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In case it wasn’t obvious, the rest of the title is: Gone Tamara.

Tara (mm…f. Hand)

I was just looking through all my Valentines, when Corey came over, and I heard them talking in my brother’s room. “Dude, your sister’s hot!”

“I know!” I got up, to listen through the closet wall.

“Where’s she at?”

“I don’t know, probably showing off all her Valentines to her friends.” Some friends, most of them won’t even speak to me any more. After the teacher made them give out some to the other girls, and they got them with my name on them.

“Oh, I guess she gets a lot., huh?”

“16, like half the class.” I pulled the coats back from the back, carefully so the hangers didn’t scrape, and got down by the hole.

“Hard to believe she’s only 11.”

“No, she’s 13, she got held back.” Well, it’s kinda hard to concentrate on my schoolwork, with all the boys looking at my boobs. “And she’s not my real sister.”

Finally, he stopped walking back and forth, and looked back. I ducked down, but not before I saw it was Corey. “Well, half sister then. You know what I mean.” He started pacing again. “She really should be in middle school, then.”

“Dude, you come over just to talk about Tara?”

“Well, no.”

“You’re probably hoping she’d be here.” He glanced over, real quick before Cory turned around. When he knew full well that I didn’t have any friends left, to hang out with. Well, screw them, then. If there going to be so jealous, who needs them, when I can have a boyfriend?

“I’m sorry, man. So, what’re you up to?” He didn’t wink, but I think he saw me looking through the peep-hole.

“So, let me guess, you want to go out with her?” My heart starting real hard, and I listened closely to hear his answer.

“I don’t know, maybe? You think she likes me?”

Oh yeah, big time.

“Are you kidding? Stuck in 6 grade, with all those immature boys, yeah. She’d probably jump at the chance to go out with a teenager.” You bet I would!

“Well, you’d be cool with that?”

“I don’t know, it’s not really up to me, but. I don’t want her to get hurt.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t break her heart.” Oh, he’s worried about my feelings? How sweet.

“Well, she’s a virgin, so. I’m not just worried about that. You know, aren’t you kinda a little too big for her?”

“Dude, don’t be such a fag!” He turned around, and covered up his crotch, before I could see it.

“Well, I just want to make sure it isn’t too big. There’s nothing gay about it, but she’s my sister.”

“Yeah, half sister.”

“So, I just have to check it out. Just to be on the safe side. You want to go out with her, or not?”

“Huh, okay.” He unzipped his pants, but he didn’t turn around, and I held my mouth, just in case I started laughing, but I didn’t. It wasn’t funny, not at all. “There, see?” He turned around, then tucked it back in, but not before I got to see it swinging, right past the peephole.

Okay, let me explain something. He’s not my brother, his mom married my dad, and you know. Being newlyweds and all, they’re still going at it like. Well, newlyweds, but all the way down the hall. With both bathrooms in the way, I can’t exactly hear them the way he does.

Laying down in his bed, and rubbing it up under the covers. He usually does that first.

“It get any bigger when it’s hard?”

“Of course it does, it’s a dick. And I’m not going to get it hard just so you can look at it, you homo.”

“I’m not a homo. Not at all.” He laughed, “I really just wanted to see how bad you wanted her.” He glanced over again, to tell me the truth. Which really was, he tricked him into whipping it out, but turned around, to hide it. I don’t know why, he certainly had nothing to be ashamed of.

“Well, she’s not worth it, if you’re going to ruin it, and make it gay.”

“No wait.” He got up. “Maybe you could see if her room is unlocked.”


“She hasn’t washed her underwear in a while, so I bet she’s got some underwear. Dirty underwear.”

“You sicko. You really want to see me jerk off, sniffing your little sister’s panties?” I had one pair, that was pretty stinky, already. “Uh!” I felt wet, on the inside, and held my breath. Pushing them in to split myself wide open, and dry it out.

“Well, you know, she wears bras, too.”


“Not just training bras, B cups.”

“They’re really just Bs? I thought they’d be Cups, at least.”

“Nope, 28 Bs. She’s just petite, so they look larger on her.”

“Huh, yeah.” Now they’re out in the hall, and my heart is beating out of control. Behind the door, knowing that when they come in, they won’t see me right away, and the hamper is right over there.

“She just changed, before she left. So, I bet the bra she took off is still warm, and moist with her boob sweat.”

He just grabbed the door, and almost hit me with it, then he slammed it, without even looking back.

“Stay out there, you sicko.” He slammed the door.

He looked back, and felt the doorknob, for the lock. The plain round brass coated doorknob, without a lock in it.

“Hey!’ I waved.

“Uh, sorry. I thought this was the bathroom.”

“Yeah right, as if I didn’t hear you and my brother talking the whole time.”

“He tricked me, and it was all his idea.” I scooted over, to block the door, so he couldn’t pull it open, and leave.

“Huh, well. You want to kiss me, or not?”

“I knew you liked me too.” He leaned over, and I closed my eyes. Took a deep breath, and held it, so I didn’t have to stop him kissing me for a while.

“Uh!” I felt, a little disappointed, that he wasn’t hard yet.

“Wh? I thought you liked me.”

“I do,” he looked down, “I don’t know what the problem is, try rubbing it hard.”

“I have a better idea.” I pushed him, “Get on the bed, and take your pants off.”

“Uh, l better take these off, before I get on the bed.”

“Whatever.” I glanced back at the closet door, to see the peep hole was dark. Too dark for the middle of the afternoon, unless he was watching.

My brother, Angel. Of course, he found the hole I drilled, a long time ago. I didn’t think about the drywall falling out, and dusting the floor, let alone the little piece of paper sticking out the other side. Also, when I turned the light on at night, to pick out clothes. I usually pushed the winter clothes back, to cover it, but then winter came, and I noticed him watching me. While I picked out clothes in my bra, and panties. Unless I just got out of the shower, of course. In which case, I was probably wearing a towel, unless I took that off too.

“There, see?” He stopped pumping it, and sat back. “It’s not too big for you, is it?”

“Huh, I don’t know. I never had a dick this big before.”

“I thought you’re a virgin?” He shook his head.

“What are you kidding? As many boys follow me around, and try to look up my skirt. Down my blouse, and ‘Accidentally” bump into me all the time. Yeah right, you just accidentally ran into my tits, with both hands, oops!”

“Hey, I said I was sorry about that!”

“Well, I’m not. You’re probably hoping that I wouldn’t be mad, huh? That I’d get all hot and wet, from you groping me?”


“Well, I did. Too bad my brother had to trick you for you to finally get the balls to come in here. Huh.” I felt them, and stopped stroking with my other hand. Just to feel them roll around in there. “Hhuh! You haven’t been draining them too much. Right?” He shook his head, dumbfounded, but then he smiled. “I know what you freshman are like, you think Angel never told me? Why your stuff gets clear and runny. From beating off too much, so your balls are empty, and. Oh, huh! Anhahehin!”

“Ohhhh!” His head hit the wall, when his eyes clenched shut, and his mouth hung open. “Ah, god. I’m sorry, fuck!”

“Huh!” I felt his balls twitch, so I could stop pumping him so hard, and turn my hand so my fingertips rubbed the thick bulge in the bottom. Feel the cum run up before it got to the teardrop hole in the head, and shoot up. Real high too, before it came back down, and splattered all over his shirt. “Huh!” I rolled my eyes, and shook my head. “Liar.” I held my fingers up, to show him. “Look at this pathetic excuse for a wad. You have been beating off, too much. Huh?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Huh, well. It’s okay, I guess, but don’t lie to me any more. And how long’s it take for your balls to recover?”


“I don’t want you jerking off, any more until you’ve got a decent wad for me saved up. You hear me?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Then pull up your pants, and go home. And don’t come back, until your balls are full. So full they’re about to bust, but you better not. Okay?”

“Okay, fine. Jesus you’re demanding, and bossy.”

“Fine, then get out. Huh!” I sat down, shaking my head, and told myself not to cry. “Snh!” I scared him off, by being too bossy, and what’s wrong with me? Now, I’m never going to see him again, and I always ruin it. That’s why I don’t have any friends left, and I fucked up my chance to go out with a real boy, not one of those dickless losers with the bald balls.

“Tara? Tamara, are you okay?”

“No? Go away, and leave me alone.”

“What happened?”

“You heard what happened, I went and fucked it up, like I always do!”

“You just have to listen, more. Instead of taking over the whole conversation, and talking over him, so he can’t get a word in edgewise.”

“I gnow! Snh!” That wasn’t all snot, on my nose, and my fingers. So, I licked them, but by then, it was salty. Mixed with my snot, and my tears. “Huh! I talk too much.” I couldn’t shut my big mouth the whole time, and that’s how I ruined it.

“Well, huh!” He laughed through the door, but didn’t even try the knob. Knowing it wasn’t locked, because there’s no lock on it. Unlike our old house, and my real brother, Darren. He was gone, to college now, which just left me all alone, after dad got divorced, and finally found another woman, to get married to, and boff her brains out every night, it sounds like.

“Well, you know, I haven’t beaten off in a few days.”

“Huh?” Of course, I would have known if he did.

“So, if it would make you feel better, you can come in my room. When you’re ready.” I ran out, or hit the door when my hand slipped, and I had to use my other hand to turn the knob. I looked around the hall, but it was empty.

“Uh, I better wash my hands first.”

“No, that’s okay.” He left his door wide open though. So when I came out, I could see him in bed. His pants on the floor next to it, so I came in. He didn’t even have his shirt off, or his arms under the covers. He just held them down by his sides. “You know, some boys like them mean, and bossy.”


“Yeah, and dirty minded. How long have you been watching me through the peephole over there?”

“Huh!” In the wall, next to his closet. He cleaned up the dry wall powder, and pulled the paper off, so that just left the white circle around the dark hole. Like a butthole, really. I shook my head.

“Well, haven’t you ever wanted to cum in, and give me a hand with it?”

“No? Well, okay, yeah but. Not just that.”

“You want to do more then that?”

“Huh, yeah. I want a baby, and to get pregnant, but if I do it with you, then.” I shook my head, and took a deep breath. “I know you’re not my brother, my real brother, but. Huh!”

“So, what’s the problem?”

“I’m afraid that if dad found out, it would ruin another marriage, because I’m a home wrecker, and.”

“Oh no. Don’t say that, and don’t cry. You’re really so much prettier when you get that dirty look in your eye, and your eyebrows turn down.”

“Really?” I felt my eyebrows, then smelled salty jizz mixed with tears, and snot. “Snh!”

“Yeah, you really look mean, and evil, and pervy. I’m almost afraid of what you’d do, if you ever got your hands on me, and I was at your mercy.”


“You wouldn’t hurt me. Too much, if I cooperate. I’ll do whatever you say, just don’t hurt me. You know when boys say busting their balls, they don’t mean literally busing his balls.”

“Yeah, you mean dad, when he says that. My mom used to bust his balls.”

“Huh, yeah. I’m.”


“No? Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Because, uh! I don’t know, but Corey obviously thought you just wanted to see his dick.”

“Well, I just said that so he’d turn around, where you could see his dick!”

“I know, and that was. Well, I don’t think sweet is the right word.”

“Obedient, submissive?”

“No,” I thought, “Shut up a minute, I can’t hear myself think.” He bit his lip, and nodded. “Well, it was, so thoughtful of you, and I guess I better make it up to you, so. Yeah.” He put his hands up, and locked his fingers together behind his head. “I promise not to hurt you, if you do what I say.”

“Mhm!” He nodded, still biting his lips.

“Huh, get hard, now. Don’t touch it, I want it good and hard. Now!” I stomped, and pointed. “Is it hard yet?”I can’t see it under the covers.

“Mhm?” He nodded, but he had his ayes closed, and the dirtiest grin. “Wipe that smile off your face.” I smeared the jizz on his nose, so he could smell it. “You sick peeping pervert. You like looking at me, in my underwear, huh!” I felt it through the sheet. “Or in a towel. Right out of the shower, so I’m still nice and wet under it.” I had to pinch it, and pull it up, but he sniffed, and hunched. When the sheet slipped over the head, just the way he liked it. I wanted to ask him, why he does that, but now, I’m starting to leak again. So, I pushed my crotch in, to dry it again, and slipped them off. Underneath my dress, and looked over at his face.

His eyes, watching me, and smiling. “Huh!” I put my leg up, and his eyes went down. Sideways to look under my skirt. Right next to my knee, and slipped them off my foot. “I should probably tie your hands.”

“Oh!” His eyes closed again, and he turned, face up. “Yeah.”

“You’d like that, huh? If I tied you up? Well, that’s not going to happen.”

“Huh, whm! Snh!”

“Sh.” I just held the warm wad of fragrant fabric over his mouth, and nose. Wiped the spunk, and snot off, so he could really get a good whiff of how hot, and wet I was for him.

And Corey, I guess. Too bad I scared him off, so we couldn’t do a threesome. Let alone a gangbang, god. Ever since the first time, I masturbated with Darren, and he told me about his girlfriend’s thing with gangbangs.

Well, that’s perfectly normal. Honestly, what girl wouldn’t want to be surrounded by all those guys, looking at her. All their eyes all over her, she’s just vain. So, she wants to be the center of attention. Well, not to mention load after load, shot all over her face, chest, back, ass, arms and legs, until she’s covered in it. Dripping, and sticky with jizz.


“You’re quiet.”

“Shut up.” I let my hand, and panties slip off his mouth, and held it on his cheek. “I’m just trying to decide what to do with you. The right punishment, for looking at Corey’s dick. Don’t lie, you liked his big dick too. Come on, tell me. Tell me the truth.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, “I like his big fat dick.” He lied.

“You want it, his big fat dick in your mouth?”

“Yeah, his nut butter.”

“Aphuhuh?” He just caught me off guard. “Wh? Well, it’s weak sauce. If you want to call it that, more like watered down almond butter. You think you can do better?”

“Huh, yeah. I haven’t beat off in weeks, so I bet they’re just about to burst.”

He was listening, of course. I knew that, but I didn’t think he’d be taking notes!

“Huh, yeah. I should bust your balls, for that.”

“Uh, huh! Yeah, you can squeeze them a little harder.”

“Not too hard?”

“Not yet, a little harder. Nh!” He winced, “Orange.”

“Wh, huh?” He surprised me.

“Oh, sorry. That’s a safe word, it means don’t stop, but don’t go no further. Red means stop, but I want to be able to say no, and stop. When I don’t really mean stop, so I use safe words, like orange.”

“Sh!” I tapped his lips, and he nodded, pissed my fingers, then closed his eyes again. “I get it, so not too hard, but this hard?”

“MH!” He nodded.

“You like that?”

“Mh hn!” He started shaking his head.

“You can speak.”

“Uh, it’s not that. I don’t like pain, but it’s like. Huh, I don’t know. It doesn’t hurt too much, and I don’t get blue balls.”

“Like the other boys?”

“No, that’s how I can hold it, for days, and even weeks. I don’t have to whack off, I can save it, until I can’t hold back any more, but then. When it cums, it’s the best.”

“And what about when I crush your balls?”

“Huh, I don’t know, but I bet it’s be even better.”


“Uh huh! So, take your time, we got all day, right?”

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Well, mom and dad haven’t come back yet, and it’s way past checkout time, so I bet your dad payed for another night. They’ll probably be gone all night, so I can wait until morning. At least. Huh?”

I let go, and rubbed his balls, through the sheet.

“Well, I can’t.” I finally thought of the best punishment, and pulled back the sheet. When really, I don’t want to punish him for tricking Corey into coming in my room, and cumming in my hand. “Huh, you want to hold it?”


“You don’t want to cum right now?”

“No, please. Not yet. Stop, please stop.”

“No means yes?”

“Nh yhm! Fgh!” This time, his eyes squeezed shut so tight, that they wrinkled up, and I had to tuck my thumb in. To squeeze it hard, against the soft spongey tube in the bottom. For his pisshole, and his cum hole, but it bulged, and backed up against the side of the nail.

“Hold it. Hold it back.”

“NyaAH! Ah fuck, huh!” His eyes were wide open, looking at me, and panting. “Huh, I can’t, I couldn’t ah, god. Uh!” He stopped, twitching, and filling up his cock with a full load from his balls. “Uh!” I let go, so it could fall on his tummy, and pulled up his shirt so it ran out, in one big white thick sticky wad. “HuhHhuh!” He shivered, and his tummy spasmed.

“Huh, good.” I felt his hair. “Good boy, you did so good, and saved me such a nice load.” I played with it in his pubes. “You hungry?”

“Huh, yeah. Up hahl!” His breath was hot on my wet fingers, licking it up, and then the back of my thumb when I turned it over. “Mh nhm, ywm!”

“You love it, don’t you, faggot?”

“Huh, yeah, but don’t call me that.”

“Why not faggot?”

“I mean it. Red, stop. It’s over, and I liked it, but I’m not gay. Not at all, so don’t call me that.”

“Huh!” I rolled my eyes. “Boys. Okay. I’m sorry I called you gay.”

“It’s okay, you didn’t know, but next time you humiliate me. You can use it, when we’re in the scene.”

“So, it’s like acting?”

“Yeah,” he sat up, and wiped his mouth. “Play acting.” He laughed, shaking his head. “Whew, that was intense.”


“You’re going to be a great dom.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh, dominatrix? It’s short for that, but it’s spelled Domme. With 2 Ms, and an E?”

“Well, too bad, we don’t have another what did you call it?”

“Submissive? That’s the D/S in BDSM.”

“Oh yeah?” I sat down. “I thought S&M stood for Sadomasochism?”

“It does, but each letter can stand for more than one thing? So,” he stuck a finger up. “B is Bondage, and D. That’s discipline. B&D.”

“Uh huh?”

“Then D is also Domination, and S Submission?”


“And of course, S&M is sadomasochism.” He held up his middle 2 fingers together this time. I’m not really a masochist.”

“What’s that?”

“Someone who likes pain? I don’t, but if you don’t hurt me, then it just dominates me more. I can use that fear, that you’re going to go too far, and really hurt me to push me down into subspace.”

“Wow, you really did your research.”

“Yeah, but you’re a natural. A natural dominant, I can tell. Usually, you’re supposed to talk about it first, I should have told you my safe words.”

“So, green means go?”

“No? I don’t know, honestly, I never did it before, with someone else. I got it out of a story, but they never said what green means, or if it even means anything.”

“Huh, well. I don’t guess you have to tell me, when to go. Just when to slow down, and stop.”

“Yeah, you need to work on that, but I can help you, if you want?”

“Well, it’s just so frustrating, especially in this house, and this family. Because dad’s so horny, and he hasn’t gotten this much action in years. Of course, you’re right here next door, whacking off, and then when I go to school. It’s like, I can’t get away from boys, wherever I go, they’re always there, looking at me. Even in my dreams, I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night, without having that nightmare.”

“Well, what happens in it?” He got up, and picked up his pants. Put them on, zipped, and buttoned them up, the whole time I was talking. And listening, he actually listens to me, when even my own brother wouldn’t shut up, and just listen to me.

“Huh! You know, the normal one where you’re at school, and you’re called up in front of the class. To do a problem on the white board, but then when I pick up the marker. It changes, into this alien gibberish I can’t even read, and I don’t want to admit that I can’t, because I can’t even read it, but that’s when I start feeling cold, and I realize that my clothes disappeared. I’m naked, and I can feel their eyes all over me, but if I turn around, then I’ll see them looking at me, and I don’t know why I’m so terrified of that, but I am.”

“Well, it’s a nightmare, so if you could think clearly, you’d realize you’re dreaming, and just wake up.”

“Yeah, I do. Sometimes, eventually, but then, I get horny. I guess I don’t want to be scared, but I thought, maybe if it was a turnon?”

“Yeah, maybe. I don’t know.”

“You know, you’re a great listener?”

“Well, now that you’re listening to me, maybe we can do what I want to do.” He stuck his butt out. Topless, and shook it at me.

“Ew, no.”



“No, spanking.” He turned around, with his pants still buttoned, and his fly zipped up, but he didn’t buckle his belt. He pulled it out, “Or maybe bondage, either way.”

“Huh!” I thought, “Maybe later, but I think I need a shower first.”

“Okay, don’t forget your underwears.”

“Oh, keep them. For the time being, and wipe that dick puke off your body.”

“Okay,” he picked them up, “Like this?”

“Yeah, I’ll wash them later.” That just reminded me, of what he said. Well, a lot of things he said, I need to listen more, for one thing. Instead of thinking about them, boys thinking about what they’re going to say when I give them a chance.

No wait, what was it? Oh yeah, I need to wash my underwear, and probably run a whole load of laundry, with my hamper so full, it’s overflowing in the corner. I guess it’s a good thing, he could use it to lure Corey in to my room, where I could ambush him.

“Shit.” What am I going to do about him? I mean yeah, he’s cute, I guess. He just doesn’t like me bossing him around, and I barely even got to whack him off. He couldn’t hold it, so maybe that’s why I got so upset when he blew his wad, early.

Like I care how weak, and runny it is. Well, okay, I was afraid that if it’s so clear, and watery, then maybe he’s also got a low sperm count. He might have trouble getting me pregnant, when we get married, and why am I even thinking about that? When I can’t even keep a boy interested for longer than a 1 night stand, because my standards are too high.

Yeah, that’s got to be it. None of them ever even measure up, because I want a man. Not a stupid little boy, with miniature tennis balls, and maybe 1 whole drop, if he can even squeeze that out, but no. It’s not their fault, they’re young, and I started really showing in 5th grade.

Then 5th grade again, when I failed, then 6 grade, and now 6 grade again. Maybe I should take Aunt Jean up on her offer for private school. Yeah, it’ll look good on my application for college, but I don’t want to be stuck in there with all those girls, and stupid church girl uniforms, when really. I probably should get my grades back up, without all those boys to distract me.

I just, don’t want to think about mom, and aunt Jean. Now, and the least thing I want is to owe her anything, when she’s not my mother. She’s just living with my mother, and probably banging her too, when I’m not there.

“Huh!” I better get out, and dry off. Wrap my hair up in the towel, to soak all the water you, and go back to my room.

“Tara?” He knocked.

“Uh huh?”

“You have any clothes on?”

“I don’t have any clean underwear, to put on, so no. And besides, it’s a little late to be modest after that.”

“I know, but it’s distracting. Can you put something on, so i can come in, and talk?”

“Huh! Okay.” I pulled the towel off, and felt my hair, then wrapped it around me, to tuck the corner in the top. “Come in.”

“Well, I was thinking.”

“You want to help me with the laundry?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Well, I have to sort out the delicates from the.” He left, and came back with a basket, from his room. “Thanks,” I started grabbing underwear, and throwing it in the basket, while I piled up the dresses, skirts, pants, and tops, on my bed.

“I think I better fix the hole in the wall, if you don’t mind.”

“Huh, not really. I guess you need your privacy. So, how come you never. Well, before today, you haven’t really been using the peephole that much, anyway.”

“Well, I don’t know. I wasn’t sure whether I should encourage you.”

“Huh! Yeah.” I pulled my hair back, and fussed with it. “I guess I have been, a little out of control. Lately.”

He held up a negligee, and checked the tag, so I giggled. “You haven’t been getting into my underwear, have you?”

“No?” He threw it in the basket, then tried laughing it off. “It wouldn’t fit me, anyway.”

“Oh, ha hah!” not funny. “If that’s true, than how come you knew my exact bra size, then?”

“Well, because you tell everyone?”

“No I don’t.”

“Well, at least your friends.” I must have made a face. “Oh, sorry.” I felt my chin wrinkle up, and tremble. “I’m sure they’ll come back, when they stop feeling so hurt, but you know.”

“I know! Okay? I know, I shouldn’t flaunt it as much as I do, but this time I went too far.”

“With the Valentines?”

“And the underwear, and. Where do you even get stuff like this?”

I yanked my bra way from him, and stuffed it down in the bottom of the delicates. “What?”

“Your dad isn’t buying them for you, hell he doesn’t even know about half of it.”

“I don’t see why not. It’s not like I hide them from him.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t think he wants to know. Is that why you let it pile up, hoping he’ll notice, and ask you where you got them from?”


“Tara. Huh, look. I just have to ask, okay?”

“My mom, of course. My real mom, who else would I trust to buy me underwear?”

“Well, don’t you think it’s a little weird?”

“No, I told you> I just told you that, it’s normal for moms to buy their daughters underwear.”

“Yeah, normal underwear, but not stuff like thongs, and what do you even call those bras, that don’t cover up your whole breast, so the nipples stick out?”

“Cupless bras.”

“Oh, that makes sense.” He shook his head, “But what doesn’t make sense is you having them so young.”

“Well I like them, okay?”

“Yeah, and your mom, and that skinny woman she’s shacking up with.”

“Well, she’s an underwear model, so.” Yeah?”

“She is?”

“Of course. Look at her, can’t you tell?”

“Yeah, and aren’t you a little.”


“No, will you stop interrupting me, and putting words in my mouth?”

“Huh! I’m sorry, I don’t want to fight.”

“Well, this should be enough to fill up the sink.” He held out the basket, “So here. I’ll take the rest down to the laundry, while you break out the woolite.”

“You can’t wash all that together.”

“I know, but I can read.” He held up a babydoll. “See?” Stuck the tag out with his thumb, and turned it around to read. “Machine wash, cold only, and gentle cycle, or hand wash.”

“Okay, well, I’ll take that.”

“Fine, but you better take them down to the kitchen sink, where there’s enough for all of it.”

“Fine!” I caught my breath, and tried to figure out why I’m so mad at him. For handling my delicates? No, honestly, I’m still a little confused about why he’s not really interested in that, when he just proved he’s not gay. He’s just a submissive bottom, that wants to get tied up and spanked, which is even weirder, if you think about it.

“Huh, he’s right.” Though, there’s 2 sinks, so I can soak them in one, and rinse them off in the other, so. I grabbed the woolite from the bathroom, and carried it down to the kitchen.

That gave me something else to do, instead of think about, stuff. I mean, yeah. Most girls don’t get to wear nice stuff like me, but I always thought I was lucky, to have such a cool mom, and such.

Sexy underwear. Until she left dad, for another woman, half her age, that looks like an overgrown teenager, and she’s like 6 foot tall in those heels. Her favorite stockings, and the matching garter belt to hold them up. Panties on the inside, so she has to un-buckle them to pull them down…

She’s not like hat, no she never. Even looked at me, lustily, and if she got wet showing me how she walks. Striking a pose, and holding her hair back with one shoulder, so the other one appears, and you can see her face, both cups, and one side of her hip sticking out under the arch of the belt. The straps clipped to the lacy trim around the top of her stockings.

“Huh!” The water finally started, and I shivered.

“Dressup.” She called it. “You need something nice to play dressup, so why don’t you go get the new panties?”

“No, mom? Uh!”

Why didn’t I say no? Why didn’t I ever even think that? I shouldn’t need a boy to tell me how fucked up it is, to play model in my underwear with my mom, and. “Oh god. No?”

“Oh my god, are you okay?” I Think I almost fainted, but I just held onto the side of the sink until i could turn around, slide down, and cover up my face. My breasts with my elbows, and my legs crossed under the towel. Naked, except for the towel, and beleiveing for all the world that it would just fall off if I didn’t hold it up with my arms.

“Hih hih hih hih!”

“Let me get you a glass of water, you’re hyperventilating.”

Wake up Tara, wake up! It’s not just a nightmare, and I’m not just going to wake up in bed, with the silence.

That’s the worst part, it’s not the giggles, and whispers behind me, that. Terrified me, it was the chill I got, when my clothes disappeared, and they all stopped. Then it was quiet, in my room, and dark. Warm in the covers, but now I knew why I couldn’t never turn around.

I was afraid that if I did, they wouldn’t be there. The class would be gone, along with my clothes, and even the teacher. It would just be me, and her.

My mother, looking at me, naked.

“Drink this, and try to breathe.”

“Huh, siph Caugh, uh!”

“i can get you some ice or something.”

“No, don’t bother yourself, I just have to remember how to drink, instead of trying to breathe it, thanks. Thank you so much, Oh!” I grabbed him, and pulled him down, “Just hug me. Okay?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. I’m here, and you don’t have to worry about me taking advantage of the situation.”

“Yeah, keep talking.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I don’t care? Tell me about, huh. The right way to act, and the right way to dress.”


“Yes, really. I have to hear it from somebody, and dad’s not here to say it!”

“Well, you know. It’s uh. It’s a little to cold to be walking around, with so much skin exposed.”

“Uh huh?” He rubbed my shoulders.

“That’s why you’re getting goosebumps, so maybe we better go upstaird. Uh!” He picked me up. “It’s okay, you’re not too heavy, just. Relax, I’ll take care of you. Lets just get you up, and into bed, where it’s warm.”

“Uh huh?”

“I’ll take care of you.”

I was starting to feel better all ready.


^I can go on…

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    I know how it is to have to sister’s in the house.
    I have one that is 2 years older than me and one that’s 4 years younger than me I have seen both of them naked my little sister I seen at 4 years old all the way up to 10 years old. Have larend about the female body form them my oldest sister I was 10 years old and I had the chance to see her boob’s . the 3 of us all hid in a shed and me and little sister got naked .
    Big sister push her shart and bra up and thare was her boob’s I don’t know what her size was .
    I know 6 years later my little sister developed a nice 34c boob’s
    And she didn’t like to ware a bra.