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Older man helps teen boy part one

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True story many years ago:
I was 16 at the time and very open minded and confused about my sexuality. I was very slim and not big at all in my package area . I didn’t have any body hair to speak of . I love wearing shorts and no shirt and even nude sunbathing because I liked being tanned. I didn’t have any friends to speak of.
I remember one night I tried douching and I liked it. I got dressed after that I got in big argument with my mom and I left the house. As I walked out the door I said maybe I won’t be back. It was dark but hot out I was walking down a very dark road. When it starts down pouring my long hair and clothes soaking wet but it felt good. I was walking for a while it stopped raining when a car drove past me with one head light. Well it drove by me and then back up to me and asked me if I needed a ride to somewhere. I said that I really wasn’t going anywhere particler. He said that was ok he was just riding around and he said that it was going to start raining again. I said ok got in the car.
As he drove we talked about stuff and he gave me a beer to drink. Then he asked me if I had a girlfriend I said no I didn’t. He asked me why I said that well I was hairless and and and I was bit confused about my sexuality. He said so do you think that you would like men. I said I wasn’t sure but I think I might but don’t know anyone to be sure about it. Well he put his hand on my tan smooth leg an said well what would you want to be the guy or woman part. I said that I never thought about it but I think I would prefer to be the woman part. He pulled over on the shoulder of the road stopped and pulled me to him and kissed me. I didn’t even hesitate letting him or stop him I even kicked my shoes off as we kissed passionately. A car drove by he started to drive again. He asked me what I was thinking about after the kissing. I said just thinking about you and how much I love being kissed an that I wanted to strip all of my clothes off for him. He said said do you really want to strip. I said yes.
I didn’t hesitate a split second and I was completely nude. He started to feel my body all over only being able to see me by dash lights. He reached over to my clothes and and grabbed them. He said that he wished he could throw them out the window and take me to his house. I just said do you really want to really do that. He gave me a quick kiss and do you want me too. I said if you want to it’s ok with me. He said that he had better ideal he stopped and got out. He got out open the trunk and closed it and came back and took my shoes and clothes putting them in a plastic bag and said are you sure about this I nodded yes I couldn’t see where he went but came back a couple of minutes later without the bag . He got in the car and shut the door I he started the car. Before he started to drive we kissed.
He started to drive and I couldn’t believe it I was actually nude and my clothes gone and I been kissing a man. I was sitting next to him and put my hand on the crotch of his pants as I had my head on his shoulder. I started to rub feel his crotch. He moved his arm from around my head and undid his pants and zipper. He didn’t have any underwear on so I started to feel his cock. I really like it. I looked at him and he kissed me and I asked him if he would give me hickey’s on my neck. He pulled over immediately and kissed me passionately and giving me hickey’s on each side of my neck. Which really turned me on. After he was done. I laid down with my head on his lap his cock was against my cheek so I gave it kiss and lick. I started to kiss and lick it more before I took it my mouth. His cock tasted and felt so good and right in my mouth.
As I was sucking him as he drove he said to me I was a natural at it just before he shot his hot load down my throat and I swallowed every single drop of it. After I was done sucking him he asked me if I liked it. I said yes as I gave his cock a kiss. Since I was laying there still he put his hand between my legs and rubbed my boi pussi and said wait till I give you my cock in here. Well he told me to sit up we were getting close to his house. As we got closer to his house I noticed when we got to his house that the one house had a very good view of his house. He got out and took my hand helping me out. I knew if they were awake could see me naked. We got up on the porch and he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me passionately again put this time our tongues intertwined. Then we went inside.
We got inside and he took me straight to the bedroom. He told me to get on the bed. He went in the bathroom and came back out completely nude and got on the bed beside me. We started kissing and making out feeling each other body. He was feeling an rubbing my boi pussi more then he put some lube on it. He slipped his fingers inside of me he said that I was so tight. I was amazed how good it felt. So after a few minutes of him fingering me and us making out he got over top of me and I opened my legs and he put some lube on his cock. Then I lifted my legs up and felt the tip of his cock against my boi pussi he gently pushed it inside stretching me open I felt a bit of pressure and pain as he was but the more he got in the better it felt. Soon he was completely balls deep inside of me omg it felt so amazing and wonderful as he fucked me I couldn’t believe help but moan in pleasure. Well after a few minutes he shot his hot load deep inside of me. I moaned loudly when he shot his load in me.
After words we laid there kissing and cuddling and talking. He said what would your mom say if she knew that you were laying here with a man and having sex. I said I don’t know or care. Well he fucked me few more times and I sucked him few times till we fell asleep. The next morning we got up and showered. Then went outside and sat on the porch together. I was completely nude sitting across his lap. We where talking about stuff and his neighbor started to come over I asked him if I should go in he said no. Nothing was going to be said. After she left he said see nothing said. Then he asked me if I wanted to take some very sexy and hot naughty photos of us together doing sexual things. I said yes but how without expensive camera. He said that he has a way. Part two.

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    Well to carry on not feeling comfortable while standing there in the doorway I told him he could sit down and I just needed a minute stop my laundry it was so loud when I walked back in the living room he said I was hoping that you didn’t change and then I noticed I was still wearing my underwear not on my mind at the time and then he said he would enjoy it I took them off he always wanted to see me naked

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    When I lived bye myself a while back I had a neighbor that would always want to talk to me even after I got home from work he sometimes would say hello it was actually nice because I wasn’t enjoying life so much I happened to get home one night and after I put everything down and got undressed I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it up to say hello it was my neighbor friend and he asked me if I would like to have a cocktail just being friendly I told him sure and let him in the living room