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Little Emma, Melanie and dates

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First of all, one big sorry for poor and fast written previous story, i wasnt in good mood, one other time i will write the story with more details. Now i will write some of my new adventures and some together with my sister Melanie.
Then night and next day, my ass eat alot of cock and cum, so much it was hurting me for days, thanksfully coach take pity on me and let me alone for alittle. For my surprise, this continue until the end of season. One day i and Melanie we sit to talk for our experience and the money we earn, well we understand it was a way not easy and with pain to earn money, she was sure there a lot of people which would pay to have fun with us.

Well, at first i hesitate, i tell her, if we offer our bodies to strangers for money we are sluts, also ask her what we will do if we fell above someone who knew us and some other guestions. Well her aswer for sluts was that many girls doing this so can have their own money and when we gather enough money we will stop.
I make her and other guestions, she give me enough good aswers, like what i do without guilts with pervent at beach, she hasnt idea i had meeting him again and what he do. Finaly i agree and i tell her to proceed. She smile and happy tell me to stay here for waiting her and she leave running from bedroom.
She return keeping a camera, what are you will do with it i ask her, the secret of success in this job is the naughty and sexy photos. Well soon i stay wearing only my pink panties and after her instructions, she take me some very naughty photos with panties and some without them, i really feel hot when i was nude on all four and playing with my pussy. Then after Melanie show me how camera works, it was her time for naughty sexy photos.

Hers was better, because she had big boods like pyramids. When we finish i ask her what she will with photos, how she knew for poses.
You are making many too many guestions, iam your sister and you must trust me.
Ok i say, sorry Melanie.
Good girl she aswer and she start kissing me and soon we were both on bed and 69, me on top of course previous with poses we were both honey. We were enjoying each other until i feel Melanie rubing with her finger my ass entrance, it was still sensitive so i please her to leave her alone but Melanie doesnt hear me.

My ass was so open so wth a small push, her finger slide in inside my ass, it was going back forth, i screaming holy shit Melanie, you are killed me, ahhhhhhh and i feel again his mouth licking my pussy. Of course i made the same, well Melanie use my liguids to wet her finger but i not and after little resistance my finger slide in make her scream loud, it was funny and hot.
Our 69 continue like this, well assfingering each other make us having the most intence orgasms. Rest of afternoon, was normal me with friends and Melanie doing her job. Well our naughty photos was very good and after 2 days we had date. melanie say we must cute and pretty nothing extreme.
Well i wear one jean skirt and one sleeveless tshirt with two small bears as images above it, while Melanie wear blue jean trouser, one also sleeveless tshirt with a flower as image above it, she put a little make uo.

I asked her if i can have alittle but she say no enen and for this situation. The last thing which we had to make was our hair or to say better pigtails. It looks to me stange, anyway i make 2 high pigtails while Melanie 2 long pigtails and we were ready. Or almost ready because i wasnt sure, i was alittle scare but Melanie encourage me.
We leave for date which was on a park, alittle far from us so we had to walk and it was a very warm day. On park Melanie regonize them very fast( probably she have see their photos). Well they were young around 20 or 25yearsold men, for the reason we met they were very kind, they asked even and
treat us anything we want but Melanie aswer better at end.
Their names were Adrew and Michael, they had two athletic bodies, as we learn they both were colleges of gymnastic academy. Both of them were with black hair but Michael had the reare green eyes while Adrew had blue, after our little talk was time for fun. Adrew choose Melanie so Michael with me.

We went inside of a path more inside the park, more trees but Melanie with Adrew choose their own place away from me and Michael, something which scared me Michael calm me down. There was a wall of some old building so he rest his back above it and telling me to go and unbutton his trouser, something like with pervert at beach, i knew what to do.
How it went and the ending of this date and other date which i lose and the innocence of my pussy, next story.

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