom. Construction site?” I pointed back over my shoulder on the way back to the car. “Across the street from my school? Someone was bound to take them up on their offers, I just expected it to be that slut Cindy, and not you.”

“Well, there’s lots of things you don’t know about me.”

“Of course, but how about that drink? I’m dying of thirst here.”

“What would you like?” She got in, and started up the car, so we had to do seatbelts to shut up the dinging.

“How about Sangria?” She’ll have to make some, but I just had my first group sex scene with her, so if that’s not something to celebrate, I don’t know what is.

“Okay.” She touched my shoulder, then held onto the head rest to back out of the space.

“Mo, I had fun, but.” I blushed, biting my lip. “Um,” looking down at her bag. “I’m going to need some rubbers, if I’m going to do that again.”

“Of course, dear.” She called me Dear, like she calls dad, when she’s tuning him out. I’m on birth control, ever since I got a boyfriend. She knew that, when she said I didn’t want to get pregnant, which is weird.

She’s in denial, for some reason, but I took that as permission to go back. Get gangbanged again and again, but next time, I think I’ll invite Cindy. If she doesn’t know about them, actually going through with it, I bet she’d get a kick out of it. She’s got a pretty great body if you like hips, and tits, and stuff like Mom’s.

I decided, gangbangs are a lot more fun if you’re not the only one. Getting gangbanged I mean, or getting bukkaked through the fence instead of getting fucked. For some reason, I’m not even going to ask. It takes the pressure off, so you don’t have to stress about pleasing that many men all by yourself, and overthink it. I know, I overthink everything, or at least I always did before, but not this time.

“Huh!” I think I just learned something about myself, too.

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