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The lonely young girl at night

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I was prowling around looking for a women to have fun with but found a lonely drugged girl walking home

I was driving around as usual looking for lonely women.
I will explain what I do I have a camper van which I drive around in looking for women of any age I offer them a lift and usually pretend breakdown saying it over heats and will be ok in 30 mins most just hang around for the 30 and I usually end up rapeing them and the last one was the best.
I was driving into a macdonalds it was getting dark about 10 and as I was I noticed a girl in a parka coat and ripped jeans coming out she looked confused my kind of girl .
I went in sat down watching where she was heading and she headed the way where it went out to the country side I got 2 coffees and headed back to my van. I started up and headed that way after about 2 miles I saw here in my headlights at the side of the road walking , I slowed down opened the window and asked if she was OK she said shevwas heading home to the village which was 20 miles up the road, I offered her a lift she said I don’t know and I said get in its cold and I have a spare coffee she looked at me and opened the door climbing in .
She took her hood off she had blonde hair and only looked about 14 which excited me I put the heater up full and asked her why she was walking and she said she had spent her taxi money on some drugs and tried to beg for money but no one would give her any so she walked her mother worked nights so no one in.
The heater plan worked she took off her coat she was wearing a white jumper and she had a nice shaped tits in it. I drove about 10 miles and was out on country lanes she was giving me directions when I started to make the van jump and I pulled into a layby saying it always does this and would be ok in 30 mins but better check the engine could she hold the torch.
She said OK and we went to engine bay I showed her where to point the torch and stood next to her I was looking at her shape not the engine brushed up against as i reached and pointed sayingvthats what’s not working but will be ok soon we can sit in the back where it’s warm loved the engine lid and opened the side door she climbed in and I followed it was red hot in there and straight away she took off her coat.
I sat next to her and put on the tv,I started talking saying it will be ok soon She nodded I could tell she was on some drugs so i tried my thing I put my hand on her thigh she didn’t notice as I moved up and had it in between her legs and I moved my other hand onto her tits over her jumper she moved back and said what you doing
I said just let me do this it will be all right I won’t hurt you she said no stop it but I was a lot bigger as I stood up and pulled her jumper up over her head revealing her bra she tried to struggle but I had both her hands together as my other hand groped her tits she said stop it please as I groped her I said look no one anywhere near do as I say Or I will hurt you she started to cry but stopped struggling as I removed her bra I looked 34b I then undone my trousers and took of my boxers and said to her wank it she reached put and grabbed it hard i told her be soft and stand up she did as I started undo her jeans and they dropped to the floor, I bent down taking off her trainers and then her trousers she had on a pair of kiddies panties on with care bears on I pulled them off to reveal blonde pubes I asked her how old she was as she stood naked in front of me she was trying to hide he self 13 she said As i told her lie on the bed as I got next to her I went down on her pussy it smelt clean and was wet as I went in to lick her she kept saying no no but didn’t struggle as I made her cum and then lay on top positioning my cock at her pussy entrance then with one push I forced it in, it was tight as I pumped my cock at a million miles a hour into her then my balls went tight and stream after stream pumped into her womb I reached for my phone to video me pulling out and watched the cum drip out and moved to her mouth clean my cock wit tour tounge I said she licked the end as she cried I told her to stop crying and such my cock I need it hard again.
She had no idea what was next as I was going hard and pulled her around her legs hanging off end of bed her on her stomach I was going to do her butt. I pushed two fingers in her pussy getting them wet then forced them into her butt she screamed but I knew was miles from anywhere as I placed my cock at her entrance no no not that she said As I pushed it in up to my balls she was screaming as I rammed it I’m and out her little arse opening right up as I banged her arse with my balls I was videoing it all as I pumped more cum up her butt she collapsed onto the bed i turned her over and said cleaning time and put it in her mouth.
I wanted one more time and was going take her onto the grass on this cold night and fuck her again it was cold on the grass bit soon was sweating as I fucked her this time I was going cum on her tits which I videos she was shaking not with the cold with the sex orgasms she was having shaking I told her get in the van get ready except leave off her bra and panties I was keeping as souvenir. She was crying as she got ready I asked if she had a phone she did I got it looked through and copied her accounts for social media and her address book she asked why I told her if anybody found out i would send the videos to all she knows and would put her name and address on the black Web with the videos . She started to cry I told her it would be OK just don’t tell as we set off and I drove her to the end of her street .
This was just the start of her problems I was going to blackmail her on the Internet.

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    Too many made up stories here
    Anyone got a site where they share real encounters and experience??

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      Any luck you got her pregnant

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    please fix grammar using grammarly next time

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      What’s your number Amishdaddy

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    Is this a real

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    I’m busy doing part 2 as we speak the start of the black mail

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    Serves her right for spending her money on drugs . She deserved to be raped and fucked in both her holes . I hope there is more to come

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    Wish someone did that to me

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    I need young girl meat to cum in

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      thats gay

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      Is this true if it is we need to talk man I need help rpe my gf mom

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    Not to bad pretty sexy I’d read part 2