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Saving Grace Pt 3

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See Parts 1 + 2 for full story otherwise part 3 wont make sense

Part 3

Papa = me – all named people are white… it’s just something she’s always called me (important)

A few weeks later it was my birthday.

I was on the phone to Jess as per normal and she dropped the news that she was having to work overnight on my birthday and that she would make it up to me.

“Ahh you got to work, we can’t all have 8-5 office jobs,”

“Do you mind watching Grace overnight? I feel cheeky asking you all the time” she asked.

“Do you really need to ask” I quipped back “I’d happily look after her”.
Grace appeared 2 hours later after school looking beautiful in her uniform, I had to shake the thoughts from my mind, but damn she looked delicious in her skirt, tights and tight-fitting shirt. She came over hugged me, but I could tell she wanted to go further, so did I!

A few hours later Jess woke me up on the sofa to say she was leaving for work; I rose from my slumber and said my goodbyes.

I returned to the lounge to find a wide-awake Grace looking directly at me, “mummy’s gone?” she asked, “yeah she has, just me and you now babygirl”.
She ran and jumped into me almost knocking me over, but I knew what she wanted and so did I.. she wanted to kiss; I’d been waiting for around 4 hours.

A few hours later I was awoken by her violently shaking me telling me she had a nightmare and that the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang was in the house.
After checking all rooms, she calmed down and went back to bed, 5 minutes later she crawled into bed with me, I was pretending to be asleep to see what she’d do.

She began slowly shaking me “papa, Papa, wake up” I fake woke up and enquired why she was in beside me “I’m scared”.

I rolled over and came face to face with her, we instantly passionately kissed, I knew I had to have her.

I put my hands under the quilt, she was practically naked apart from a pair of panties, perfect I thought. She stopped and moved towards my ear… she whispered in my ear.

“Papa can you lick my butt again?”


“Can you lick my butt again”.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah definitely” she said while removing her fat face lace panties.

I went under the covers and kissed her all over her small body and paid extra attention to her rapidly developing boobs and made my way down to kiss and lick her ever sweet small slit, god I really went to town on her this time, she was wriggling from my tongue movements when I’d lick, flick and nibble on her little clit.

By this point I had kicked the covers off me so I could fully see her movements, I asked grace if she was ok, all she murmured back was “mmmhmmm” I carried on licking her slit, damn she tasted so sweet and succulent.

I stopped and pushed her legs up in the air so I could go deeper inside her with my tongue, I would reach up to play with her small tits and softly pinch her nipples, and then I moved from her small pussy to her butt as she had asked me to do…

She let a moan of “ooooooh” as I licked up and down her tiny little butthole, it tasted better than it did before.

I was rock hard at this point and had been for some time, I removed my raging cock from my boxers, and started stroking myself, Grace’s moans were getting louder at every north south stroke of her butt.

She went completely rigid and let out a whimpering scream, I stopped and placed my palm on her tiny pussy, she had her first orgasm.
I laid beside her, and it took a few minutes for her to recover, she turned to me and asked,

“what happened?”

“Baby you got so excited that you came and had an orgasm” I replied.

“Papa you’re naked too!” her eyes not averting from my raging cock illuminated from the hallway light.

“that’s because I was excited too and thought you could do things to me?”

She rolled on to her side and looked at me, “of course papa, anything for you”.

I kissed her hard and met her tongue with mine, I grabbed her hand and led it down to my still hard cock.

“Pop your hand round it and move it up and down but not too quickly” – she duly obliged.
She gave me a handjob for a good 10 minutes periodically changing hands but always keeping the same pace, she felt like a natural…surely she hadn’t done it before? The answer was no, I was her first, this made me happy.

I was so close to shooting my load when I pulled her hand away and told her that when boys and men get excited then white stuff comes out, but all girlfriends eat it.

“Really? Well, I’m your girlfriend so I’ll eat it too”.

I moved her to the bottom of the bed and told her to get on her knees, my small naked 12yo girlfriend, she looked so majestic in the low light.
I just had to kiss her to show how special she was to me, we shared a few more minutes of kissing when she grabbed my cock and started playing with it, I was in heaven!

I could feel my balls tightening and knew that I would be close to Cumming, I told her to pop her head back against the bed and close her eyes and open her mouth.
I took over and stroked my cock as I had done many times before and since, I could feel it real close, and within seconds I shot 8 to 10 streams of hot cum all over her face, hair and in her mouth.

She let out a giggle and then a moan

“it’s warm papa, did I do good?”

I used my fingers to move all my warm streams of cum from her face and slid them into her mouth,

“nearly done baby” I told her.

“Ok you can open your eyes now baby and look at papa”.

She did what I asked without hesitation.

“now swallow all that liquid like the best girlfriend you are” I grumbled.

With that she tilted her head back and swallowed every single drop of my warm cum,

“mmm yummy! Papa that was really yummy!”

I got her all cleaned up and back into her own bed so that we could keep this secret, we shared 1 final passionate kiss before settling down for sleep.

Part 4 will be up in a few days – feel free to comment in the meantime.
Kingsmut36 😊

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    Nice babe story is great keep it up

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  • Reply Spankmaster ID:bf6wlg2m4

    Really love this store. I went over the edge when she got her but licked. This is something I’ve enjoyed a few times when my daughter had a sleepover. Several of her little girlfriends were heavy sleepers. Please keep pleasing her butt.

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    I am loving this story . The way you are taking your time with Grace makes it so much better . My 67 year old cock is solid just thinking about her young smooth pussy and butt being prepared for your hard cock when you eventually get round to fucking her . I have had a good wank reading each story as you write them . I just wish I had a granddaughter that age , and that way I would be the real papa for her .

    • Kingsmut36 ID:1elah3cf4fxx

      Thanks Joe, I’ll write part 4 soon, but 3 parts over as many days, the eyes and brain need a rest, plus I have a certain someone to see ☺️☺️