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Punished by my babysitter

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I spied on my babysitter getting dressed and as punishment she cock tortured me and had sex with me to stop me being a pervert.

A few months ago my mom got a new babysitter, I’m 12 but mom still thinks I’m too young and immature to be left on my own, my babysitters name is Chantelle and she is 17 years old.

3 weeks ago when she was looking after me I made the mistake of spying on her, she always brings a change of clothes with her and she gets changed at about 11PM because when my mom gets back, Chantelle goes out to parties with her friends.

When she was getting changed in the bathroom I looked the keyhole and watched her strip down to her underwear, I’m going through puberty I just had to see her, I didn’t notice the door wasn’t shut properly, the latch slipped and the door opened while I was pressed against it and I fell forward on to my hands, she freaked out and chased me in to my bedroom and slapped me for being a dirty pervert.

She was really angry but she didn’t tell my mom what I’d done.

Then last week she came around and I tried to apologise to her, instead of her accepting my apology she grabbed me, dragged me upstairs to my room, forced my pyjamas off of me and stripped me naked, then she tied up my arms and legs to my bed using phone charging cables, “I’m going to teach you a lesson, you little pervert.” She said.

She pulled off her panties and stuffed them in to my mouth and tied them around my face to gag me, “Taste those.” She said, knotting them tightly around my head.

She left the room for a minute and came back with her backpack, she took out a large cone type shaped thing, it was a battery operated male masturbator, she lubed up my cock and cock it half way hard and then slid my cock in to the masturbator and turned it on, it had a soft silicone sleeve inside of it and when she turned it on the sleeve squeezed and moved up and down, jerking my cock.

“Yeah, that feels good – huh. Yeah.” She said.

She unwound a wire coathanger and fashioned a wire stand to hold the masturbator in place to prevent it falling over when she let go of it, “Wow – Can’t believe that worked.” She said, happy with her invention, then she placed an iPad at the bottom of the bed and touched the screen, a porn video began to play, showing point-of-view clips of naked girls getting fucked.

“Now, you stay there and enjoy the video. I’ll be back in an hour.” She said, then she turned out the light and closed the door, leaving me tied to my bed, gagged, forced to watch and listen to porn while a robotic masturbator jerked on my cock.

For the next hour my cock was tortured by this thing, I ejaculated a total of 4 times and my cock was starting to ache because the masturbator never stopped jerking and my cock remained hard even after I came, having to listen to all the girls moaning sexually on the iPad and seeing all their big bouncy breasts and cocks pumping their smooth shaved pussies didn’t help either.

My door opened and my bedroom light came on, “Hiya – How are we getting on.” Said Chantelle, entering the room like what she was doing was perfectly normal, she sat on the edge of the bed and slowly lifted the masturbator off, my cock was bright red and drenched in my spunk, when my cock slopped out of the silicone sleeve, a load of spunk poured out of it and went all over me, “Oooh, that’s a lot of come. Well done you.” She said, smiling at me, then she slipped it back on my cock, “It looks like you’re about to explode again so we’ll leave this on here for a few more minutes.” tears were now dripping from my eyes because my cock was in agony, but sure enough a few seconds later I ejaculated again and she was pleased.

“Good boy.” She said, and she rubbed the hair off my brow, “Your cock looks sore, let me sort that out for you.” She said, then she stood up, removed her top and skirt, she was fully nude, I had to blink my eyes repeatedly to shake the tears out so I could get a clear look at her.

Then she got on the bed, leaned forward and sucked on my cock, the heat from inside her mouth actually made it feel better, rings of white spunk formed on my cock as she slurped on it up and down, sucking off all the spunk that had poured all over it, and within a few minutes she made me come, but nothing came out, my balls were bone dry by now.

“You like looking at me don’t you?” she asked.

I nodded because I couldn’t talk with her panties in my mouth.

“Is this what you want…” she asked, squashing her own tits with her hands, then she sat up on her knees and slid her hand down and fingered herself, “…Ungh – Or maybe this is what you want.” She said.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her pussy.

She reached down and picked up my bright red boner and inserted it in to her pussy, then she very slowly moved up and down, sliding my cock in and out of her hole, “Yeah – that’s what you want.” She said, and she moaned sexually, “You’re a dirty little boy, aren’t you? – Yeah. Yeah you are. – Ungh – A dirty – Ungh – Dirty little boy – Ungh!” She said.

She moved up and down faster and faster with every passing seconds and she was moaning like the girls in the video, I ignored how painful my cock was and I enjoyed her fucking my young cock, I could feel everything, inside her pussy was all bumpy and soft, and very warm, my cock was twitching and throbbing inside her like I was ejaculating, but I wasn’t, my cock was just hyper sensitive.

She bounced on me until I did eventually ejaculate, but it was only a tiny amount, we both still felt it though.

She got off of me, removed her panties from my mouth, got dressed and packed her stuff back in to her backpack, “Are we good now?” she asked.

“Yeah.” I replied, still recovering from the whole ordeal.

She kissed me on the forehead, “Good boy. Now more spying through keyholes, okay.” She said.

“Okay.” I replied.

She pulled my bedsheet over me and left me to go to sleep, I did fall asleep pretty quick, all my energy and my balls were drained and I couldn’t stay awake.

She is due to babysit me again next Saturday but I don’t know if anything will happen or not, I liked having sex with her but I’m not too excited about having my cock tortured again.

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  • Reply Hmm interesting ID:173y017m3

    This was a good story wished it happened to me tho lucky!

  • Reply Jenn19 ID:23suy9741

    What’s a keyhole.? LMAO.

    • anonymous ID:7ylren6t09

      it’s the tiny hole in a door handle