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Little sister lust

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Alex is bored until he sees his little sister one day and decides to take advantage.

I am incredibly lucky to say the least. To be adopted into i nice, wealth, family was the ultimate gift. I have been with this family since i was young, almost 3. There are others but they’re all biological to the parents that adopted be so i’m the only adopted child there is willow (10,F) and Selena (18,F). I am Alex and i’m 16 (M) i’m almost 6’ not super skinny but fit dark curly hair. I’ve never really had trouble with the ladies if you know what i mean in fact being adopted into such a well known family makes it easier to get girls to go out with me but i would say it’s more of a plus because i fuck good and i’m handsome. but after my sophomore year i started getting bored. I wasn’t entertained by the same things anymore in fact nothing was turning me on until one day i got home early and found willow one of the upstairs bathrooms she was taking a bath. this bathroom has two doors one leading to her room one leading to the hallway across from my room and she must not have thought anyone was home so she left the door connected to her room slightly cracked and i could see her. she was growing nicely, her chest was not to big and not to small her ass was just perfect. I started to get hard just looking at her it couldn’t have been more perfect because before i knew it i could hear the water making small splashes fallowed by small moans. she was masterbating! i could barley keep myself from rushing in there and fucking her then and there. but i couldn’t. i just took out my 6 inch cock and masterbated to her. she wasn’t very loud and her moans were cute before i knew it she was done she came so quick i didn’t even get to finish, so left blue balled i had to come up with a plan. once she finishes her bath she’ll lay down for a nap like usual and i’ll go in and fuck her now since the house was empty until mom and dad got home so about and hour later she got out of the bath and layed on her bed and another 30 minutes later she fell asleep so i walked in there locking the door behind me and slowly and softly pull her towel off she starts to wake up and before i know it i’m pulling my cock out and holding her down. She was resistant at first but once i started sucking on her nipples she became all talk and no fight. she was easy to hold down but hard to get inside. she was so tight i had to try more than once to get it all the way in. she screamed and i told her i was sorry and it would feel good soon it felt good for me. i grabbed her hips and sped up my pace in hopes she would enjoy it soon but her “stop” moans continued. i found her sexy either way as i sped up more she began bucking her hips but continuing her ” no“ moans getting louder though. i was getting very close and with every last bit of strength i pushed as hard as i could cumming in her covering her mouth to stop her loud scream from her own orgasm. i left her laying on the bed until next time.

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  • Reply George ID:3zxjhzgg49i

    Loved this

  • Reply Fvfvfv ID:1ew86vbovhcm

    And to think that my friends name is willow

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Genau lerne der kleinen Schlampe das sie drei wunderschön ficklöcher hat die sie den Männern zur Verfügung stellen muss

  • Reply Golden ID:1dps89y16pxg

    What a horny little story. Did she get pregnant?? Goldenbiguy on kik to chat

  • Reply Ricky ID:3zxjhzgg49a

    Oooh yeah fuck that little preteen up her ass next time