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Sex in the gym pt2

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Hey guys and girls I hope u liked pt1 if u haven’t read it yet then pls do u might also like my other story the lesbian sex triangle thanks

It was a week or two after I showed my ex gf the video I had taken of me and the new gym teacher when I saw her again I was going to get a phone charger from my sister’s bedroom I walked in to see my sister and my ex in the 69 position and just as I was about to turn around she asked me to bring the gym teacher to the old swim hole in the forest I thought it was weird but I said yes the next day we drove along the rough track in the forest we were in Jane (the gym teacher) car. Jane was driving I was in the passenger seat and my sister and my ex were making out in the back we got to the swim hole and we were getting changed when I took a peek at the girls only to see them playing with Jane’s tits I stood there and watched as my sister started to finger Jane as my ex sucked on her tits Jane looked at me and barely managed to whisper asking me to come over I did and they all took off my shorts and my ex and Jane turned my sister around and put my dick in her tight pussy she gasped and bent over to allow me better access as I plowed into my sister Jane and my ex sucked my balls Kathy (my sister) was close and I could feel it so I went faster and Jane nibbled on her clit as Kathy came I pulled out and came on her ass as Jane licked the juices flowing from Kathy’s pussy Jess (my gf) ate my cum off her ass. I might write a pt3 if everyone likes it pls comment down below hope u like it and thanks

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  • Reply Marian ID:7b6knn920d

    Pls make a prt3

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itchrd

    I wonder if your ex has a gaping pussy.

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itchrd

    Don’t worry buddy, your gaping pussy story will come soon.

  • Reply Linda ID:bo2qeoyqj

    Text me on hangout [email protected] I’m Linda

  • Reply Jake the 15yr old ID:5tz7a6yd4

    Hey I hope u like my story all of these events r purely fiction but I try to make them as real as possible thx and if u want to contact me then write to me at [email protected]