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Babysitting The Next Door Neighbors Daughter Part 2

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The end of a true story of how I met and baby sat the girl next door.

Over the next few months Briella, Simone’s mother and I grew apart and I noticed a big change in her personality. It was quite obvious she was doing drugs as her appearance had deteriorated considerably getting small sores on her face and arms indicative of meth. According to Simone she was hanging out with some drug dealing biker gang and spent most of her time with them. I really didn’t mind because that meant I was privileged with watching Simone which she spent all her free time at my place two doors down anyways.

Simone was such a fast learner with sex and having a very, very strong sex drive she was definitely not afraid to show her affection towards me. I started taking her out on the town showing her so many sites, nature walks and even camping sites which we spent many a nights fucking in a tent. Simone’s body was such a joy to touch as she filled out very nicely having such muscular legs and body on her. Hell I think there was not an ounce of fat on her as her body was so naturally toned you would think she was in sports her whole life.

I can not get over just how much she like fucking and sucking a cock. On many occasions I would get home from work barely getting through the door with her dropping my trousers and sucking my cock with the door still open. Yes Simone had a key to my apartment and I would pay her to keep my place clean and in return she kept my cock clean being at my beck and call almost 24/7. Since Simone was so small being only 4’5” and 85 lbs soaken wet I could pick her up in the shower licking her pussy out or raising her up and down on my cock with ease.

One particular night I came home from work on a Friday having the whole weekend off which Simone knew and said she had a surprise for me when I got home. The whole day I racked my brain trying to figure out what she had in store for me. That day I didn’t go home for lunch as we were really busy at work which normally I go home for lunch and get sucked and fucked. When arriving home I walked through the door and no Simone at the door which was odd. I called out Simone’s name and she answered being in the bedroom. I set my things down then took off my boots to let my feet cool down. I then walked into the bedroom and was hit with a bit of a shocker. There stood Simone in a sheer see through nightie coming to her waste with her glorious fat little pussy exposed. her long dark hair in pig tails with bright pink ribbons, bright pink socks with frilly lace at the top and a huge sucker in her mouth looking all devious and shy. She was kicking her feet in a pigeon toe way asking me if I want to get naughty with a shy little girl.

Needless to say my cock sprung up immediately as she walked forward taking the sucker from her mouth and tapping my hard cock with it saying in a innocent yet seductive naughty voice “It seems someone is excited to see a shy naughty girl today. I just bet you want to do all kinds of naughty things to little ole me. That cock is awfully big and I don’t think it will fit in my little girly, girl pussy. I am sure you will try to stuff it all in me if you want to”. Simone then drops to her knees using one hand to undo my trousers letting them fall to my ankles. She then takes each side of my briefs down dropping them to my ankles.

“Well!, Well!, What have we here?, such a big hard cock for little ole me” she says seductively leaning forward licking my head then licking her sucker. “Well!, I just can’t make up my mind as to which one is more sweeter, your hard cock or my sucker” she says as she looks up to me batting her eyelashes sporting a devious grin. Over the next few minutes she alternated between my hard cock and her sucker until I had streams of precum flowing down my cock so fucking turned on and desperate for a massive release. Simone then tells me “I think I want that fabulous fat cock of yours in my little girly pussy so I need you to get on the bed so I can try to ride your man size rocket”. I then take off my shirt getting on the bed as she ordered with her setting her sucker down on the dresser then hopping up in the bed straddling my flag pole of a hard on. As she slowly lowers herself on my shaft she innocently moans staring me straight in the face. She then asked me “Are you sure you want this cock of yours in my little girly pussy?. I can stop if you don’t want to hear me scream while I am on this fat cock of yours”. I then pipe up “Oh god baby!, I need you on my throbbing cock so bad it hurts”.

Simone slowly stroking my cock with her tiny girly pussy manages to engulf my entire shaft in her still wincing in a little pain after all these months of fucking. Within a few minutes she is bouncing gingerly on my hard shaft moaning and screaming with delight. As she bounces taking the entire length each time she starts taking dirty to me saying “ You like your fat cock in my little girly, girl pussy don’t you?. My tight girly, girl pussy squeezing your hard cock so tight making you cum so hard in me. You want to shoot your big hot sticky load deep in my girly, girl pussy don’t you?”.

“OH fuck yes girl!, I want to shoot my load deep in your little pussy. Take my seed from me you little naughty girl” I shout out. By this time all the dirty talk and pounding has us completely over the top and both Simone and I are rocketed with the most intense orgasms since were started fucking. I shot massive jets of cum up in her tight hole and thought it was never going to end. Her orgasm was so intense she screams out loud convulsing everywhere then passed out falling forward on me gasping for a breath. In the end it felt like my entire guts shot out through my cock into Simone. We just lie there for at least thirty minutes unable to move a muscle when Simone finally started to stir. She lifts he head to look at me telling me she felt every blast of cum hit her cervix causing her to orgasm even harder in one continuous wave.

When we finally was able to move I noticed I was covered in Simone’s cum as was the bed sheets. There must have been a two foot circle wet spot from her orgasm. I say to Simone “My god Simone!, did you pee on me?” as I laughed out loud. Simone looks at the wet spot and her mouth drops “ God did I do that?, Holy shit!, I knew I had a massive orgasm but I have never ever squirted that much before. Oh my god I love that fat cock of yours” she says as she give me a passionate deep wet kiss. We had a lot of sex over the next month but none as massively intense as that night. when she missed her period I figured it was that night I exploded straight in her while she was on top.

We still has a lot of sex never stopping but the following month she did not have another period and I sat her down telling her she is pregnant. I was petrified to no end yet Simone was a happy as can be joyfully wanting to have my baby. We didn’t tell her mother just yet as I was trying to avoid jail time trying to sort out the options. The following week I seen trucks at the apartment and it was the biker gang moving Briella’s stuff. I asked Briella what is going on and she says she and her daughter are moving to the bikers houses so she doesn’t have to pay rent. She still didn’t know Simone was pregnant and I didn’t have the guts to tell her right then. I seen Simone and she can running over to me jumping up in my arms crying. All I could do was rub her back and pat her head telling her it will be ok.

When she finally calmed down a little bit I set her down and she looks at me patting her stomach barely starting to show a little. She smiles at me a little but tells me she told her mother she wants to live with me. Her mother being so high on dope almost let Simone stay with me but in the end she decided she needs to go with her even though Simone refused to go with her. When they were all packed up Briella had to literally chase Simone down dragging her to the vehicle kicking and screaming all the way. As they pulled away Simone yells out the window “I Love you always!’ as that was the last time I ever seen Simone again.

Some people I knew occasionally hung out at the biker gang said that a month later Simone was rapped by three bikers and had a miss carriage. She was rapped trying to escape to come to my place and they were pissed she loved me and was pregnant with my child always talking about me.

I never knew what happened to Simone only hearing a few rumors hear and there. About a year later I was in a bar shooting pool when a guy started talking about a really good looking girl he had met. He basically described Simone to a tee and said all she talked about was her first love. He said she was high on drugs and didn’t want to let her first love know she was and said when she got straight she would look me up.

27 years later I am still waiting for Simone to contact me. I sure hope she is alright.

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  • Reply gfy ID:1dfdunava304

    PUT a warning that the life of a minor is ruined at the end. god damn htf can you rite a great sex love story and then shit the end, i can take this sad fukkn endings… at all

  • Reply Kaylie ID:fx7itald2

    Don’t mind him Gonzo Cumminginsiderher is just a useless little jealous BITCH! that can’t write worth a fuck! so he attacks people that write good. Not to mention you already stated your cock is 8 inches so again he probable has a four incher and can’t get laid to save his life. Hell I bet his own mother wouldn’t fuck his little dick.
    I thought this story was great. Yeah a little sad but so the fuck is life. Having read all your stories I think your a fantastic writer and that little dick bitch is just jealous.

    Keep writing Gonzo

    • Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

      LOL ya whatever. Read the comment he wrote to me. I called it right, he is just a little bitch afraid of a few bikers. Gonzo’s cock is 8 inches in his mind otherwise, it is just a 2.5″ soft. He can’t get a measurement hard because he can’t get hard anymore because the little boys in the neighborhood beat him senseless too many times lol.

      As for you, It’s obvious you aren’t a female. At least not a biological female. You are obviously a tranny cumdump and that’s why you defend a pussy like Gonzo lol.

    • Kaylie ID:1rou10zk

      Cumminginsiderher U R a Faggot and u r stories suck as do u and your mother who shit u out.
      Worst piece of shit on this site and u wish u could write like him. They should ban u for life just for being a cock sucker and a looser.
      Sorry mother fucker this is all Female since birth bitch and u r a bitch and a punk.

    • Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

      There is nothing female about you. Just another 50-year-old fat bald dude living in the basement of his 70-year-old mother’s house LOL. Maybe you better start another account seeing I have outed you on this one LOL.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0j

    This was another hard ending to write. I really cared for Simone but not like when I was with Becky. Life can be really shitty at times and it is good to write getting things off my chest. I loved fucking her tiny fat pussy though and even though I was scared as hell when I found out she was pregnant it was exciting as hell at the same time.
    I often think just how things would of turned out if she would of stayed with me. I would of enjoyed seeing her waddle like a duck and me rubbing and kissing her big fat belly. She sure could fuck and swallow like no tomorrow as I taught her very well.
    Yeh Anonymous it was kinda sad at the end but unfortunately life if full of disappointment because there is a lot of sick MF’s that like to do harm to other people because of jealousy and greed.

    • Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

      Dude, you are a fuckin loser. Just a wimpy pussy boy. If you had really been serious about her you wouldn’t have let her go in the first place but you didn’t care so don’t whine to us about caring lol. How many times in the last few decades have the little neighbor boys beaten you up and raped you??? 1,000??? 2,000??? Nothing about you is a man. Now run along bitch before someone comes and pisses on you. The sad part is, that little girl or any male or female canine will be the best hole you will ever have lol.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoia

      Your fucking mother is a god damn whore Cumminginsiderher. Their were 10 fucking bikers all with guns you dick sucking bitch. I am a grown fucking man that has been around the world PUNK FAGGET!.
      WRONG your mothers loose pussy is the best I ever had bitch. If I knew where you lived you would be fucking dead mother fucker. I would blow your useless fucking brains out BITCH!

    • Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

      Thankfully, you stopped writing stories. I guess the little boys in your neighborhood are keeping you too busy tying you up and using you as their cum dump LOL. You sure are a tough “man” but how come you weren’t so tough when your beloved Simone disappeared??? Your wimp and always will be. You should just finish the transition to becoming a woman seeing that is how you act LOL.

      Say Hi to your whore mom for me.

  • Reply Its just me ID:2kyee16s43

    Colectively it is a nice story with less or no grammer and puntctual mistakes with a lot details and fellings filled up in text… Good work

  • Reply Anonymous ID:28arki3xic

    Kinda sad towards the end