Author: Pen Dragon


I know, it’s Batman, but I didn’t know who he was. It was dark, and he had a mask on, which only made him more mysterious. #Cosplay # # #

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Watch the Boys

Andys’ mom had to go out, and set up some church picnic thing, so she payed me to watch the boys, but we didn’t just watch… # # #

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Jock Bitch

Me, and my mom weren’t best friends, but then they started working on a new building over by the school. We got to know each other a little better… # # #

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Doctor Dingdong

I was just a sniffle, it was gone by Monday, but the teacher wouldn’t let me come back without a note from my doctor. Just in case I got the virus. # # #

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Cat Baths

Me, and my brother walked home across a field every day, until I thought he had something in his pants. # #

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Happy Landing

Middle School sucks, and when I got home, i could hear mom getting pounded in her bedroom. So, i took a cigarette out to smoke. #Buli # # #

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Sister Outlaw

My sister got married young, so my brother in law was still a teenager. A horny teenager, it turns out there was something she wouldn’t give him. # # #

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