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Max the bully part 6

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I woke up in a room on a bed. My head was hurting so much, it felt like I was hit. The windows were blacked out and the room was cold. I look up as…

Please read part 1,2,3,4 and 5 first
I hear the noise around me muffle and next thing I know max grabs me in and shuts the door behind. “Omg max what have you done to her…” I started crying I noticed two of the fingers were broken, she had blood coming out of her mouth, and one of her eyes was swollen. They was hurting her. I wanted her to experience what I had experienced but this was too much. I drop down to her and hold her head up. “wtf have you guys done, are you all crazy you need to let her go” I start to help her getup. “she’s been getting this everyday that you have been away. Today she’s wasn’t listening. So don’t feel sorry for her, she didn’t care when you was getting this treatment.” I grab her tight. “Max this is too much I didn’t even get this, move away from the door, Mr Churchville is going to come and look for me if I don’t return.” I lied to him. He knows Mr churchville wanted to see me. The boys around him still had their cocks out. What kind of people are these. Okay I’m a slut I suck cock, but you can’t tell me it’s worse than raping and causing harm to a person.
I grab Jennifer, she couldn’t even cry properly. I think her jaw was hurting I had the same feeling. We sneak out of school and I pay for a taxi to take her to the hospital. We say nothing to eachother. Until we was waiting for the doctor. “Mary please forgive me I’m so sorry. I didn’t know he was hurting you, I never thought he would hurt me. And you did try and warn me” she looks down in shame. I couldn’t help but forgive her. Max can be a flirt and a psycho. I had forgiven my parents how I could I not forgive her. I know what you all might be thinking but. She was vulnerable just like I was once. I couldn’t turn my back on her. We caught up a bit, and I told my mum Jennifer broke her fingers and I would be spending a few days with Jennifer.
The next morning I went to school. I was raging. Why does max get away with all of this. He was a very good fuck, but a fucking psycho man. It’s like he got off from hurting people. He smiles at me whilst I walked in. “why are you smiling max, you cant pick on someone your own size, are you that threatened by a female” he disgusted me. I wanted to hurt him with words, I wondered if he knew I fucked his dad.
“Mary she had it coming, she can’t lie to me like that. She’s worse than me, if you think about it her lies got you hurt, don’t forget that” I look at him like he is not making any sense.
” So you think you was doing me a favour?Jennifer really liked you, and she knew…well everyone knows you have a thing for me. So don’t try and deny it. She just wanted to impress you.. yeah she did wrong but she did it, you hurt her bad” I don’t know if his IQ was low or didn’t understand woman at all.
“If you think you did me a favour you didnt. And now who’s going to get you back for hurting me?” I expect an answer. The whole lesson I was wonder why he hurt Jennifer. Did he like me and felt betrayed for having me raped. Maybe he didn’t like how Jennifer put thoughts in his head. But I had been gone for weeks, a lot must have happened that I might not know. Maybe she did deserve it after all.
It’s the last lesson of the day and the bell rings and Mr Churchville asks for me to stay back again. God I wasn’t in the mood, I shouldn’t have sucked his cock. Now he can controll me. ” Yes sir what did you want me back for” he was looking throught his papers acting like he was too busy to look at me. “Mary… I think yesterday you took advantage of me..” WHAT!? this guy was touching his cock Infront of me, and I took advantage of him. “I’m sorry what?!… Mr churchville, you came onto me… Touching on your cock you remember that?” He looks at me and says “I know what you was trying to do, you want me to fix your grades and lie… I know students like you.” Okay smart guy. “Okay but you didn’t try and stop me… If I remember correctly you nutted inside me quiet a lot actually… And I suppose to make assumptions as well that you don’t get laid from that? You can’t say I did what I did because of grades…if anything you took advantage of me you brought up my grades and touched your cock. ” well he was right it’s not that I loved him. I did want my grades fixed but I acted offended. I stormed out and I don’t know how long I was in the glass for. Everyone had left. I was outside and I hear my name being called. It was John and he started running at me. I started to run the opposite way towards the other entrance exit. Then three others, mike, Ashley and Ryan, popped up. I knew my only escape left was in the field. I run as fast as I could and I looked back and all four had almost caught up.
I managed to reach the gate, I out ran them. I jump over and they all stopped by the gate and just smiled. Why wasn’t they trying to climb over the gate. I knew someone was behind me I turned around and Max was standing there, and at the bottom of the hill I saw his dad’s car. My heart was beating I didn’t know what was happening. “Ohhh sweet Mary what did I tell you about missing school.” Next thing I know I blacked out.
I woke up in a room on a bed. My head was hurting so much, it felt like I was hit. The windows were blacked out and the room was cold. I look up as I noticed movements and there was mirrors on the ceiling. I was able to see myself lay on the bed. I got up and looked for an escape. But the door wouldn’t opened and the windows were locked shut. I started screaming. I was so scared. Last person I saw was Max and his dads car. I was sitting on the floor crying, Then all of a sudden the door unlocked and i first look down at the person’s shoes, they wore smart shoes I look up slowly and it was Dom. My heart stated to race.
“Hello princess, I hope you enjoyed your holiday!” He is picking me up from the floor and puts me onto the bed. He grabs me by my face and looks at me. I was crying I was scared. I didn’t know whats going to happen. “Ever since you came into my life you have turned my life upside down” he was squeezing me tigher “Please Dom don’t hurt me. I will give you back the 2k” he throws my head onto the pillow. And starts to get undressed. He is laughing and shaking his head “No no no. Don’t act like you don’t know whats happened. This was your parents plan all along. Those pathetic human beings… Think they can get me fired! I’ll show them” I was so confused what did my parents do. I was so confused. “Dom please I don’t know what my parents did, I havent spoken to them for weeks. Please if you want money I have it.” He is laughing out loud. He begins to get on the bed and undress me “Mary you parents lied to my boss and told them that I had kidnapped you without their consent. My boss wouldn’t even hear me out, he fired me on the spot so thst the patients didn’t hear anything” I was in shock why would my parents do that. Did my dad dispise Dom that much. I started to cry I was in pain. Dom starts to thrust his cock inside me. I haven’t had a big cock in a while, plus I wasn’t wet and this hurt. I didn’t enjoy any of this. He wasn’t kissing me or anything. There was no pleasure just pain. I can tell he was angry. After 5 minutes he was done. It felt like an hour. My head was hurting and now my pussy.
“Please dom let me go, my parents will contact the police and the school will report me as missing. I have had too many days of school…” I was trying to scare him. And see if he might take the bait.
“Don’t worry Mary that will be all sorted. Max told jennifer to speak to you parents and tell them your at her for the next 3 day. And your only missing tomorrow…so don’t worry about that. Until I get my money’s worth out of you till sunday”
I thought of Max. Did he know his dad had this planned. Is he in on it too. I was so upset.
“What are you planning to do with me?…” He opened the door and took in a big bag. I saw him pull out rope and hand cuffs. I think he was going to have me chained so I don’t escape.
He handcuffs my hands to the bed…. And then my ankles. He ties my body around the bed. So my hips don’t move. He gets some weird metal thing that was separating my knees. I thought this was weird if he wanted to rape me he is strong enough I wouldn’t attempt to run. Then I see he takes out some scissors, scalp knife and weird looking needle and some string. “Dom what is all this what are you going to do..” I knew it was more than rape. He ties my mouth closed and he says to me,
“Mary because of the actions of your parents, and them ruining my reputation. I have come up with a plan to get even. And unfortunately because of their shelfishness you will suffer. For the next three days including this evening. I will sow up your sweet pussy. Downstairs we have a room full of well paying men, that are willing to bid on your new virginity. Highest bidder will go first…which means everyone gets to try this sweet pussy….and then tomorrow we repeat. Now it’s going to hurt, if I had my practice I would have numbed you but unfortunately I can’t and you have your parents to thank for that..” I started to cry hard, I was so scared. How can Dom be this heartless.
I was picturing my parents Infront of thee TV happy, whilst I was here suffering. I couldn’t move or scream. Dom is in-between my leg and a lamp is shining on top my pussy. “… Now Mary I will start. Shhhh don’t move or your going to make it harder for yourself…” It hurt so fucking much, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I think he stitched my up 4 times. I knew this is going to probably kill me. And to be honest I wanted to die. “There you go princess it wasn’t that bad… Now we will take you to the bathroom shower and get yourself ready. And don’t think about running or I’ll have your ass sown up as well..” he calls out for max and he comes in and grabs me and takes me down the hall. He was being gentle with me. I couldn’t help by cry. “Mary your going to make this harder than it is. So stop crying and just let it happen. It’s not like your not a virgin anyways. Wash yourself up and don’t make Dom angry.” He was avoiding to look at me. I go in the shower and I do as he says. I hear Max undo his trousers and comes in the shower with me. He touched me and I started to cry. He turns me around and kisses me on my lips. I was scared so I kissed him back. “Shhh it’s going to be okay sweet mary… Let me help you” he starts to wash my body and scrub me down. He lowers down and starts kissing and licking on my tits and pussy. I think he wanted me to get in the mood. But my pussy was burning and in pain. “Please Mary it’s going to be easier if your relaxed.”, I didn’t understand him he didn’t want me to feel pain yet he brought me here. He stands up and I can see he had a full erection. He pushes me down and I began to suck his cock. I have never been so scared in my life. Like father like son they both had this psycho side to them. I didn’t know what might trigger then to get angry. I sucked like I wanted to. I see his head go back and he starts to deep throat fuck me. I let it happen. I felt like this is all I was made for nothing good. I felt like shit. I had totally zoned out and Max had finished inside my mouth. He gets out the bathroom and grabs a towel for me. He was still being gentle. He kisses my cheek and walks me back to that room. Oh that room just thinking about it gives me anxiety.
He gives me a childish kids pajamas to put on. I do that and I look at myself in the mirror. Despite my big breasts I looked like I was 12 or 13. My face was bare no make up or nothing. He tells me to sit on the edge of the bed and as soon as someone comes I should stand up and let him tell me what to do. He gives me a blue pill which I later on found out it was a female viagra. He leaves and closes the door. I tried to hold my tears in. Out of fear I couldn’t let them out.
I hear a knock on the door “hello….ooooo what do we have here…” I don’t dare to turn my head. I stand like I was told to. A man comes in and stand Infront of me. He looked to be very wealthy. He wore a suit and sun glasses. And had a walking stick. He looked to be around 67 or 70. I look up and he touches my face and gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Ohhh honey there there daddy’s going to make you feel better…” he quickly starts to undress himself like he was running out of time to breath. I started to breath heavy. I can feel the Viagra doing it’s work on my body. I was an experienced slut so I knew when my body was getting turned on. His cock wasn’t that big around 7inches, which I was glad. His balls hung low and he had some weird ring wrapped around his balls. I think that’s what was keeping them low. He comes closer and starts to kiss me on my mouth, letting his tongue swim around my mouth. I can taste coffee and tobacco in his mouth. I felt sick. He starts to undress me out of my clothes. He admires my tits and takes them into his hand. He grabs my hands and directs it to his cock. I think he thought I was a virgin because he kept telling me what to do. He is kissing on my body and goes down to pull my bottoms off. He picks me up and lays me on the bed. He starts to admire my feet and picks one up and starts licking and sucking on them. It was feeling good. I can feel my pussy get wet. He opens my legs up and looks at my pussy like he had found gold. Ohhh I was dreading the pain. He wasted no time and brings his cock over to my hole. I grab on to the sheets and I close my eyes tight. I know what coming. I know he was looking at me he wanted to make his money’s worth and see my pain. He didn’t even go down on me. He moves his cock up and down my slit trying to spread my pussy fluid. Then OMG worse than the first time. He shoves his cock inside of me and I scream. I couldn’t help but cry. He didn’t even let me get us to the feeling he starts fucking me so roughly. Not even 2 minutes passed and he cums inside of me. He takes his cock out and I see so much blood. I scream. He pulls out a cloth from his jacket and wipes all the blood off his cock and off my pussy. He puts his clothes on and he walks out the room smelling the cloth. What a sicko.
I was crying and shaking that pain was unbearable I was so sore. I was about to get up and the next man comes in he was already naked. “Okay you have 3 minutes when you hear a knock you stop fucking or we will come in and stop you” it was Dom, he wouldn’t even look at me. The next guy comes in and he immediately shoved his cock inside. The whole night went on like this. Some fucked me up my pussy then ass but most all inside me pussy. I think I went through 80 men that night, because it was evening when I started I was fucked from 6pm till 1am. Even till morning I fell cum squirting out of me.
Dom comes in the room in the morning with some breakfast he just leave it on the table and leave the room. He says nothing to me and then around 11am he comes in with that bag. I try to fight him on the second day, but there was no point. He pinned me down and proceeded to do the same procedure, I’m screaming and crying but nothing going to stop him. I shower and the whole day I was fucked.
Some weird sikos would make me cry like a baby or talk like a child. Some had pacifiers which they would make me suck on. Sometimes two men would come in an fuck me I guess they paid half each. None of them spoke to me. I think they were told not to. And I swear at one point I saw a few people I recognised.
Each and every one of those men would cum inside of me. I hear them tell the next person w”ow that’s a nice pussy.” Max would come in and feed me and wash me when I had a break. Towards the end of the day I was so swollen and numb down there. It was horrible. Sunday came and I couldn’t wait to go home. I spoke to my mum once or twice and they would always give me the phone at the end of the day where I had no energy to speak or cry. And the worst thing of all was the mirrors in the ceiling. I would watch all my rape happen. At times it felt like I was dreaming. If you had to ask me how many people raped me in those days I’d say almost 500 or more.
Sunday evening around 8 pm was my last rape. Dom had come in with a smile and clothes in his hands and tells me to get dressed. My legs were so sore I swear I was able to do the splits if I wanted. My pussy was on fire. I was scared to even look down my mouth was ripped on each corner. And when I sat in the car. I couldn’t even sit. That’s how much damage was done to me. I look down my phone and no messages nothing from my parents. Jennifer had tried to call me. I think she was scared to text. Dom drove me to my house and he avoids making eye contact with me. I was so tired I had nothing left in me. I walk to my door and I just faint at the door step.
I woke up in a hospital. I see I was on drips and the oxygen mask was on me. I see my dad was outside on the phone to someone and my mum’s head was laying beside me. I tried to talk but I couldn’t my voice had gone. That got my mum to wake up.
“Oh honey…. Jim! Jim! She’s awake!” My dad runs in and they were all asking me how I was. I was so confused. How did I end up here. I remember Dom’s face handing me my clothes and me getting into the car. But it all felt like a dream. was it all a dream??
“I’m okay… What happened?” My mum starts crying and kissing my hand. I look at her and I knew what I went through it wasn’t a dream. But I didn’t say anything I just cried.
Next thing I knew a police woman was by my side. She was asking me If I knew that I was raped. And if I remember who did this. Again Max and Dom’s grinning faces appeared in my head. Their power and influence they had on that many men. I didn’t dare to speak and I faked amnesia. I saw my parents console eachother and hug eachother. It got me angry because they did this to me. If they didn’t get Dom fired. This wouldn’t have happened.
Next thing I know Jennifer and her parents come in. Jennifer comes at me with a big hug. Like she knew what I went through. But I went through worse. I was sown up and raped repeatedly. She was crying over 8 dicks in her face. I just looked at everyone around me and all I kept picturing is me at the beach running my fingers on the sand. And watching a dog catch a ball. That’s where my happiness was.
I got discharged that evening. I had been out for all night. I got a letter from the doctor that I need therapy and time off from school untill new years is over. We got home and the minute my parents closed the door of the house I turn to them.
“Thanks a lot you two” they looked at eachother and then at me all puzzled.
“Honey are you okay, what wrong what did we do?” My father tries to come next to me. “Don’t you dare try and touch me. I tried to forgive you two, you father, abandon me!. What kind of father does that to their daughter. You wasn’t there for me when I needed you. And you mum, yeah I hope Dom’s dick was good. Yeah…yeah I was thereeee I was in that room. I saw you ride his cock.” I was so angry. I didn’t care anymore “on top of all the shit you do to mee. You go and get Dom that fucking psycho fired from His jobs and who paid the price…. You daughter!!!!! I was raped for 4 days straight by that maniac and every guy that lived in the borough.!!” I was jumping and screaming at this point. My mum starts crying and my dad was filled with rage “you fucked Dom!!” He turns to my mum.
“Omg Is that all you care about our daughter has been raped and she lied to the doctors and police…” Their attention was off me and they turned and screamed at eachother. I just couldn’t believe it. I just walked up the stairs my father just cared more about where my mum’s pussy had been rather than my rape of more than 500 men.
I start climbing the stairs and I just pack my clothes. I called my auntie and I told her EVERYTHINGGG. I told her I was coming back and never returning. My auntie was so protective and threatened to sue my parents for being unstable. My auntie ladies and gentlemen who never wanted kids turned out to be a better parent than the ones I had.
I went to school in Australia I even went to university for business and finance. I am now 23 years old and I’m looking to head back home. My parents are still together, I don’t have a relationship with them, but it’s mutual, they have accepted I don’t want to be close with them. I have a baby brother who’s 5, Benjamin.I have never met him either. I went through a loooooot of therapy and counseling.
Looking back at what I have been through. I was never really a stupid kid, I was naive yes. But I knew what I was doing. I was put off sex for a long time. And got use to not having it.
As for my friendship with jennifer. I recently got Intouch with her she also moved school. And got on with her life. She has a baby daughter. NOT WITH MAX don’t worry. As for Max he has tried to add me on insta and Facebook but I ignore his request.
I am soon to go back to the UK and go for a school reunion. I didn’t finish school there but I did spend 4 years there. So it’s right if I go right? I want to see everyone and how they are doing. I’m excited to see what happened with Max, and I wondered if Jennifer didn’t talk bad about me would we have needed up together. People change and I hope he has. I will go to the reunion and I’ll let you all know what happens.
Untill then. I will write again.
Love you all,

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  • Reply alanquastaldergroveB.C ID:1dbeq9d5fpcc

    mmm reminds me of raping my first asian baby overseas

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You recall being raped by all those guys very vividly. This tells me something in the you enjoyed being damaged and used like trash! Get back with Max and enjoy those ultra Alpha fucks, slut!!

    • Claire ID:1dymj8nyelvu

      You are sick ….get help

    • Crypto24 ID:1asmdhgz209

      If you think they are alphas then you have no clue what a alpha is

      Go see a shrink mate

  • Reply Claire ID:1dymj8nyelvu

    That must be really painful

  • Reply Claire ID:1dymj8nyelvu

    I m really sad on how it turned and dom took revenge from you ….you could have said that you will report to police that he didn’t kidnapped you and help him get back his job maybe he would have let you go ….but again he’s a pschyo just like his son

  • Reply Claire ID:1dymj8nyelvu

    First kill dom idk I just hate him and nest should be max he ain’t a saint too

  • Reply Jennifer 19 ID:1dymj8nyelvu

    To be honest that was really traumatizing….you are a strong woman fr I wish you good luck

  • Reply Crypto24 ID:1asmdhgz209

    Honestly dear
    You should take revenge from both Dom and Max

    Make them live what you lived
    To a man, there’s nothing worst

    • kkkk ID:1dbu9o8ws3t7

      fr, take revenge

    • Callie. ID:2wdoer1649k

      Urgh I want.

      [email protected]