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I Married A Wife Abuser During Sex

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I married a man I thought was a great guy. I was wrong. He is mean and sadistic. He gets off on other men fucking me and using me or entertaining them. Then he abuses me for fucking them. I just found out they pay him for time with me. I can’t believe I’m out here in the boonies so far away, from anyone or anything. Actually, I’m a prisoner. He won’t let me go anywhere.

When we first married we lived in the city. He made me quit my job because he thinks a woman should stay home, be a homemaker and serve her husband. He makes real good money so, I thought I’d do that for my husband.

After I quit my job Perry, my husband, said he has a place in the country that we’re moving to. I thought it might be nice living in the country. I had no idea how my life was gonna change. When he took me there the first time I couldn’t believe how isolated it was. There was nothing around us for miles.

It was a very nice place but I’m thinking, what am I gonna do all day. Perry worked from home most of the time. Once in awhile he had to go into town for something for work but, not often.

He had business meetings a lot and he started having them at our new place. He would have me prepare sandwiches and snacks for his guys. They would set around a table talk their business and then many times they would play cards.

I was 5’6″ 34 D bra, curvy with dark brown hair bra length and blue eyes. Perry insisted I wear a cocktail outfit on nights when the guys come over. So, I wore the little barely covered my ass skirt and a bra with heels. I could only wear a crotchless thong for panties. He said, he needed to entertain and keep the guys happy for his part of the business. Whatever that meant.

They all came in and were at the table when Perry motioned for me to come take their drink order. He introduced me to them as his wife who’s the best wife ever. She demands serving my co-workers and wants to provide anything you might want, while you’re here.

They were going on about what a lucky son of a bitch Perry was to have such a beautiful, sexy and amiable wife. They told me their drink orders and while I was standing by one guy taking his order he put his whole hand on my ass and said, “Hey Perry, ,” What if I want this?” Everybody chuckled and Perry said, “It’ll cost you a lot.” I thought I heard wrong. He said, “How much?” Perry said, “Five hundred for a fuck.”

I looked at Perry and shook my head NO. The guy said, Well, I don’t have that much cash on me tonight but I’ll damn sure have it the next time.” Everyone laughed. I had to continue serving drinks, snacks and anything else they ask for the rest of the night. I was so glad when they left.

I ask Perry, “Why would you say such a thing to that guy?” He said, “Because, I would let him fuck you for five hundred dollars.” I said, “What about me, what if I say no?” He said, “Oh, I meant to talk to you about this.” “That’s my new way to make money, you’re gonna fuck those men to earn your keep around here.”

I said, “I’m not doing that, Perry.” He said, “Oh yes you are so, shut up.” Perry had drank several drinks and when he drinks he fucks me real hard and usually smacks me or whips me. He just gets mean when he drinks and treats me rough cause he tries to hurt me.

I got ready for bed and Perry was already in the bed. Perry said, “Hurry up and get in the bed, my dick is rock hard thinking about Fred fucking your pussy.” I just let it go. You can’t argue with a drinker.
I got in bed and he jerked me down and crammed his dick in my mouth. He said, “Oh baby, you suck a good dick.” “I’m sure Fred will stick his dick in your mouth.” When he said that he pushed my mouth down on his dick real hard trying to get it in my throat.

Perry said, “Now, I don’t want any problems with you over fucking whoever I bring in.” I said, “I don’t wanna fuck those people.” He said, “You can agree or I’ll tell them to rape you, for an extra hundred.”
Perry gets on top of me and starts fucking me. He stuck his dick in and leans back so he can slap and pinch my titties. He said, “Oh, the guys are gonna have fun with you.” He’s panting as he fucks my pussy.
Perry pulled his dick out and got up on my chest. He said, “Open your mouth, I’m gonna cum in it.” He’s jacking off his dick till he cums. Then he laughs while he cumming. It goes all over my face instead if my mouth so, he puts it in my mouth when he’s done and said, “Lick it clean, my little waitress.”

I thought well now I could go to sleep. But, I was wrong. He stayed on top of me and kept it in my mouth. He told me, “Suck it till it gets hard again, I’m not done fucking you.” So, I did that and he slides down turns me over and fucked me from behind. He has this paddle he whips me with. He’s smacking my ass and it hurts. He said, “Are you gonna be a good little fuck toy for the men?” At this point I’d agree to anything. I said, “Yes Perry, I’ll fuck whoever you say.” He stops with the paddle and fucks me hard till he cums in my pussy and rolls off.

I go put a cold towel on my ass then, get in the bed.

It was about two weeks before the men came back out for a meeting. Meanwhile, Perry has bought me several outfits to wear while serving. One of them is a thong and pasties. I can’t believe this. I wear a teddy that’s crotchless and my tits are totally exposed.
They sit down at the table and Perry said, “I hope you brought some extra cash boys, you might see something you want. I come out in my outfit and they all hoot and holler. One of them said, “Fuck Perry, you’ve got my money.”

I took their orders and went to make them when Perry came in the kitchen. He said, “Fred’s ready to fuck you.” “When you serve these go to the bedroom and wait for him.” “You must do anything he wants, do you hear me?” I said, “Yes, Perry.”

I served the drinks and went to the bedroom. In walks Fred. He said, “I can’t believe I’m getting to fuck you, you’re gorgeous.” I smiled. He stripped off his clothes and held his dick in his hand, as he walked towards me. He said, “Get on your knees baby, you’re gonna suck my dick.” He wasn’t huge just about 6″.
I start sucking him and he got hard and then shot his load in my mouth. He said, “Fuck, I couldn’t hold it.”
I kinda felt sorry for him. I told him, “That’s alright, I’ll get you hard again and you can fuck me all you want.” He grabbed me up and kissed me rubbing my tits against his chest.

I told him to sit on the bed. I started playing with his dick and balls. Then, I put my mouth on his dick and started sucking his balls. He got hard immediately. Then, I climbed on top of him and started fucking him. He held me by my ass and sucked on my titties. It felt good to be in control for a change. He said, “Your pussy is so fucking good, I can’t believe Perry would sell you.” I said, “It doesn’t matter, Fred, I get to fuck you.” His dick got so hard he was gonna cum so, I stopped and said, “I’m not done with you Fred, don’t you cum yet.” He said, “Thanks, I don’t want it to end either, I just am so horny for you.” He said, I guess you can tell I don’t get much pussy.” I said, “That’s okay Fred, I’m here now, fuck me, hard.”
He flipped me over on the bed and fucked me from behind hard as he could and then he cum, moaning and ramming his dick in my pussy.He got done and almost went to sleep. He got up got dressed and went back to the table. He told Perry, he was fucking nuts to allow anyone to fuck his wife.

I came back out to see if anybody needed anything when I was told by Perry to, “Go back to the bedroom, Jack, will be right in.” So, I did and Jack comes in and said, “Are you ready to be fucked?” I said, “Yes, I’m ready.” What a jerk, I thought. He starts taking off his clothes and only unzips his pants, pulls his dick out and tells me to bend over. I do that and he sticks his dick in my pussy. Grabs my hips and fucks me fast and hard. He reaches around and squeezes my titties then said, “Wow, your pussy is fucking great.” A few more strokes and he cums. Wow, what a lover. I sure feel sorry for his wife. He zipped up his pants and walked out. I can’t believe he paid five hundred dollars for that quickie. I wonder if they make fun of him for only being gone almost fifteen minutes.

I took the guys more drinks and ask if I could get them anything else. The last guy said, “I guess I’ll go ahead and follow suit.” Perry said, “Joe will be right in.” I went and washed up then went back to the bedroom. Joe came in and he was a good looking man. Best looking one of the three. He walked over and put his arms around me. He looked me in the eye and kissed me very passionately. I thought, how nice. He started undoing his pants and I unbuttoned his shirt. He’s looking at me the whole time. Gosh, he was intense. I looked at his dick and it was as beautiful as he was. He wasn’t completely hard and he was big. I reached down and put both my hands around it then started moving it back and forth.
He lifted it to my lips and I put it in my mouth.

He moaned and said, “I love your mouth, you feel so good.” I said, “You feel wonderful.” He held my head and moved it on his dick. I was loving his dick and the way he was treating me. I sucked him for a long time. I licked and sucked his balls. He moaned when I had his balls in my mouth. He played with my titties and nipples. He pulled out of my mouth and laid me down on the bed. He got on top of me and slid his dick into my pussy. He felt so full and hard. He fucked me propped up on his elbows looking in my eyes.I’ve never had anyone look at me with such passion in his eyes. I’m thinking, what a lover he is. I don’t think he’s married. Joe tells me, “You’re such a beautiful, sexy woman.” “How could Perry do this to you?” I wanted to cry.

He had more respect for me than my own husband. He wasn’t just fucking me, he made love to me. He shifted his position and started pounding my clit with his dick. Then he said, “Come on baby, cum on my dick, I want you to be satisfied too, cum for me.” And with those words I flooded him with my warm wetness. He said, “Ohoo, that feels nice.” Then he fucked me hard until he cum. Afterwards he held me, told me, “I loved fucking you and I hope I can do it again, real soon.” He was sucking my titties and telling me how beautiful my body was. I told him, “I really enjoyed our time together, and I hope you come back.”
He got dressed, kissed me passionately, again and left. I didn’t want him to leave. I spent the most time with Joe. I thoroughly enjoyed Joe.

When I went out, Perry was saying good night to the guys. He started counting his money and told me to go get in the bed, now. Well, he’d been drinking and his tone told me he was pissed so I wasn’t looking forward to this.

Perry came in the bedroom and said, “So, how was it tonight, fucking those three guys?” I said, “I did what you wanted me to do, Perry.” He said, “You know what I want to hear.,” I said, “What?” He said, “You and Joe.” I said, “What about it?” He came over to me and slapped my face. He said, “You loved fucking him, didn’t you?” I said, “Perry he paid to fuck me just like the other two did, and this was ALL your idea.”
“So, don’t go nuts for no reason.” “There’s nothing going on between me and Joe.”

He got on top of me and stuck his dick in me hard as he could. He said, “How’s that, you like to be fucked like this, fast and hard?” “I feel Joe’s cum in your pussy, did Joe fuck you hard and fast?” “I know he has a pretty big dick, did you like it, that big dick?” I said, “I’m not answering these ridiculous questions.” He slapped me again. Then he grabbed my titties and started twisting and pinching them hard to make me cry out. I said, “Perry, stop, your hurting me.” He said, “I know, I want to hurt you, you’re a slut, a fucking slut who fucks for money.”

I knew there was no need in telling him he’s the one who started this. He was gonna do whatever he wanted to do to me tonight.
I said, “Perry, please make love to me.” He said, “I’m not making love to you, I’m just gonna fuck you like the slut you are.” He pounded his dick in my pussy, squeezing my titties and hurting me.

I thought of Joe while Perry was abusing me. I doubt he’ll let Joe fuck me again. I was very sad about that.
Perry finally rammed his dick in me and cum. Then he rolled over and went to sleep.

The next day, I ask, “Are you still mad at me.” He said, “I’m not mad at you.” I just got jealous of those guys fucking you.” I said, “So, I don’t have to fuck them anymore?” He said, “No, you still have to fuck them, I’ll get over the jealousy thing.” I just sighed. I hope he would still include Joe. I sure hope Joe’s included.

I finally couldn’t stand it and said, “Well, what about Joe and all that stuff you said about him last night.?”
He said, “Oh, well his money’s as good as the others so I’ll take it.” He said, ,”Joe’s a good guy.” “I’m just a little jealous of his good looks and big dick.” I said, “Perry, you don’t have anything to be jealous of, I think your better looking.” He wasn’t but, I had to diffuse the situation if I could plus, I wanted to see Joe again.

It was a few weeks before he had them back out to our place.In between that time Perry was fucking me all the time. I couldn’t understand what he was trying to do. He was also rough and mean to me, hurting me when he fucked me. He took a dildo and stuck it in my pussy and then fucked my ass just because he wanted to hurt me. While he was fucking my ass he was ramming that dildo in my pussy. I was so sore the next two days. But, he still fucked me. He told me the guys were coming tonight, to get ready.

I was so glad to see Joe came. Perry had me wear the thong and pasties that only covered my nipples. I paraded around allowing the guys to touch me. Fred couldn’t keep his hands off my tits. I’m surprised Perry tolerated his squeezing them in front of him but, he did. Jack said, “I wanna go first tonight.” Perry said, “Go.” So, as usual Jack came in unzipped his pants, pulled his dick out and fucked me within ten minutes and left. I thought, Perry made money on that one.

Fred said, “As bad as I want to I haven’t got the money this week.” I thought, great. So, I looked at Joe. Joe said, “I’ll go then.” I went in the bedroom and Joe came right in. He kissed me and said, “I’ve thought about you ever since I was here last.” I said, “Me too.” He takes off his clothes and cups my titties looking at me up and down. Joe said, “I want you so much, and not just for tonight.” Those were words I had longed to hear but never thought, I would hear them from him.

Joe started fucking me with long deep thrust with his dick in my pussy. I almost cum as soon as he entered me. He rolled over putting me on top. He took off the pasties and started sucking my titties. I’ve never felt this way before, not even with Perry. We were lost in the throws of passion when all of a sudden Perry opens the door and walks in naked as can be. He said, “Don’t move guys, I just wanna make this a little threesome. Joe and I were shocked. I started to get off but Perry said, ” Don’t move babe, you’re in the perfect position.” He got behind me and in between Joe’s legs and stuck his dick in my ass. I said, “No Perry, don’t do this.” He got his dick in and I cringed in pain. He grabbed my hips and rammed it in my ass. Joe said, “Perry, what are you doing man?” He said, “I’m giving this wife of mine what she wants.” He’s fucking me so hard. Joe’s not moving. I told Joe to fuck my pussy to take my mind off the pain, Perry was inflicting. Perry didn’t hear me say that to Joe.

It did help. I felt the love of Joe’s dick over the abuse of Perry’s dick. I just tried to block Perry out. But, then he started smacking my ass. Joe went back sucking my titties. I whispered to Joe, “I love you, Joe.” He whispered to me, “I love you too.” He whispered, “I’m gonna get you out of here.” I didn’t know exactly what that meant but I was so happy. I did care what Perry did now.

Perry is getting bigger and harder and then he cums in my ass. I thought, thank God. Joe slides his dick in deep and cums in my pussy. So, Perry slaps my ass real hard and climbs off. I get up off Joe and Joe sits up. Joe said, “I wasn’t expecting that, Perry.” Perry said, “Fred and Jack left and I just thought I’d join you.” I just looked at Perry with a glare. Joe said, he better get going so, he got dressed and left.

I ask Perry, “Why did you do that?” He said, “Cause, I wanted to see you two together, and I saw two people making love not just fucking.” He said, “You’ll never see Joe again.” My heart broke for a minute then remembered what Joe said to me. He was gonna get me out of here. I played it off. I said, “That’s entirely your choice, Perry.” “This whole thing was all your doing, remember?” That pissed him off.

He said, “Go take a shower and wash the cum and Joe off of yourself.” I did and when I came out of the shower he said, “Get in the bed, don’t put any clothes on, I’m gonna fuck you all night.”
He got a shower and got in bed. He said, “Lay down.” He got on top of me and trapped my arms with his legs by my side. I knew what that meant. He put his dick in my mouth and slid it back and forth nice and slow at first. Then he said, “So, I could see you loved Joes dick, how do you like mine in your throat?”
With that he stuck it down my throat so far I couldn’t breathe. He was just ramming and ramming it down. I got dizzy and couldn’t move my arms. He pulled it out and I turned my head and said, “Perry, I want up right now, we gotta talk.” He looked at me and set back and released my arms. I said, “I’ve had it, Perry.” I’m sick of the abuse when I’ve done everything you ask.” “I want out.” He hit me across my face twice and said, “You’re not going no where, you hear me?” He hit me again. Then he stuck his dick in my pussy and fucked me for a long time. Biting and squeezing my tits. He was saying, “I’ll never let you go.,”

He fucked me most of the night, whipping me with a belt, pulling my hair and doing anything he could to hurt me. Finally, at almost morning, he fell asleep. I couldn’t find his keys so, I couldn’t leave.
About 8:00 a phone call came for Perry saying he needed to come in for an emergency meeting over some issues they were having. He got up got ready and left.

As soon as he left there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t imagine who would be at my door. I looked out and it was Joe’s car. I opened the door and he saw my face and arms from the belt. He held me, kissed me and said, “Get what you need, you’re never coming back here.” I was so excited. I grabbed a suitcase and started throwing my things in it. It only took me forty five minutes to get almost all my stuff. Perry probably wasn’t even at the office yet. Joe said, “Look around cause, you’re not coming back.”

I got a few more things and told him I was ready. We left, Joe took me to the hospital for documentation about the abuse, he made me file a restraining order and file for divorce. I can’t tell you how safe I feel with Joe.

Perry was shocked, but didn’t try to go up against Joe. Joe transferred to another branch out if state. My divorce was finally granted and Joe and I got married. I’ve never been happier.
Everything I went through to get Joe was so worth it. I wish everyone who is abused had a person save them like my Joe did.

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    Good wife great story

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    this is such is beautiful story.

  • Reply Tina ID:7ylren4oic

    Its you that gets off on this shit not your husband.that is why you wrote the story.

    • Abused Wife ID:1a912bhj

      If your husband fucked you like mine does, you’d get off on it and write about it too.

    • Kimfslut ID:7zv37w3xi9

      TIne sound like yours holes do get use much.

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    My wife did
    Took her from the bastard that was mistreating her and her daughter.

    Been 10 years now we have been together

    • Abused Wife ID:1a912bhj

      Thank you, Crypto24.❤

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    When she walked in all I could see was her sexy feet and legs she asked my wife if she needed any help in the kitchen and took her jacket off and I put it on the couch when I went to sit down my wife was standing there laughing to herself and when I looked down at my pants I had a huge hard on the neighbor said well that’s a warm welcome if I’ve ever seen one then my wife suggested that I help her with the wine after a couple of minutes she asked if she could take her shoes off and my wife told me to help her before I could say anything my wife told me to take her shoes off for her when I took them off my wife asked me if I thought they were sexy looking feet and they really were so I said yes they look delicious I almost want to put them in my mouth she told me to lick them if I wanted to the sexy little neighbor opened up her legs and put her feet up on the couch

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    From the opposite side my wife was always very sheltered when it came to sex and even being naked around the house one night after work she told me that the lady that lived next to us was going to come over for dinner they become friends the last couple of weeks I don’t think I actually noticed her maybe a couple of times coming in and out she was in her 50s one thing I did notice was that she had sexy little legs and feet before she knocked on the door my wife said to relax and everything was fine she was very nice