My new gf family

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I had been seeing Sam for a couple of weeks.shes a 32 year old peroxide blonde single mum of three.
Three teen age kids two boys Ashley and Brandon 14 and 13 and a 11 Year old girl Shirley.
Sam was a what you call a party girl drink drugs having a good time was her thing and the sex was always good and adventurous she loved anal and wasn’t adverse to sucking my cock even though it was covered in shit and come..
I had noticed that the lads were extremely well developed for there age’s both packing large bulges and they didn’t mind running around the house tight pants with there young cocks clearly outlined.
It all started when I got up Saturday morning Sam was in bed the lads playing with their PS4 .
Summer walked in the kitchen where I was sitting in my boxers drinking coffee.shirly even though she was 11 she had a body of a teen age girl nice tittys hairy fanny .she was a bit backwards as she was slightly disabled.she walked up to my and plonked herself on my lap.all she was wearing was a tiny pair of pants and a vest.then it happened I could feel her starting grind herself on my knee..it didn’t take long before I was sporting a raging hard on .that’s when she took my hand and placed it between her legs omg I couldn’t help myself as I gently started to rub her fanny bulge god she was wet my fingers found there way into her pants and there I was my middle finger slipping into her tight cunny shirl just grunted and her legs opened up allowing me more access.
Soon my finger was deep inside her I could feel her hymen stopping any further access then I pushed and I felt it pop and my finger plowed all the way in hot tight and wet .
Now her little hand grabbed my cock and she started to gently wank my cock .do you want to put it in me like you do my mum she said I couldn’t help myself as I pulled her pants down.i lifted her up so her cunny was right above my raging hard eight inch cock .her tight pussy entrance nestling on my bellend as I pushed feeling her tight cunt stretching around my big cock then I was in tight burning hot pussy and slowly I started to fuck her as she panted and groaned in pleasure it didn’t take long before i could feel my cum rising and a sped up hammering in and out of her .then I came spewing a massive load of cum inside her .she got of squatting down inspecting her pussy as copious amount of cum leaking out her smiling she pulled her pants up and went upstairs.leaving me to my perverted thoughts of what I’m going to do to her later on.

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    Fantastic story

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