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my new little best friend

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Before i am gonna tell my story i must say that my main language isn’t english so my grammer will be awful so sorry 🙁

Once i moved to a appartment complex i was put on the first floor, nice small house and with a shed in the hallway (below my appartment).
i lived there alone for a few months and get to know my neigbours.
Everyday was just like any other day: waking up, go to work, comming back from work, having dinner and relax for the next day.

My left neighbour was a man called Alex, he was 67 years old and very friendly, and on my right was a nice lady called Miranda (38) and her daughter Emma (11).
Once I invited Miranda and Emma for a cup of thee/coffe to chat.
They did come over and had a lovely talks about life.
It appears her husband had left her over a fight and she was left alone to raise Emma (poor girl).
They like to come over a lot and chat, but this 1 time Miranda had to leave for some small emergency and had to leave Emma in my care (wich was fine by me), so Emma and i got to talk about her life and school and it was pretty awekward everytime.
eventually she asked if we could kick the ball to each other in the hallway (in the basement by the sheds).
we had loads of fun but got tired real quick.
so we decided to rest in her mom’s shed.
In her shed was a too dusty couch so we decided to lay down on the floor.
She putted her hand on my stomach and i did the same thing (as i thought this was normal to her).

She stood up and I sat up, she said ”go lie down with your eyes and ears closed”
Me: uuuuh why???
”I have a suprise for you”
Me: uuuuh okey?
I closed my ears and eyes and lay down again and in the meantime I was thinking what she was doing?

Then she tapped on my head and I opend only my ears and said: can I open my eyes as well??
”yes please”
I opend my eyes and…. OMG, she stood with both feet next to my face and I was looking directly at her underwear from below and seeing she had no bra on, looking to her small growing boobs.
”OM…” I couldn’t even finnish saying omg or she sat down on my face and said: please don’t say anything and hear me out.
she got off my face and sat down om my dick.
Emma: I have seen things on the internet and i’ve seen people do stuff wich i want to do as well, I dont know any friends that I want to do this with except for you.
Me: listen Emma, I am 27 years old and you are just 11 years old, I can’t really you know why? because if your mother finds out we are both screwed.
But… like right now… naaah I can’t do this, this ain’t right… Although… Emma can you do 1 thing for me?
Me: can you never tell anyone about this?
Her: my and your secret is save with me

I could tell how much she wanted this because over the past few months she was leaving hints like:
1. she walked right by me and ”accidentally” Touched my dick (she Touched my pants where my dick was).
2. she was siting across my in the living room and when she was dressed in a dress, (her mother was on the toilet) she would lift up her dress and pulled and rubbed her pussy (still in her panties)
3. when she really wanted a sleepover she grabbed my dick in my sleep thinking i was asleep and played with it, licking mostly.
4. when i was hugging her (at her age she liked hugs from everyone) she placed my hands on her ass sometimes.

when she stood up i pulled out my pants and shirt leaving only my underwear (just like her), she layed down again and we started kissing, our tongues touching so much.
I was thinking ”this is soooo wrong, but why do I like this so much? why do I like seeing a young girl half naked on my body?”
As she wanted more ofcourse she said ”lets fuck, right now”
Me: lets first do 69 first, do you know that?
Her: ofcourse, I’ve seen loads of porn.
she twisted sides and now i was staring at a bend-over ass with an underwear.
”can you take down your underwear Emma””
she: ofc (as she rushed it to get her panties off and got back in position)
Now i was staring at the most beautifull pussy and asshole of a 11 years old.
She already started licking my dick and I couldn’t let her have all the fun.
so I started licking myself away as i fingered her clit.
She started sucking twice as hard because she was liking what I was doing to her.
As she started to twitch i was feeling something that was going to happend to her.
she stopped sucking my dick and sat RIGHT up my face as I was still licking her virgin pussy away.
The feeling of her siting on my face made me cum.
she started cumming all over my face as well and i licked as much as i could.
”that was amezing, we need to do this more often”
I agreed and said it ain’t over yet.
I grabbed her and twisted her around and guided her to my dick.
I was still rock hard as my 7 inch cock was now rubbing her pussy and ass.
She was excited to learn more about this ”sex”
I pulled her down, my cock slowly enters her (never) entered pussy.
She took the whole thing in once and sat down on it for like 2 minutes.
”Yo..u ar..e wa..y too big for me”.
I disagreed and after 2 minutes of enjoying being inside of her I started slowly fucking her.
she liked it at first but still had some pain.
Sadly I got to last for 2 more minutes because she really sucked my dick way too good, and her extreemly tight pussy wasn’t really too bad for me to last longer.
I came on her boobs and she tried tasting it.
she eventually wiped it away and we laughed.

After that a few days passed by and I wanted to do it again.
and finnaly, Miranda told me that her daughter (which she didn’t know I fucked real hard in her own shed) wanted to be for a sleepover again.
she came after dinner and we watched some movies in our underwears together as i was watching the movie and touching her boobs the whole movie. (she feld like my own daughter even though I don’t have 1)
After the movie we (at least I) couldn’t hold it anymore, the looks of a 11 years old next to me in only a underwear looking at a gorgious cammeltoe.
I stood up, ripped her panties off her legs and lifted her up into the air, she wasn’t that heavy.
I started licking her pussy so much and she was upside down sucking my dick.
I walked slowly each step taking 20 seconds, so I could lick every part of her pussy and her asshole.
I trew her on the bed and she lifted her legs right up in the sky.
(this was the most beautifullest day of my life, i am going to ruin this small tight pussy again)
I was rock hard and I didn’t even want to wait anymore.
I pushed my dick inside her and left it unmoving for 3 minutes as i said ”this is how life should be” as we kissed our pleasures away.
I fucked her for like 8 minutes straight.
let me tell you, an 11 years old pussy: IT’S AMEZING!!!! so tight, so wet, so tasty, so cute.
After I was almost cumming I turned her on her belly and started entering her ass.
At first she didn’t wanted it but then she did and liked it (as hoped)
I dumped my load into her ass and saw everything dripping out.

that night we did everything I wanted.
That kid was amezing, I fucked her on every age till 17,5 years old, as she moved away with Miranda and found a new boyfriend.
But Even though with a boyfriend, she came to my house and told me she never fucked her boyfriend yet because she only wanted me.
I told her a story of what we could do.
(as she agreed she was into it as well)
She was going to have a baby with her new boyfriend and if it was a girl, I was going to secretly un-virgin her just like Emma.
And o boy did god listen, it was a girl, I told myself to wait.
At the age of 10 I saw her lying down with her legs wide open.
I pulled aside her panties, she tasted so good, I remember the time with Emma again.
She never found out that I liked her but only asked ”do you know why my pussy is wet?”
I said, thats normal for a girl, no worries.

As Emma came over with her child (still 10 years old) and wanted to do it. So we explained it to Emily (Emma’s child) what we wanted and she was just like ”ok”
we were shooked but I didn’t waited any second.
That day I licked both Emma and Emily’s pussy’s and fucked then both for an 30 min long (most time took Emily ofcourse).
I dumped my load into Emma’s pussy as I always wanted to do but was avoiding the risk (she was now on birthcontrol).
We were best friends for like, and so was my new best friend Emily who I loved babysitting as you can guess why.

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    Das klingt so geil ich beneide dich um ihre geilen Löcher und das sie do lieb ist und dich ihre Tochter ficken lässt

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    Want me some fun like that fucking a 10yr old is the best feeling ever