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My best friend raped me in my sleep

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It started with her ‘accidentally’ walking in on me, then it went on from there…

This story is about when my friend started to get sexual with me and started to force me to do what she said, after this she started to make me do lots more but this is just the beginning. Me and my friend are both girls btw.

This took place while I was 12, and my friend, Jessica, was 13, almost 14. I was pretty slim and so was she, but she was a few inches taller then me. I have brown eyes and brown hair, and she has green eyes and dirty blonde hair.

So for a little backstory, I was friends with her since I was 9, and we always had sleepovers. Like all the time. She was my only friend and if I didn’t have her I would pretty much be completely alone when it came to friends, I didn’t talk to many people so I was lucky that me and her were such good friends. Her mom was hardly home thanks to work and going out partying, and she didn’t know her dad.

Back to when I was 12, one day I was over at her house and planning on sleeping over, like usual. Except it wasn’t like usual. Jessica was acting a little off but I just brushed it off because sometimes she would act like that, but it only started recently. She had also started doing stuff like squeezing my breasts and ass and calling it a joke, I was a little confused as to why she kept doing it but I brushed it off because she was my best friend after all. But this particular day, she asked to play a game with me… She said she wanted me to pull down my shorts so we could do the game. I didn’t want to so I told her that we should play another game, but she got upset and said that she wasn’t gonna be friends with me if I didn’t want her to have fun too (We had been doing things of my choice for the past week). I finally reluctantly agreed and pulled down my shorts, then she said that I had to pull down my underwear too but I felt like it was too much so I refused and said we could play another time and that she could pick any other game. She got mad and shoved her hand into the back of my panties, but only for a split second before I told her to stop again and I said I had to go to the bathroom. Everything went back to normal after that, or so I thought… For the next few weeks when I would sleep over and go to the bathroom, she would come into the bathroom a few minutes after and act surprised that I was there. She would then stand at the door of the bathroom and talk about some random stuff and stare at my pussy, and if I had already gotten up from the toilet she would stare at my ass, every time I scrambled to get up and put my pants back on and I was always so confused about how the bathroom door was unlocked when I was sure I had locked it, but it turns out she had a key I didn’t know about at the time.

One particular day was the start of when she really started doing stuff to me instead of just staring. We had both gone to bed and I was out like a light almost immediately, I’m a really deep sleeper as well. But tonight I happened to wake up. I started to feel rubbing on my ass as I slept, and then I felt something wet. I was so drowsy and confused so I didn’t think much of it. That was until I felt something enter my asshole. My eyes shot open and I realized I was flipped on my stomach, my face was in the pillow, I immediately lifted my head and tried to get up but Jessicas hand pushed my head back down. “Jessica?? What are you doing???” I said. She then began to lick my asshole again and stick her tongue in, I was shocked, I barely even knew what sex was at the time. I tried to get up but she pushed me down again, she was clearly stronger then me. After this she quickly stuck her finger in my asshole and started to pull it in and out, I begged her to stop but now instead of one finger she put 2, and she told me to shut up or she would add more. After she was done with my asshole she layed back down and said that if I let her play her game it wouldn’t have hurt so much, and that she would do it again since she couldn’t play her favorite game. She said we weren’t friends anymore as well. I was still distraught and told her that we could play whatever game she wanted and begged her not to stop being friends with me, she was my best friend and I didn’t have anyone besides her.

This was just the start of many sexual encounters with my friend, I can write more about them here soon.
If you wanna hear more about the stories before I write them or if you wanna hear about this one more in depth,
My snapchat is: prettyyk1ttyy
And my Wickr Me is: prettyk1tty

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    What’s the point of posting your snapchat if you’re just gonna leave me on read and not respond lmao

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      i prob just forgot to reply lol..

  • Reply Drachenlord ID:7sp1xnqj

    It is uttermost important that you write every detail of every encounter with her, only that way you can endure it and stay friends with her

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    I cannot find you on wicker but I did send you a request on Snapchat

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      Lol find you

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    We need more female rapists

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      But only hot ones otherwise its actually rape

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    This Store was great never heard anything like it please make more